Online Bid Writing training - learn at your convenience and leisure

We have developed an online bid writing training course for those looking to access convenient and cost-effective assistance to help improve their bid success rates.

Designed for anyone involved in the bidding process, the online course is structured to give you the skills, tools and ideas to help you write successful bids. Developed specifically to assist those with any level of experience, from none through to years of experience, it will be beneficial to those from all industries.

All you will need is access to the internet, a notepad and pen and your own focus on challenging yourself for improvement.

You can access and pay for the course simply by clicking here.

At a cost of £50, you can access the course in a time and place of your convenience, completing it either module by module, or in one sitting.

As with all of our successful courses, the content of the online course has been developed on the foundations of industry best practice, our years of industry experience and knowledge and also direct input from procurement teams – ensuring that our course really will provide a well-rounded, in-depth approach to learning.