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The cleaning industry can be highly lucrative with many businesses and public sector bodies looking to outsource this aspect of maintenance of their buildings. Finding and bidding for cleaning tenders can be a great way of growing your cleaning business, from window cleaning services to deep cleans and infection control. 

Whilst there's lots of contract opportunities available, it can be highly competitive and therefore difficult to first of all find tender opportunities suitable for you, and then to win the bid and fulfil the contract. This is where we can help!

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How do you get and secure a cleaning tender

In a highly competitive market, it can be difficult to stand out and get the right people understanding the benefits you can provide. In addition to price which is key in cleaning tenders, our focus is on ensuring the quality submission maximises the scores available wherever possible. In our experience, we have generally found the following helps to secure cleaning contracts:

  1. Evidence a clear understanding of the client's requirements, this is often forgotten about. It's not all about you, it's how your services can benefit the client and meet their objectives. 
  2. Discuss and show how you visualise the reporting and measurement to work. Quality standards are important in this industry, so what does success look like? - Service Level Agreements (SLA's) work really well here. 
  3. Ensure you mention and include any accreditations, awards, testimonials or other forms of evidence to prove your experience.
  4. Sustainability is a key focus in the cleaning industry, alongside the increasing need for business to be more environmentally friendly. You should address this in your tender.
  5. As with all sectors, social value is also highly important. You should make reference to this and be clear about how you can give back to the local community. 
  6. Site visits can provide extensive value, for both you and the client. Further to this think about what you can highlight to show your skill, and potential downfall of the incumbent.

Why use Thornton & Lowe to secure a cleaning contract

We have a very strong win rate of over 90% for framework agreements of cleaning tenders. We have a vast experience across all key cleaning frameworks in the UK, we fully understand the requirements around quality assurance, vetting, training and supervision. 

Whatever the size of your business, we can help you to find, develop and win cleaning contracts through tendering. Our team of bid writers will support you through the entire tendering process, providing best practice and knowledge throughout. 

How do I find cleaning contracts to bid on?

We have developed a FREE software tool, Tender Pipeline, to enable businesses to quickly search for LIVE cleaning contracts online that are up to tender right now. You can also sign up today to receive notifications of tenders tailored to you, and keep a watchful eye on specific opportunities so you will be the first to know. 

Use our Tender Pipeline Software to get FREE Tender updates, announcements and competitor information straight to your email. 

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