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Bid Templates

Drawing from 13 years of experience, we've developed Bid Templates for a number of key sectors! A service where our expertise is available at a much lower price point, ideal for startups and smaller businesses!

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What are Bid Templates?

Our Bid Template service has been developed to provide smaller SMEs or startups access to answers for frequently asked public sector tender questions, tailored by sector. They will provide an excellent base for you to add your own content to - it provides a 'wireframe' for your own information to be added. Once you have purchased the Template, adding your content will be a simple task (and one that we can help with, if required) For more information on the industries that we cover with Bid Templates, take a look below!

What does it cost?

Our Bid Templates service provides guidance throughout, on how to tailor for each bid using buyer-specific information from the specification, tender pack and wider research. If you would like to discuss any of these options to see if they are right for your business - contact us now


£1,300 + VAT

Bid Template per sector


£1,520 + VAT

Bid Template per sector, plus access to our 1 day online Bid Writing Training Workshop


£1,980 + VAT

Bid Template per sector, plus access 1 day online Bid Writing Training workshop, plus 1 live Bid Review (providing comments and suggestions to help you further improve your first draft using the Bid Template)


See an example and let us talk you through it

We've produced a redacted version of one of our Bid Templates to give you an idea of the layout and information that's already been added to our Bid Templates.

One of our expert Bid Writers will guide you through the templates, offering advice on how best to use them and where to start!

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Bid Templates are currently available for the following industries

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Which of our services are right for you and your business?

Thornton & Lowe offer the following services



At Thornton and Lowe we are proud to have a wealth of experience working in all the main industry sectors from Construction right through to Office Furniture. Our strong team of tender writers work closely with you throughout the tender and bid writing process to ensure you stand out from your competitors and have the edge in the bidding process.



If you aren’t familiar with the tender process, understanding the fundamentals can sometimes be a challenge. One of the main goals of our training courses is to break the tender process down, step by step, so you come away with a deeper understanding of how tendering works in your industry. Having a deeper knowledge of the process of writing tenders will simply help you to make better bid/no-bid decisions and know exactly how to proceed with tenders. Writing bids, monitoring contracts and finding tenders are all much easier when you have a solid grasp of the overall process.


Bid Resource

When recruiting a Bid Manager or selecting a Bid Writer, we believe our understanding of our client’s bid-specific recruitment requirements really sets us apart. The need for quality candidates when increasing Bid Writing and Bid Management capacity has been key to the success of our bid and tenders recruitment company. Fully operational since 2016, this branch of the Thornton & Lowe Group has gone from strength to strength, receiving praise for our professionalism, service levels and understanding of our clients' requirements.

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Bid Design

Over the years Thornton & Lowe has developed a sector-leading solution for bid design, layout and infographic production. Professional graphic design gives you the opportunity of generating an instantly positive impression with a buyer. Whilst the chances for design in public sector tenders can be slim, the importance of a professional, creative appearance to your document and any diagrams, charts or attachments is essential and is more appealing to buyers. If you need your bid, presentation or pitch to wow the buyers, stand out and clearly demonstrate why your organisation's solution is better, then we can help!


Bid Software

We offer two solutions, Tender Library - Search, track and manage your company’s bids all in one system. Makes writing tender responses 30% more efficient for your bid team. From only £850 per year with a full money-back guarantee. We also offer Tender Pipeline - Tender alerts and business intelligence - it’s FREE!

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Looking for something more bespoke?

If Bid Templates aren't for you, we offer a full range of bespoke bid services:

  • BSP (Bid Success Programme): Our partnership offering where we can offer 1-2-1 support across all projects
  • Bid writing
  • Bid training
  • Bid reviews
  • Bid design
  • Award writing

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