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Public & Third Sector Buyer Solutions

Procurement compliance, contract management & value for money services


At Thornton & Lowe we offer an outsourced support function for Public Sector Buyers

With ever-increasing costs, continued changes to procurement rules and an overarching necessity of achieving value for money, many Public Sector Bodies require third-party expertise and capacity. This is where Thornton & Lowe’s commercial, technical and procurement team steps in!

Our structure and solution provides a single point of contact, supported by a consistent team, who are available on an ad-hoc basis.


Who are the Public Sector? Who do we support?

We work with any Public Sector body or organisation defined as a Contracting Authority, which includes:

  • Central Government
  • Local Government
  • Agencies
  • Charities. Click here for more information on the support we offer charities to ensure procurement compliance
  • Housing Associations. Click here for more information on Housing Consultancy Services.
  • Universities, Colleges, Schools, Academies and Multi Academy Trusts (MATs). Click here for further information on our Education Procurement Compliance Services
  • Those operating Public Utilities, such as in the energy, water and transport sectors.
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Public Sector Buyer Solutions

Our Buyer support services include:

  • Procurement consultancy (EU / OJEU / Public Contract Regulation - PCR/Public Procurement Regulations 2023)
  • Public Procurement compliance
  • Contract management. Click here for more information on our Public Sector Contract Management solutions
  • Housing Association Estate Management services, including Grounds Maintenance and cleaning. Click here for more information on Housing Consultancy Services.

Procurement Services

  • Procurement Strategy Development - crafting effective procurement strategies and procedures, aligned with organisational goals
  • Tendering and Contracting – assisting or leading in the tendering process, from benchmarking, market assessments, commercial analysis, supplier and stakeholder engagement, specification development and refinement, creating bid documents and procurement packs, and advertisement of contract notices and contract awards.
  • Supplier Selection and Evaluation – developing model answers, training your evaluation panel, moderating your quality scores, conducting thorough assessments to identify and onboard qualified suppliers, supplier visits and due diligence.
  • Procurement Training - providing training programs to upskill procurement staff and ensure compliance with regulations.

Public Sector Supply Chain Services

  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment - identifying and mitigating potential risks in the supply chain to ensure continuity, compliance and control
  • Supplier Performance Management - monitoring supplier performance to maintain quality and meet service level agreements. Ensuring what has been committed to in a tender response or bid, is delivered on!
  • Contract Management Services – developing systems and procedures, and recommending software solutions to enable Public Sector Buyers to control both their contracts and suppliers. We don’t just put advise but hands on support – outsource the management to experts in the sector
  • Supply Chain Collaboration - facilitating collaboration among stakeholders for better integration and cost-effectiveness.

Value for Money Audit Services

  • VFM Assessments - conducting service audits to evaluate and benchmark quality, price, risks and Social Value
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis - analysing costs and benefits to identify opportunities for cost savings and increased value.
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How do we work with our Public Sector Buyers?

Where possible we work strategically, to ensure an effective strategy and systems, which then support each of your service or project requirements.

However, we will often be engaged on a project basis to focus on a specific service or procurement category.

We often hear:

“While we have a Procurement Team, we are looking for a specialist in Estate Services, Grounds Maintenance and Cleaning to work alongside our team to ensure the contract is in place by xx date”

“Our current contract needs to be re-procured on xx date, can you complete an assessment of the delivery and commercials to inform the new tender”

“As a smaller organisation, we do not have a dedicated procurement resource and we need to ensure compliance”

“We managed a procurement process ourselves which was challenged. We have been advised to work with a consultancy run the procurement now”

“We entered into a new 3-year contract with a supplier. 12 months in, they are not performing and the service is in decline. Can you audit the service and advise on our options?”

“Our organisation has grown and we are concerned some of our contracts may now been classed as higher value. Can you advise what is best?

“I’ve just started with a new organisation and I’m not satisfied with x service, which I believe is underperforming. I need a third-party audit including against what we can expect from the market, based on our current spend”

“We need a system to help us control our contracts for performance and compliance, and a service to work with suppliers to ensure control and value for money”.

Our service can be advisory and consultancy, however, most of our clients wish to outsource their procurement compliance and contract management requirements.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact us now.

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