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Outsourced Public Procurement

Thornton & Lowe provides public sector bodies with procurement and contract management expertise and capacity.

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Your Outsourced Procurement Manager

Our ‘Outsourced Procurement Manager’ model is aimed at public sector bodies who do not employ their own Procurement and Contracts Manager, but need a consistent level of capacity and expertise to ensure:

  • Procurement and contract compliance
  • Value for money
  • Control and accountability
  • Effective supplier performance management.

Typically, public sector or public funded clients, include smaller Housing Associations, Charities and Academies or Multi Academy Trusts (MATs).

Your Outsourced Procurement Manager will complete an initial:

Stage 1 – Procurement and Contract Audit

  • Analysis of procurement documentation; strategy, policies, procedures, contracts register, agreements, specifications and schedules, performance data
  • Review and benchmark of high spend and risk areas
  • Assessing budgets, people, plant and equipment
  • Client and contractor workshops (including any other stakeholders such as residents)
  • Compliance review (procurement, contracts, health and safety, insurance, financial due diligence)
  • Contract and supplier performance management review
  • Report - service improvements, efficiencies, options appraisal, business case and recommendations including quick wins and longer-term plans.

Stage 2 - Contract Success Programme

An outsourced model, for procurement and contract management – the Contract Success Programme, includes:

  • Procurement support and guidance; strategy, policy, procedures and agreements
  • Procurement compliance; PCR and wider principles of value for money, transparency and accountability
  • Contract and procurement critical friend; available to guide and support your team, offering practical guidance
  • Contract management framework creation and management; provision of and implementation of tools to provide control, compliance and transparency
  • Performance monitoring; ensuring contractors self-audit, evidence and performance report, providing your team easier routes for management, including supplier review meetings
  • Coaching and mentoring of staff on supplier performance and relationship management; ensuring any in-house capacity has the appropriate skills to deliver.

The Contract Success Programme is based on the needs of your organisation and is dependent on your in-house capacity. You have full budget control with a single point of contact, your Procurement & Contracts Manager.

An experienced Contracts Manager will cost upwards of £50k per annum, plus wider requirements, pension, benefits and holidays. An experienced Procurement Manager costs the same or more.

Our Outsourced Procurement Manager starts from £1250+VAT per month and is designed for organisations who are not at the size where they require these full time roles. They need consistent procurement support and expertise, but on an adhoc basis.

Procurement Support for Larger Public Sector Bodies

For public sector organisations that do not need consistent support, who do often have Procurement Teams in place, but lack capacity we often provide the following procurement consultancy:

Audit / Appraisal

  • Review and benchmark of current service
  • Assessing people, plant and equipment
  • Analysis of current documentation, spec, contracts, budgets, schedules, performance data, GIS mapping, technology and equipment
  • Cost review against similar organisations in the sector
  • Site audits
  • Workshops
  • Assess implications of alternative delivery models
  • Options appraisal, business case and recommendations
  • Service improvements report.

Procurement Support

  • Project management and leadership
  • Specification development and approval
  • Development of procurement pack (SQ, ITT, evaluation criteria, weightings)
  • Creation and management of notices
  • Management of portal and clarification questions
  • Develop model answer structures to support evaluation
  • Form and coach evaluation panel
  • Coordinate and moderate evaluation
  • Complete due diligence
  • Due dil plus (additional cost) - including visiting shortlisted contractor’s operational sites including depots, sites, meeting residents and 1-2-1, where appropriate, discussions with their existing clients (other public sector bodies).

Contract Implementation

  • Support the creation of governance and reporting
  • Support transition into new agreement, ensuring supplier commitments are being delivered on
  • Train and support staff on key objectives, service levels, KPIs, monitoring tools, escalation and performance management
  • Development of contract management framework and tools.

To provide context to the procurement solutions above we have provided further insight and guidance below.

What is Procurement Consultancy?

A procurement consultancy offers expert knowledge and insights to manage purchasing activities effectively. They provide a range of services, including procurement support, procurement contract management, and outsourced procurement. Through their expertise, procurement consultancies can help organisations save money, improve supplier relationships, and ensure compliance with procurement regulations. This is increasingly important with the current Procurement Reforms; further details can be found in our blog here.

Procurement Contract Management

Procurement contract management is a critical aspect of business operations that often goes unrecognised. It involves the management of contracts, purchases, and agreements between companies and their suppliers. In essence, this process ensures that organisations get the best possible value for money with suppliers, ensuring that all stipulated terms are met, and the procurement process is followed.

Given the increasing complexity of business operations and the rising number of suppliers that companies deal with, procurement contract management has become more crucial than ever. It's no longer about just getting the best price, but also about ensuring that suppliers meet their obligations and deliver as expected.

The main objective of procurement contract management is to ensure a smooth relationship between businesses and their suppliers. By regulating and overseeing everything from contract creation to execution and analysis, it guarantees that both parties are on the same page. This not only minimises risk but also enhances operational efficiency.

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