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Most businesses, both public and private, look to outsource their security requirements to a third party specialist. As a result, there's lots of contracts and tenders available for security businesses to generate partnerships.

Bidding for security tenders is a great way to grow or diversify your business, opening up lucrative contract opportunities. 

However, this can come with its own challenges as finding, developing and winning tenders can be daunting, suck up important resource, and not always be successfully rewarding with a lack of knowledge and experience in bid writing. This is where we can help!

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How can I win a security tender?

With a broad range of services comes a high volume of opportunities within the security industry. This also presents a lot of competition, making tendering for security contracts quite challenging. 

That's why it is important to evidence and thoroughly explain the solution your business can provide. In our experience, we have generally found the following helps to win a security tender:

  1. You should show how robust your recruitment and vetting procedures are. Including an aspect of social value in here (as discussed below) would also be worthwhile. 
  2. Effective monitoring and supervision of operatives should also be considered. This should be in-line with how you measure and report on performance overall and how your team play a critical role in this. 
  3. Social value is increasingly important across all public sector tenders, including security tenders, therefore you should demonstrate the positive impact you could have both on the contract and in the wider community longer-term. This should also how you services can have a positive effect on driving efficiencies and cost savings. 
  4. With the increasing and evolving risks to businesses and properties across the UK, many buyers will be looking for innovation, particularly in how you can respond to issues timely and professionally, mitigating and planning for any scenario. 
  5. Continuous training can help support with the point above and should be discussed to evidence the skills and accreditations your business and team have to be equipped and confident in their approach to respond to security challenges. 

Types of security tenders

Whether the buyer is looking to protect their building, assets or persons they will be looking for a company that can provide services that meets their specific needs. Security tenders and contracts across the UK can typically cover one or multiple of the below services which can come as a tailored package, these can include;

  • Security guarding
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Manned guarding & site security
  • Key holding & response
  • Mobile security and patrols
  • Vacant property security
  • Concierge, front of house services 
  • Event security and stewarding
  • Cyber security

Why use Thornton & Lowe to win security tenders 

We have a win rate of over 70% in this sector, with experience in securing both framework and project opportunities for a range of clients bidding for security tenders. We have worked with both small and large security companies, looking to expand their business and provide services to government, local councils and public sector bodies. 

Our team of specialist bid writers will help you find and secure the contract most suitable to your services, developing competitive tenders to help to grow your business. With years of knowledge and experience in this sector we bring a wealth of best practices to ensure each tender is unique to the buyers requirements, incorporating what we know buyers are looking for to position you ahead of your competitors. 

Where can I find security tenders?

We have developed a FREE tender search tool, Tender Pipeline, to enable all businesses to quickly find LIVE tenders online. Our software will help to save you time and money, by presenting you with the latest security tenders that are most suitable for you. You can also sign up to receive notifications, so you won't ever miss a great opportunity again! 

With the wide range of services offered by security businesses we understand it can difficult to navigate through the security contracts available, that's why Tender Pipeline will highlight the most important tender opportunities suitable to your search. This ensures you are bidding for the right tenders from the outset. 

Register for free and search for live security tenders across the UK today. 

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