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What is B2G Marketing?

B2G marketing, or Business-to-Government marketing, refers to the process of marketing products or services from a business to government agencies or departments. B2G marketing can involve selling goods or services directly to government agencies, bidding on government contracts, or participating in public-private partnerships.

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B2G marketing is typically focused on selling products or services that help government agencies meet their needs or solve problems. This can include everything from IT services and equipment to infrastructure projects, healthcare solutions, and more. In some cases, B2G marketing may require specialized knowledge of government regulations and procurement processes.

Successful B2G marketing requires a deep understanding of government needs and priorities, as well as the ability to navigate complex procurement processes and regulations. Building strong relationships with government decision-makers and stakeholders is also key to winning government contracts and securing long-term partnerships.

How can Thornton & Lowe help?

We help our clients generate public sector or government leads and opportunities.

We do this by providing our clients with a specialist outsourced Public Sector Sales and Marketing Team. Our clients benefit from:

  • Single point of contact – B2G Sales Lead
  • Experience and knowledge of public sector procurement
  • Deep understanding of government procurement practices
  • Framework expertise and how to get your ‘unfair share’
  • Contact details of over 285,000 public sector decision-makers,
  • Sales and marketing strategy to increase your public sector sales
  • Tailored market research and data analysis
  • Public sector lead generator – let us source potential customers and generate interest in your products or services.

This consistent and focused effort provides:

  • Reassurance to public sector buyers and decision-makers
  • Allows you to maximise sales from frameworks
  • Creates low-value opportunities which do not require tenders or frameworks
  • Generates new public sector contacts and leads
  • Your business with a specialised sales and marketing solution for increasing sales in the public sector.

If opportunities do require a formal tender, we can of course help with our dedicated bid writing solution. The difference being – when the tender comes out, you already know the buyer, and have managed to build a relationship, which we know ultimately increases your win rate.

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What’s the difference between government and public sector?


Public Sector

In the UK, the public sector refers to all organizations and institutions that are owned and operated by the government and provide services to the public, including healthcare, education, transportation, and social services. This includes a range of bodies such as local authorities, non-departmental public bodies, and executive agencies. The public sector is funded by taxes and other sources of government revenue.



On the other hand, the term "government" in the UK typically refers to the executive branch of government, which is responsible for administering and enforcing laws and policies. The government is led by the Prime Minister and includes ministers who are responsible for specific areas of policy, such as the Chancellor of the Exchequer who is responsible for economic policy. While the public sector is a broad category that includes a range of government-owned organisations and institutions, the government is a specific part of the public sector that is responsible for making and implementing policies and decisions.

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