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Bid Administration Service

In the realm of competitive bidding, a well-organised and seamless Bid Administration and Coordination process is the cornerstone of success. It empowers your Bid Team to succeed, allowing them to focus on adding value to secure lucrative contracts, rather than being bogged down by the burdensome and time-consuming administrative tasks and seemingly endless portal work.

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A Bid Administration Team at half the cost!

Finding a highly competent Bid Administrator and ensuring continuity within this role can prove to be a formidable challenge, yet it is absolutely critical to avoid falling at the initial hurdles of finding opportunities, bid compliance and pre-qualification.

At Thornton & Lowe, we have developed in conjunction with our clients a Bid Administration Service (BAS) to address this fundamental need.

Our BAS is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the administrative aspects of your bid process, allowing your team to dedicate their efforts to winning contracts. Here's a closer look at what our service entails:

  • Daily Opportunity Monitoring Our team diligently monitors public portals and tender sites daily to spot relevant opportunities as they arise
  • Opportunity Flagging On a daily basis, we identify and flag opportunities that align with your specific criteria, ensuring you never miss a potential contract.
  • Bid Tracking Tool Updates We keep your bid tracking tools and sheets up to date, providing you with real-time information on the status of your bids.
  • Portal Management We handle the management of your restricted access portals, including updates, portal registration, and notifications for mini competitions.
  • Tender Document Access We provide access to essential tender documents, navigating the complex and time consuming world of portals, making it easy for your team to review the critical information for each bid.
  • Bid/No-bid Support - We download, collate, and compile key procurement documentation, highlighting key points and potential red flags to save time, offering valuable support for your bid-no-bid decisions.
  • Client Message Distribution We download, collate and distribute client messages and documents from various portals.
  • Information Storage We help you to store all relevant bid information in a readily accessible format, ensuring that critical content is at your fingertips when needed for a tight submission.
  • Portal Maintenance We take care of portal maintenance, keeping your information up to date with the latest emails, notifications and aiding you in collating your login information.
  • Portal Registration We also handle the registration process for new portals, saving you time and hassle.
  • Boilerplate Document Management To enable quick and efficient access, we maintain an up-to-date library of boilerplate documents, covering areas such as financials, HSEQ, and insurances.
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Our BAS is available at a competitive starting price of £1,000+VAT per month

(with a customised quote to be provided based on your specific needs)

As our service is scalable, it offers an affordable way to ensure that you will have cover for the peaks, without the same degree of costs during the troughs.

You'll have the advantage of a single point of contact, supported by a consistent and expert team, ensuring that your bid administration needs are handled with precision and efficiency.

For more information or to speak to us about the service, please contact us!

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