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Bid Writing Training

Providing you with the skills and knowledge to write competitive and strong tender submissions.

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Training 1

Our tender training courses are developed by industry experts.

The content of our training workshops has been developed around industry best practice, our knowledge and experience, as well as input direct from procurement teams - something which provides a rounded approach to the learning.

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Training 2

Understand the tender process with our training.

If you aren’t familiar with the tender process, understanding the fundamentals can sometimes be a challenge. One of the main goals of our training courses is to break the tender process down, step by step, so you come away with a deeper understanding of how tendering works in your industry. Having a deeper knowledge of the process of writing tenders will simply help you to make better bid/no-bid decisions and know exactly how to proceed with tenders. Writing bids, monitoring contracts and finding tenders are all much easier when you have a solid grasp of the overall process.

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Bespoke training packages to suit you and your business.

We can also develop and provide more bespoke bid writing training, developed around specific needs. For example, it could be focused on your bid lifecycle, or purely on writing the response.

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