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The ability to write a competitive and strong tender submission requires preparation, planning and time. We know that some organisations want to keep the development of their bids in-house, preferring to receive guidance, support and advice.

Thornton & Lowe has designed a range of practical bid writing training courses, designed to help you write a clear, concise, competitive and compelling bid, whilst earning you CPD points.

We have also invested time and resources into developing our training, which has been recognised by the institute of Leadership and Management or ILM.

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Tender Training courses developed by industry experts

The content of our training workshops has been developed around industry best practice, our knowledge and experience, as well as input direct from procurement teams - something which provides a rounded approach to the learning.

We can also develop and provide more bespoke bid writing training, developed around specific needs. For example, it could be focused on your Bid lifecycle, or purely on writing the response.

Our training courses are extremely popular with clients, as they receive hands on, relevant information, as well as plenty of opportunities to have their questions answered by someone who is actively involved in bids, rather than just a trainer. Plus the course is packed full of constructive tips and feedback too. They are delivered by Charles Grosstephan, member of the APMP, who has been involved in over 1,000 bids we have worked on. For more information on Charles, click here.

Tender Process Training Courses

If you aren’t familiar with the tender process, understanding the fundamentals can sometimes be a challenge. 

One of the main goals of our training courses is to break the tender process down, step by step, so you come away with a deeper understanding of how tendering works in your industry. 

Having a deeper knowledge of the process of writing tenders will simply help you to make better bid/no-bid decisions and know exactly how to proceed with tenders. 

Writing bids, monitoring contracts and finding tenders are all much easier when you have a solid grasp of the overall process. 

Get expert advice and build upon your knowledge by booking onto one of our courses today.

We have courses in the following locations:

Manchester, London, Birmingham


Do I get a certificate?

Yes, the course is CPD accredited, so you will earn CPD hours and get a certificate after the course

How do I book?

We can invoice or they can pay over the phone

I am a beginner, will the training be suitable?

Yes, the courses are deliberately aimed at any level of experience and any sector. The content has been designed to be non-complex and easy to follow

I have been bidding for a while, will the training be suitable?

Yes, the courses are aimed at any level of experience. We have had people attend who have been bidding for up to 10 years. They have found it very useful as it has helped open their eyes to new ideas as well as reaffirming some of the things they have been doing and seeing they have been doing them correctly. For a lot of people, they have never had any formal training and they have had to "feel" their way through things. The training can help cement things and give a different way of looking at things.

Which course is best for me?

If you are only involved in bid writing, then the 1 day course. If you are involved in more elements of the process, are new to bidding or want a wider view, then the 2-day course would be suitable. The 2-day course also incorporates the bid writing training

What are the timings?

With the online courses, the bid writing day starts at 9 and finishes at 3. The 2-day course starts at 9.30 and finishes at 3.

For the face-to-face courses, the bid writing day starts at 9.30 and finishes at 4. The 2-day course starts at 9.45 and finishes at 4.

Will it help me win bids?

Being totally open and honest, as much as we would like to say "yes, of course", it is about how they apply what is discussed on the course. We will go through areas that will help you produce better bids. It is down to you to apply these areas to their bids. It will certainly put you on a good path, if they follow it.

How many people will be on it?

With the online courses, up to 8 people.

For the face-to-face courses, up to 10 people

When will I get the joining instructions/meeting invite

With the online courses, the Zoom invite is sent usually a couple of days before the course. The Zoom invite will be sent along with the training materials.

For the face-to-face courses, all venue details, instructions and materials are a few days before the course.

How much does it cost?

With the online courses, the bid writing training costs £215 + VAT per person. The 2-day course costs £400 + VAT per person

For the face-to-face courses, the bid writing training costs £305 + VAT per person. The 2-day course costs £450 + VAT per person

What have other delegates said?

We have had really great feedback, which you can see here: https://www.reviews.co.uk/company-reviews/store/thornton-lowe

Who delivers the training?

The training is delivered by an experienced Bid Manager, rather than just a "trainer", who will bring their own real-life bid experiences to the training.

CPD accredited bid training course

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