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The trainer

The training is delivered by Charles Grosstephan, our Director of Development, who is also a very experienced Bid Manager and Bid Writer. Charles, who is a member of the APMP, provides a relaxed, engaging and interactive atmosphere, with a focus on a clear and simple delivery. Each course will follow an agenda but any bid related questions are continually invited and answered, even if they are not part of the course.

Charles has developed the content of the Bid Writing Training courses from our own experience as bid writing experts, from speaking with buyers and from what is considered best practice by the APMP.

Charles puts effort in to delivering in a non-complex way, meaning attendees can easily understand each topic, seeing the importance of them and then how they can apply to their own bids.

The training is never death by Powepoint. Charles will sit at the table with delegates and talk through each area of the course. The screen is only used to show any applicable examples of what is being discussed, such as bid/no bid tools and examples of bids, both good and bad.

The venues

The venues are always in city centre locations, making them easy to access. Refreshments and lunch are always provided. The addresses of the venues will be provided a week or so before the course takes place.

Online training

The online bid training is delivered over Zoom. We ask that cameras and microphones are working as, exactly the same as the face-to-face course, the online bid training is interactive. The Zoom invite, along with the training materials are sent a few days before the bid training course takes place.

The days

For the face-to-face courses, the Bid Writing training starts at 9.30am. The 2-day bid training course begins at 9.45am. Both days finish at 4pm. There is a morning break and an afternoon break, along with a lunch break.

The online courses begin at 9am and finish at 3pm. Much like the face-to-face bid training, there is a morning break and an afternoon break, along with a lunch break.

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