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Newcross Healthcare

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How did you first hear about Thornton & Lowe?

We have worked with Thornton & Lowe for eight years now - initially, we were looking for assistance with a single opportunity but we soon identified several additional opportunities in our pipeline. It was clear that our best approach would be to use the Bid Success Programme, allowing our team more time to prepare for these bids and putting processes in place to ensure an uplift in quality over doing them ourselves.

Over the next 2-3 years, Thornton & Lowe invested heavily in raising the quality of our bid output, not just simply working with us on a single bid. We produced standardised templates, policies, robust procedures and a document library for all of our tender-related documents. This not only saves us a great deal of time when working with Thornton & Lowe’s team but also adds a valuable layer of organisation and quality to our bidding processes! We are not the cheapest in our marketplace, so Adam and the team have worked hard to drive our quality values and convey this to the buyer.

We are extremely happy with the service and Thornton & Lowe’s support has enabled us to grow considerably over the last 4 years, with goals to double again in size during 2023/2024, through several important NHS tenders that we’re working on.

What were you looking for in a solution?

Initially we were just looking for interim bid support but Thornton & Lowe’s Bid Success Programme quickly looked like the best options for us, not only financially but also in terms of increasing and maintaining our quality scores and winning more work.

What made our solution stand out from the others that you researched?

Thornton & Lowe were extremely proactive from the initial point of contact, within a day they had made contact, set up an initial meeting and discussed the options with us. At the time, it was a fairly large investment for us but it has allowed us to grow massively.

Notable project wins with Thornton & Lowe in the past year

Norfolk County Council - Adult Homecare CHC Framework

Norfolk County Council - Lot 3 Mental Health support Framework

Surrey Council Council - Care within the Home Framework

Isle of Wight Council - ASL - End of Life and Home-based Care

North Tyneside Council - Community Short Break Framework

Staffordshire Council - Provision of Children Community Support Framework

Scotland Excel - Agency Workers Framework

NHS Scotland - Agency Worker Framework

“ We are extremely happy with the service and Thornton & Lowe’s support has allowed us to grow considerably over the last 4 years, with goals to double in size during the course of 2023/2024 through a number of important NHS tenders”

Alix Ripley

Sales Director, Newcross Healthcare

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