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How did you first hear about Thornton & Lowe?

We received an email from Thornton & Lowe after a discussion with the Directors earlier that year. We were spending quite a lot of time trying to compose bids ourselves, only to lose them on quality. so the decision was made to contact Thornton & Lowe to see how we could work better together.

What were you looking for in a solution?

We wanted to improve our chances of gaining Housing Association work, as well as learning how to improve the quality aspect of bidding. In 2011, we took on our first Principle Contractor role for New Charter and despite being a daunting task, we managed the job well - this made us keen to gain more work at that level, so we made contact with Thornton & Lowe for their assistance and expertise.

We felt like we could offer more value to the buyer than most of the competition, but we needed to articulate that in a way that we weren’t previously doing. Thornton & Lowe helped hugely with this and made sure that we were hitting all of our quality targets also. Since then, our business has gone from strength to strength and we are now aiming to become a Tier 1 contractor for other frameworks in the near future. Thornton & Lowe have been instrumental in helping us with this!

What has impressed you most with Thornton & Lowe?

Everyone at Thornton and Lowe has been superb and alsways professional. A special mention must be given to Tom Daniel, our Senior Bid Writer, who has taken a very hands-on approach to managing our account and nothing is ever too much trouble for him and the team. Tom has put a structure in place so that we’re able to make bid decisions quickly and then act on them, even in tight deadline situations, this process has been instrumental in our success over the past few years.

The wider Thornton & Lowe team are also extremely flexible to our needs, even if we sometimes have to deviate from the normal plan of action.

In the past 12 months we have made great progress with Thornton & Lowe. We have managed to secure a place on 5 new frameworks, 85% success rate. Well done team, especially Thomas Daniel who always goes above and beyond! Can’t recommend enough.

Ross Smith


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