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Bid and Proposals Apprenticeship

Our Bid & Proposal Apprenticeship is a great way to begin your career.

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Programme duration: 18-24 months

Qualification: Bid & Proposal Apprenticeship Standard Level 3

Relevant job roles: Bid administrator, bid writer, bid assistant, bid coordinator or an aspiring bid manager.

On successful completion of the apprenticeship, individuals will be eligible for membership of the Association of Bid and Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). They will have transferable skills, lending themselves to a variety of careers and job pathways. Staying in bid/proposal co-ordination and management is the most obvious route but roles in procurement, sales, business development, project management and many more.

The Apprenticeship Standard for Bid & Proposal Coordinator has been approved so both levy and non levy payers can now take advantage of this training opportunity.

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What does the apprenticeship cover?

The apprenticeship will cover the full end to end bid management process from opportunity identification and assessment through to the coordination of PQQs and tender responses.

Currently we work with a small group of clients to assess employer requirements for the role.

If you think a Bid and Proposal apprentice is a route you or your company would like to go, please do get in touch with us and we can discuss any requirements further.

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Develop your own in-house talent
Other sales & marketing related apprenticeship opportunities

Apprenticeships are proven to be a cost effective way for employers to develop their own talent and to ensure the sustainability of their workforce. Many other industries have gained from the valuable influx of talent over the years and the Bid and Proposal industry is now following suit. If this isn’t on your roadmap at present, why not?

Thornton & Lowe have partnered with JGA to offer additional complementary apprenticeships across marketing, PR and content production. The diverse range of sales and marketing related opportunities aim to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours of your commercial team!

Get in touch with us directly for more information about any of the above apprenticeship opportunities.

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