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PQQ Help - Top Tips

Aug 22, 2014

PQQ Help - Tip 1 Unless you are writing PQQs/ITTs etc every day, the whole concept of tendering can be daunting. Like anything – whether a work project or building a small garden wall for the first time, breaking the project in to bite size chunks will always help. Over the next few days, we’ll publish a few tips which will help you. The buying organisation will always offer a time period where you can ask for clarification. Take advantage of this. Read through the document, and ask the organisation to confirm or clarify any areas that you are not clear on. Completing the PQQ will be much easier once you are comfortable with the questions. PQQ Help - Tip 2 Our second tip to help you with your PQQ is simple – work out which questions are evaluated and which are for information only. So, for example, questions about your company name, insurances and business activities are likely to be for information, where as questions about your processes and procedures will be evaluated. If you know which questions are evaluated, you will know how to organise your time and resources to ensure you produce a robust response. PQQ HELP. TOP TIP 3 Last week we provided 2 simple tips to help when completing a PQQ or ITT etc. The third tip we can offer is that you answer each question as fully as you can. Even if you already work, or have worked, with the buying organisation – make no assumptions. Give as much information as possible – backed up with any relevant facts and figures. PQQ Help - Tip 4 In a previous tip, we suggested that you provide as much information as possible. What you will need to consider is how your response will look to the reader. Again – a simple tip here. Add some structure to your response by using headings and sub-headings to break up your text. This will make your response more readable, as well as making it easier for you to answer. So, for example, if a question asks about how you manage sub-contractors, have a heading covering sub-contractors, followed by another heading to cover how they are managed. This really is a simple method that will help you tremendously. PQQ Help - Tip 5 Another simple tip for your PQQs/ITTs etc is to think about evidence. If you are making a statement about your business, can you support it with evidence. This really links back to our earlier tip about providing full detailed answers, but to add even more weight to your answer, consider how you can support your statement. Examples may include factual figures, statistics or brief case studies, or even a testimonial. Easy stuff! You will have the information, so use it.

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