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Plasdwr – Cardiff’s Garden City

Mar 23, 2017

Plans approved for 6000-home, £2 billion housing development on the outskirts of Cardiff

Last week, Cardiff Council’s planning committee gave the go-ahead to a massive housing development to the north-west of the city. £2 billion will be spent over 20 years to build 6000 homes, along with the infrastructure required to sustain them. The development will see one main centre, surrounded by three further individual satellite centres, each with a distinct feel. It will include the construction of four primary schools, one secondary school, health centres, shops, offices, pubs and restaurants, leisure centres, playing fields and parks. The project will also see improvements to the nearest train station. It is hoped that 3000 jobs will be created in the development alone, not counting the thousands of construction workers and associated tradespeople employed to build the garden city. There will be a wide variety of homes, with a range of sizes and tenures, designed for families, couples, students and older people needing care, and with an eye to accessibility for all. It is envisaged that 30 % of homes will be affordable housing. There will be a mix of apartments, townhouses and luxury homes, from smaller terraces to larger detached properties. Particular attention has been paid to sustainability, and to the network of roads, paths and cycleways designed to maximise walking, cycling and the use of public transport. In addition, there will be two 50-plot allotments, eight playgrounds, two destination play areas and two facilities designed to engage the teenage population. The development will be built in seven phases and is expected to be completed by 2026. The first 126 of 630 phase-one homes will be begun within the next month, with further development of infrastructure, roads and housing following soon after. The vision for the ambitious plans is to deliver the homes and communities the Welsh capital needs whilst helping to fuel economic growth. However, many concerns have been raised about the effect the development will have on the local transport infrastructure, with the area surrounded by narrow country lanes which have not been upgraded for decades. This could also lead to further works for those managing the construction of the road networks surrounding the development. In addition, the public transport system in Cardiff is already seen as under great pressure and may struggle to cope. This could lead to the further extension of the South Wales Metro, which has already accepted plans for a £5 billion upgrade over the next 20 years. There are also environmental concerns, and concerns about the timetabling of the construction of the infrastructure, with the secondary school not due to be constructed until the final phase.

How can you take advantage of this new development scheme?

Due to the focus of this development being construction of homes and infrastructure, several large construction contracts could be announced within the coming years. With the government focusing purchasing decisions on the engagement of SMEs, several frameworks may be developed to include local businesses and those looking to profit from these lucrative opportunities. Thornton & Lowe offer a range of services, from bid/tender training to procurement and business mentoring which could help your business grow, expand and take advantage of upcoming opportunities. For more information, click here.

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