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Local government could adopt united approach to overcome challenges of Brexit

Jan 06, 2017

Producing a competitive bid has never been more essential

The UK’s decision to leave the EU could spell uncertainty for many. Aside from the inevitable challenge Brexit poses to local authorities, it has been stated a collaborative approach could ease the tricky transition facing local governments. Whilst many remain sceptical following the government’s austerity agenda, collaboration could allow for a better understanding of the options available to local governments following the departure from the European Union. Local governments will now have to re-evaluate how they lobby to receive funding, which could in turn have consequences on procurement. Competition to supply to local governments, already fierce, is set to increase, with the need to choose the most efficient and reliable suppliers in these times of uncertainty. Producing a compelling and competitive bid is now even more crucial when aiming to secure work within local governments. With this in mind, many firms will turn to professional bid writers and managers to ensure their chances of success are vastly improved. A recent article was published on Public Sector Executive exploring this topic further. To view, please click here.

So, how can Thornton & Lowe help you maximise your chances of bid/tender success post-Brexit?

Thornton & Lowe has an enviable track record guiding our clients to success in contract and framework opportunities across 125 sectors since 2009. Our highly-skilled in-house bid team provide a complete range of bid management services, supporting our clients to bid for and win public and private sector contracts. For further information on the services provided by Thornton & Lowe, or to discuss your organisation’s specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our head office on 01204 238 046 or email the team at

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