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How to overcome a lack of time and resource in bidding for construction contracts

Feb 12, 2016

The Government has asserted its goal to improve localism and to support SMEs on public sector projects, aiming to make processes more transparent, simpler and faster. However, Jamie Barret, managing director at construction company Evolution 5, outlines some of the challenges that are often apparent for many SMEs looking to tender for public sector construction projects: Barret states that one of the main challenges for SMEs is that large multinational consultancies and major contractors have whole departments dedicated to working on PQQs and tender submissions. Often SMEs do not have the resources, ultimately putting significant pressure on their businesses. There is the issue that small to medium sized enterprises may feel that whilst their tender submissions may be technically excellent, they will never be as polished and successful as those produced by major companies with better resources. The building industry is vital to the UK’s economy and output across the sector is expected to soar in the coming years, presenting businesses with an ideal opportunity to get involved in some high-profile infrastructure projects. The process is highly competitive, which is why it is crucial that firms submit a clear, concise and well-structured bid that covers all of the necessary legal requirements. You can find more information here At Thornton & Lowe we recognise the fact that many construction companies do not have the in-house expertise to create a detailed bid strategy. This is where our expert bid writing team can step in. Thornton & Lowe understand that every building firm has different needs, our expert bid writing team has successfully supported numerous construction companies to secure new contracts. We offer a wide range of services for our clients including: Bid Management & Tender Writing - Tender writing can be very time consuming and often with little success. At Thornton & Lowe we support organisations to effectively and efficiently tender for public sector contracts. Read more about our Bid Management & Tender Writing service. Strategic Bid Management Support - Having a clear tender/ bid strategy is essential. We work with many companies who are initially not happy with their return on investment (ROI) from their formal bid work. We often find this is because their approach to tenders and bids has not been planned effectively with clear strategy and vision. View more information on our Strategic Bid support. Tender Training – Our training courses are proving popular with clients, as they receive hands on, relevant information, as well as plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Find out more If you are looking to succeed in bidding to the public sector, please contact a member of our bid-management team at one of our offices across the UK. Greater Manchester – 01204 238 096, Midlands – 0121 523 1051, Central Scotland – 01334 208 312, North East – 0191 510 5054, London – 203 405 1850 or email:

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