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How Long Will G-Cloud 13 Last?

Written by Thornton & Lowe


Jan 12, 2024

Recently, there have been significant developments surrounding G-Cloud 13, prompting many businesses to reevaluate their strategies and preparations. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the recent changes to G-Cloud 13, delve into the reasons behind its extension, and provide actionable insights for both existing and potential suppliers.

Has G-Cloud 13 been extended?

Yes - G-Cloud 13, initially scheduled to conclude on 8th November 2023, has been granted a 12-month extension until 8th November 2024.

Why has G-Cloud 13 been extended?

This extension is a response to its difficult launch period, aiming to provide suppliers with the initial agreed framework lifetime and maximum opportunity for call-off-contract award.

For a detailed breakdown and official confirmation, consult the official UK government page dedicated to G-Cloud updates.

What to do if you wish to remain as a supplier to G-Cloud 13 (Lots 1-3)

For existing suppliers participating in Lots 1-3 of G-Cloud 13, there are no required actions to take.

What to do if you wish to remain a supplier to G-Cloud 13 (Lot 4)

Whilst some change is to be expected, Crown Commercial Services (CCS) have not yet confirmed any variations for Lot 4 suppliers. Keep an eye out for updates to this on the CCS webpage.

Will there be a G-Cloud 14?

G-Cloud 14 has been confirmed by the Crown Commercial Services and is currently open for bids! Take a look at our updated blog on G-Cloud 14 here

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