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Domiciliary care PQQ tips

Oct 18, 2012

Care services overlap by nature; often times this means your services can look like they fit a bid when they actually don’t. Got great Person-Centred Care, strong managers and a long track-record in the public sector? Think again before you bid – chances are this isn’t enough. Social Care opportunities in particular tend to attract every provider in the area. This often leaves buyers staring at pile of sixty or more PQQs without time to fully read half of them. This means you’ve got to make sure your experience is immediately similar to what the contract wants. We’ve come up with five questions you can ask to make sure your experience matches the tender: 1) Is my business working with the client group? We mean really working with them not just supporting one or two people 2) Do I offer the actual services in the spec and not just part of them? 3) Do my references use all the services required? 4) Are my case studies focused on the actual requirements of the contract 5) Can I evidence that the ethos required by the document (e.g. compliance with the Caring for Our Future guidelines) is actually being used? No company is perfect but buyers live in hope so remember: Bid smart not endlessly.

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