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Defence Contracts - Could you Compete?

Jul 02, 2014

According to new research conducted for ADS (The lobby group for UK’s aerospace, defence and space industries) those working in the industry are expecting double-digit expansion this year. To those on the outside such growth seems optimistic, but looking through the industries' recent history their hopes are well-informed. As a sector, 9% growth was enjoyed over 2013, and overall since 2011, across the sector, businesses have grown by 14%. Considering the turbulent times our economy has suffered over the past few years, such statistics are particularly impressive, and with that in mind, businesses would be wise to find out how they can benefit from such growth. For any business, customers with deep pockets are a welcome prospect, and in 2013 the UK Ministry of Defence spent £19.9 billion on a wide range of products and services within Britain’s businesses. With a 10-year £160 billion Equipment Plan in progress, expenditure is expected to increase, with the MOD set to deliver and support the equipment requirements outlined in the Armed Forces Objectives. Each year the MOD supports thousands of businesses across the UK, with many opportunities open to enterprises of all sizes. Across 2012/2013, 5.4% of UK MOD spend directly involved UK SMEs, equating to around £1.1bn. For UK businesses, a sense of stability is highly sought after, and while a range of industries are still in precarious positions, defence contracts tend to be long-term and consistent. The chance to win reliable ongoing defence contracts is enticing, and such opportunities offer the chance for businesses to enjoy fast growth and development. To increase the accessibility of such opportunities the Ministry of Defence, in association with MOD Defence Contracts Online (DCO), recently launched a new way for suppliers to bid for highly sought after defence contracts. The pre-qualification process has been streamlined, allowing for greater efficiency and reduced bidding costs for the parties involved. Open to both existing and potential suppliers, a full range of Ministry of Defence Contract opportunities are now available to search and tender for, giving businesses the chance to see how they can become involved. As stated above, thousands of businesses across the UK benefit from MOD contracts, and chances are that many more will be unaware of how sought after their expertise may be. To be kept in the loop, businesses can register for free on MOD DCO, which will allow them to receive tailored alerts directly to their inbox, instantly notifying them of opportunities as and when they arise. Such alerts will allow businesses to quickly decide which contracts are worth submitting a bid for. At Thornton and Lowe, we have helped clients win such lucrative contracts, ensuring that they capitalise on opportunities with a well written, detailed and accurate bid. We are able to handle all aspects of the process, including pre-qualification questionnaires (PPQs) and tender writing, to ensure the tender document our clients produce are of the highest standard and give them the best chance of winning the contract. While the MOD has ensured that it is simple to search and tender for its contracts, often businesses don’t have the time and resources required to successfully bid. Our expertise can ensure you have a clear bidding strategy in place, helping you to achieve the great results needed to grow your business. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer and how our clients have benefited from our expertise in the past, call us on 01204 238046 or visit us here.

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