What are the benefits of training your staff to have bid writing skills?

Training and staff development can significantly improve business performance, profit and staff morale. Providing regular and beneficial training is an investment that helps employees develop in their careers, providing businesses with a highly skilled workforce with a competitive advantage.

Training provides staff with the tools for progression and development in their job role. This development allows for more activities to be undertaken, enabling employees to perform additional duties and work on their own personal development.

Investment in staff training can also provide many benefits to a business such as better customer service, as well as increased productivity and profits. Training demonstrates to a workforce that they are valued enough to be invested in which can automatically improve loyalty and staff retention rates.

By staff attending training, it can provide them with a wealth of benefits as they acquire new skills, meaning their contribution to the business will be increased, culminating in a build on their self-esteem and personal motivation.

You can find out more information here.

At Thornton & Lowe we understand the importance of providing high quality staff training, enabling individuals to build on their strengths and develop their skills. By spending time with specialists it enables employees to observe, learn and engage with valuable competences and adaptable knowledge.

You only get one opportunity to submit your tender, make sure you are in the best position to get it right first time. Our bid and tender training is designed to provide you with a fresh point of view and a recharged enthusiasm in writing your bids.

You can access Thornton & Lowe’s bid/tender training schedule here.

You may also be interested to know that we offer in-house training courses too.

If you would like more information or to book on the workshops, please get in touch with our head office on 01204 238 046, or email the team at hello@thorntonandlowe.com/.

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