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Are you addressing the living wage and fair work practices in your submissions?

Jan 27, 2016

Public procurement is a significant driver of policy development and service delivery which in turn supports sustainable economic growth. The Scottish Government is committed to sustainable procurement practices that deliver positive outcomes. The delivery of high quality services can impact on users of public services and can help create a fairer and more equal society. The Scottish Government believes that employers whose staff are treated fairly are much more likely to deliver a higher quality of service and productivity, which will ultimately contribute to sustainable economic growth. Statutory guidance under the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 states that contractors who deliver public contracts should adopt policies which demonstrate how they comply with appropriate employment, equality, health and safety law, human rights standards and adhere to relevant collective agreements. Furthermore, The Scottish Government requires contractors to adopt policies which describe how they embrace fair work practices for all workers engaged in delivering public contracts. For example, those working on public contracts should receive fair, equitable and non-discriminatory pay, terms and conditions and reward packages. Therefore, the living wage is a positive factor and one of the most evident ways a bidder can show that they adopt fair work practices. Thornton & Lowe have seen the living wage as a requirement in tenders for some time now, where failure to pay the Living Wage would be a strong negative indicator for a firm during the tender process due to the failure of meeting fair work standards. At Thornton & Lowe, we pride ourselves in offering business-winning solutions. Our expert bid writing team can ensure confidence in displaying your top qualities and securing the opportunity to do what you do best. Our expert team will support you through the full tender process; including PQQs, ITTs and proposals. If you need help to create a compelling bid submission, emphasising your package of measures that demonstrate your approach to fair work practices, please contact a member of our highly experienced, bid-management team at one of our offices across the UK. Greater Manchester – 01204 238 096, Midlands – 0121 523 1051, Central Scotland – 01334 208 312, North East – 0191 510 5054, London – 203 405 1850 or email:

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