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What Health & Safety questions might I be asked for in tenders?

May 21, 2012

Health and Safety

Purpose: A statutory requirement for all organisations employing five or more persons. Key questions for the Buyer: Is your organisation a safe one to do business with? Typical Scoring/Assessment: Typically Pass/Fail as this is a legislative requirement. Responses will be rejected if they cannot meet this requirement (unless you have less than five employees in which case you are not required by law to have a documented policy). Certain questions may be given a weighted scoring, for example the RIDDOR statistics will often be compared to the national average for an organisation of a similar size and industry, and your performance may be ranked on that basis. Information typically requested:
  • Health and Safety (H&S) Policy
  • Details of your organisations health and safety advisor/consultant
  • Details of any enforcement notices or prosecutions served on the organisation or any of its directors/managers by the HSE or Local Authority in the last 3 years.
Example supplementary questions you may also be asked:
  • Details of the individuals with overall executive responsibility for H&S
  • Details of the person responsible for carrying out risk assessments.
  • RIDDOR statistics (number of fatalities, major injuries, reported cases of disease in the last three years).
  • For Construction related contracts the Buyer may also include additional questions from the British Standards Specification PAS 91:2010 PQQ.
  • Write a health and safety policy for your business which is signed and dated by the individual with overall executive responsibility for H&S for your organisation.
  • Carry out and record findings of appropriate risk assessments.
  • Record all RIDDOR incidents and details, including corrective actions taken.
  • Make sure all employees understand the policy and have a copy.
  • Review the policy annually and whenever there are changes in your business such as premises move or new equipment.

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