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Our structure ensures continuous improvement - Tenders and PQQs

May 31, 2012

Over the next few months we are going to be highlighting some of the key benefits of using Thornton & Lowe to support or lead in the development of some of your tenders (PQQs, ITTs), bids and proposals. 1. Our structure When developing your quality responses (whether that be for a PQQ or an ITT) ensuring continuous improvement is essential. Our structure ensures this:
  • Bid Writer/ Tender Writer. Our highly experienced Writer would evaluate your response question by question examining structure, amount of detail, evidence, if it is tailored to the specific authority. They would then develop the responses to achieve the highest marks possible.
  • Industry Specialist. This would then go to our specialist from within your sector who has often worked for sector leaders/ your competitors. Areas include Cleaning, Construction, Domiciliary Care, Grounds Maintenance, Healthcare, Highways and Infrastructure, IT, Print, Recruitment, Security, Telecomms and Waste Management. They have a real commercial understanding of what is expected and how to drive your proposal forward against the competition.
  • Management Team. This 2nd draft is then evaluated and approved by our Management Team before it is returned to the client.
This process ensures:
  • Continuous improvement
  • Several highly experienced people have been able to make comment on the response and improve it where appropriate. Some are from commercial backgrounds, others are ex public sector procurement professionals.
An in-house Bid Writing Team or an individual Tender Writer (whether directly employed or sole trader) could not provide this level of service and expertise. We can simply use this process to improve your draft response or develop your PQQ, ITT and tender responses from scratch. Contact us on 0845 862 0154 or complete the quick contact form and let us support you with your tendering.

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