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What does ISO:9001 certification mean for Thornton & Lowe?

May 27, 2014

At Thornton & Lowe, we pride ourselves on our ability to help businesses in their quest to gain new contracts. How do we achieve such great results? We are relentless in our attempts to improve the quality of our bid writing and bid management services, so much so that we have now received ISO:9001 accreditation from QMS - an internationally-recognised certification company. What is this? ISO:9001 is a globally-recognised standard that is awarded to companies that have implemented a quality management system that meets a broad range of regulatory requirements. Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the certification is designed to improve the standard of products and services being offered by companies, while at the same time promoting international trade. By having a universal standard, consumers all over the world know they are dealing with a well-run, trustworthy firm that has earned ISO:9001 recognition. Independent, third party organisations are called in to assess the credentials of businesses before the certification is officially granted. The requirements are strict, which is to be expected - after all, this is a barometer used to separate the very best companies from run-of-the-mill organisations. According to the ISO, this accreditation brings numerous advantages, ranging from cost savings and increased market share, to enhanced customer satisfaction and environmental benefits. Thornton & Lowe continues to improve To be eligible for the certification, businesses must demonstrate continual improvement in their operations, aimed at enhancing staff motivation and customer satisfaction. These are two things that the team at Thornton & Lowe have worked hard to achieve and we are delighted to have our efforts recognised with this accreditation. The ISO:9001 certification covers all of our bid writing and bid management services, which should offer our clients further reassurances that we know exactly what we are doing. Bid writing is a hugely important business. A clear, well-structured and detailed proposal can make all the difference when companies attempt to secure contracts, so nothing can be left to chance. Many of our clients want us to write and manage their bids from start to finish, which means the immediate future of these companies can lie squarely on our shoulders. This is a great responsibility, and it is why we have done all we can to make our services as strong as they can be. Receiving ISO:9001 certification is not the end of this process, it is very much the beginning. We want to maintain this accreditation for a long time, so we will be working incredibly hard to make this happen. Without doubt, this will be music to the ears of our clients and wonderfully-talented staff!

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