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Interim Bid Writers and Bid Management

Feb 02, 2015

We are often asked to provide Bid Writers and Bid Managers to work from our clients' offices on an interim basis - but how do we manage quality? Our commitment to quality is what really sets us apart from the competition. Not only do we provide a member of our highly-successful bid management team, but all their work runs through our ISO:9001 quality management systems. For example, If we place a Bid Writer in your team, their work will still reviewed and assessed by a Bid Manager, then by one of our Directors. We look to add value at each stage, while making sure we consistently drive excellence throughout the process. We provide this level of support to all our clients, but this model seems to work particularly well with NHS Trusts, who may need a higher level of support to what an individual can provide. Many organisations often have 'peak bidding times' and require additional capacity or role-specific expertise. We can provide the entire bid function and lead on a project. This is common with large and complex projects, often associated with infrastructure, rail, highways and utilities tenders. Our expert team of bid professionals will work with your senior management team and subject matter experts to project manage the tender process from start to finish and create a compelling submission. At Thornton & Lowe, we pride ourselves on... • Our robust quality management processes - even if you only need a single Bid Writer on-site • Our ability to project manage any tender submission from cradle to grave • Taking ownership of the bidding process If you need someone to guide you through the tender process, or if you're struggling for capacity, please get in touch with one of UK-based bid professionals. Greater Manchester: 01204 238 046, central Scotland: 01334 208 312, Midlands: 0121 523 1051, or

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