How to write a bid

UK bid writing

When writing a bid there is a lot to consider  


Do we fully understand their requirement, what they need both from the tender and in order to help them achieve their wider goals? Have they tendered for this work before? Who is the incumbent, how have they performed? What are the likely challenges this contracting authority will have with regards to this tender? Do their needs align with your solution? How have they weighted the questions and tailored them to evaluation criteria? Are they clearly looking for ‘business as usual, is experience, examples and references mentioned throughout? Or are they focused on innovation, collaboration and partnership working? Is the tender therefore a good fit for you?  


What do you know about your competitor’s solution, price and ability to bid effectively? Do they supply other local buyers, if not an incumbent for, this specific contract? How do you perform against them in tenders if you don’t have a relationship with the buyer? How do you perform with them, if you do? Who is going to try and ‘buy’ the contract? Will this work? Can you compete on price, and can your quality responses exceed your competitors when considering the scope of works, question weightings and evaluation criteria?  


What is market share, reputation and pricing strategy? Are you seen as service and quality-focused or price-led? Within the tender how can you best create your value proposition to justify your place and why it is the best fit for the buyer and in comparison, to your competitors? UK Bids and tenders?  

To start bidding, you first need to find tenders and understand what they are looking for. The vast majority of UK Public Sector tenders are advertised on Contracts Finder and Find a Tender. We have developed a free and innovative tool to allow you to set up email alerts and monitor which contracts your competitors have, along with their likely renewal dates – Tender Pipeline.  

At Thornton & Lowe, we write over 400 bids each year for our clients, with a directly employed team of Bid Writers working continuously to improve our clients win success rates and tender feedback.  


The UK bid market is growing quickly and as well as large organisations regularly being awarded. 

Bid Writing Skills 

Bid Writing is a skill, and it also takes time. You need to be able to quickly find, understand and interpret tender information, as well as quickly being able to then understand what you need to best respond to it in order to create a win.  


Thornton & Lowe offers bid writing training and we have our own Bid Writing Consultancy Team available to help or lead on your next tender. 

We have developed a successful process for writing bids that sits within our Bid Team structure and includes: 

  • Head of Bids  
  • Bid Manager  
  • Senior Bid Writers 
  • Bid Writers  
  • Bid Designer  
  • Trainee Bid Writers  
  • Bid Administrators  

With this bid writing function, we can offer our clients an

outsourced bid function to cover:  

  • Finding tenders  
  • Analysing & summarising bid documents for your bid/no-bid process 
  • Bid Management  
  • Bid Writing  
  • Quality Assurance  
  • Bid Design
  • Portal Upload Support

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