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EEM Bid Writing for Frameworks


Written by Chris Turner


Jan 31, 2023

EEM (Efficiency East Midlands) is a not-for-profit organisation, which now works across the UK and the public sector as a whole; from councils and housing associations, from NHS Trusts to schools and academies. They develop and manage a range of tenders, frameworks and the associated ‘call-offs’ for their members.

If you are a supplier looking to grow your company and gain new public sector clients, EEM could a great solution for your business.

We have been helping our clients bid for EEM frameworks for over 10 years, thanks to our team of professional bid writers. For EEM opportunities we can provide a full bid writing support service, allowing our clients to focus on the provision of their service and pricing, while we work on developing the very best tender responses.

In the last 12 months, they have:

  • Worked with 40 new members (public sector bodies who have bought through their agreements/ used their approved suppliers)
  • Awarded 231 contracts
  • Managed a spend of £145m.

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EEM Frameworks – 99% of suppliers are SMEs!

We specialise in bid writing and bid management services for SMEs. EEM framework presents a great opportunity for SMEs with 99% supply chain representation.

To understand what a ‘framework’ is click this link to see our detailed overview.

EEM have identified the barriers and challenges for SMEs when bidding for formal contracts have created procurement solutions to make them more accessible. This includes:

  • Focussing on Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) which are continually open to new suppliers and usually do not restrict the number of awarded suppliers. We provide a fully detailed article explaining what a DPS is and how it could benefit your business here
  • Breaking tenders and frameworks down into value streams and geographical lots ensures as far as possible a like-for-like comparison of solutions, experience and proportionate management structure, for example
  • Carefully/ consciously reviewing tender minimum requirements such as accreditations, turnover and staffing levels
  • Providing as much notice as possible when advertising tenders and realistic timescales for mini competitions (once you are approved on their frameworks)
  • Providing detailed and constructive feedback to help bidders improve their responses going forward
  • Allowing direct awards from frameworks and DPS solutions, as well as call-offs/ further competition.

Social Value, creating local community benefits and sustainability are important to both EEM and their members. View our detailed and practical guide to Social Value here.

EEM's mission statement:

“Our tender structures provide opportunities for SMEs and we build sustainability into our specifications. We're environmentally conscious and we take care to reduce our waste and energy consumption.”

Our experience with EEM bids and frameworks can confirm they are working in line with their mission statement and that EEM opportunities are accessible and ‘winnable’ for SME businesses. However, bidders need to reflect and commit to the same values and this needs to be clear within your bid.

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EEM Frameworks 2023

Please note, typically EEM start publishing their re-tenders 6 – 9 months before the end date of the current framework. DPS agreements are open to new suppliers for 4 years from the initial contract award.

As a bid team, company director or business development team it is important to understand what EEM DPS agreements you can bid on now and plan when relevant frameworks will be up for renewal.

EEM Repairs and & Maintenance Frameworks

  • Buildings Maintenance and Compliance DPS
  • Communal Entrance Doors Framework
  • Digital Aerials Framework
  • Door Entry, Access Control, CCTV and Warden Call Systems Framework
  • Electrical Works Framework
  • Facilities Management Framework
  • Heating & Hot Water Systems Framework
  • Insulation and associated Works Framework
  • Labour Services DPS
  • Lift Installation, Refurbishment, Servicing and Maintenance Works Framework Locksmith Services, UPVC Repairs and Glazing Works DPS
  • Property Improvement Works Framework
  • Property Maintenance DPS
  • Property Preservation Works DPS
  • Roofing Replacement and Repairs Framework
  • Scaffolding Framework
  • Stairlifts, Hoists and Disabled Adaptations Framework
  • Void Property Services Framework
  • Whole House Retrofitting for Zero Carbon Homes Framework (being developed at the time of writing this article)
  • Windows and Doors - UPVC, Composite & Composite Fire Door Sets Framework
  • Zero Carbon Solutions Framework

EEM Materials Frameworks

  • Decorating Materials Framework
  • Domestic and Commercial Appliances DPS
  • Electrical Materials Framework
  • General Building Materials Framework
  • Joinery Materials Framework
  • Kitchen Units (Supply) Framework
  • Managed Solutions for the Supply of Materials Framework
  • Plumbing and Heating Materials Framework
  • PPE & Site Equipment Framework
  • Specialist Materials DPS

EEM Sustainability Frameworks

  • Consultancy Services DPS
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Framework
  • Electrical Works Framework
  • Heating & Hot Water Systems Framework
  • Insulation and associated Works Framework
  • Property Improvement Works Framework
  • Roofing Replacement and Repairs Framework
  • Whole House Retrofitting for Zero Carbon Homes Framework
  • Windows and Doors - UPVC, Composite & Composite Fire Door Sets Framework
  • Zero Carbon Solutions Framework

EEM Compliance Frameworks

  • Asbestos Surveys & Removal Framework
  • Fire & Intruder Alarms and Fire Protection Equipment Framework
  • Passive Fire Protection Framework
  • Water Services Management (Legionella Bacteria Control) Framework

EEM Services & Consultancy Frameworks

  • Consultancy Services DPS
  • Drainage Services and CCTV Inspection Framework
  • Electronic Payment Services Framework
  • IT Reseller Framework
  • Pest Control Framework
  • Printing, Fulfilment & Mailing Services Framework
  • Waking Watch Services Framework

EEM Construction Frameworks

All EEM construction frameworks are DPS solutions.

  • Construction Management Services DPS
  • Demolition DPS
  • Development and Construction DPS
  • Modular Homes Manufacture & Installation DPS

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How does an EEM Framework work?

EEM advertise their tender opportunities and frameworks with the main platforms including Contracts Finder and Find a Tender. You can monitor EEM tenders and other public sector opportunities with our free software Tender Pipeline. The tender or contract notices will then point you to the portal they use to manage the tenders. This portal is called Xantive, which you can register on today. EEM also use a system called Geometra for some of their DPS agreements. You can register with Geometra here.

Once you have identified an EEM framework or DPS, you need to register on the portal and express an interest in the specific opportunity.

You will then be able to download and access the full tender information pack, which will provide timescales, specifications, portal instruction and guidance tender weightings and evaluations.

Once awarded onto an EEM framework it is important you maximise this opportunity. While you will be sent, mini competitions based on the framework and lots you have been awarded, it is still important you engage with them and their members and develop relationships. You need to promote that you are on their compliant procurement frameworks and that your services can be used without further competition. This can also be a useful tool for existing public sector clients who want to continue to use your services. Another useful tool which EEM promote is for suppliers to deliver training sessions to their members, which is a great way to demonstrate your expertise, a chance to meet public buyers directly and highlight how you can help.

Bid Writing Support for EEM Frameworks?

At Thornton & Lowe all we do is help businesses go through winning public sector tenders. This includes identifying and being awarded onto key industry frameworks, such as EEM. As an outsourced bid writing team, we can:

  • Guide you through the tender process
  • Help you assess if the opportunity is right for your business
  • Complete the selection questionnaires (SQs), an invitation to tender (ITTs) and award questionnaires
  • Suggest clarification questions you may want to ask
  • Review your draft bid response and provide guidance on how it can be improved to meet EEM expectations
  • Support you to submit the bid through the portal.

We have created several bid writing top tips, which can be found here. These will help you win your place on EEM frameworks and mini competitions, covering quality, compliance and adding value.

Bid Writing Success and Feedback:

“We have only been using Thornton and Lowe since January 2022. The first tender they wrote on our behalf was amazing and secured us a win. The tender was against 4 competing companies and allowed our company to grow by 20%. I cannot thank Tom and Nathan enough for their hard work and really getting to know our business in such a short time period. Their process and attention to detail is brilliant. We have worked with a few tender writers in the past and to be honest, after 6 attempts they still have not understood our business the way Thornton and Lowe do and I could not recommend them enough.”

To view feedback from our existing clients, click here.

Our case studies can be found here, which detail what we have helped our clients achieve.

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