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Bid Writing for CCS Framework Back Office Software 2

Written by Thornton & Lowe


Jun 03, 2024

Opportunity Summary for CCS Framework: Back Office Software 2 (RM6285)

Description: This framework offers public sector organisations a comprehensive suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for back office applications. Services include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), finance systems, procurement portals, workflow technologies, and content management.

Value: Significant multi-million-pound contracts for providing essential back office software and associated services.

CCS Back Office Software One has 29 Suppliers who range from large to small who managed to secure their place on this high performing government framework, or approved suppliers list.

Key Dates:

  • Pre-market Engagement: January to March 2024
  • Drafting of Procurement Documents: April to June 2024
  • Publication of FTS Notice: July 2024
  • Framework Award: January 2025


  • Pass/Fail Criteria: Demonstrated experience in providing back office software solutions and associated services, compliance with industry standards.
  • Engagement Activities: Participation in supplier engagement sessions and consultations.

Action Steps:

  • Supplier engagement events are ongoing. Register interest by contacting the framework management team.
  • Compile evidence of successful past projects, highlighting capabilities in back office software and services.
  • Develop detailed case studies demonstrating compliance and expertise.
  • Align your internal teams with the framework’s service requirements.
  • Gather necessary documentation and stakeholder input for pre-market engagement.

Website for More Information: Crown Commercial Service - RM6285.

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Winning a Place on the CCS Back Office Software Framework with Thornton & Lowe

Thornton & Lowe's Bid Writing Services help SME businesses with government tenders. This often includes frameworks, as well as mini-competitions and direct tenders.

For CCS Back Office Software Framework we can support with:

Strategic Planning. We guide you through understanding framework requirements and crafting a bid strategy aligned with your strengths.

Bid Content Creation. Our team develops high-quality, persuasive content that highlights your SaaS solutions' benefits and compliance with the framework standards.

Submission Compliance and Quality Checks. We ensure your bid meets all necessary criteria and includes compelling evidence such as case studies and project examples.

Full Bid Management. From initial drafts to final submission, we manage the entire process, ensuring a well-structured, competitive bid.

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Tips for Bidding on SaaS Tenders and Frameworks:

  1. Understand Client Needs. Tailor your proposal to address the specific needs and pain points of the public sector.
  2. Showcase Unique Value. Highlight the unique features and benefits of your SaaS solution, emphasising scalability, security, and user-friendliness.
  3. Provide Clear Evidence. Include detailed case studies and testimonials that demonstrate your success in previous projects.
  4. Ensure Clarity and Precision. Write clearly and concisely, avoiding jargon, and ensuring your proposal is easy to understand.
  5. Bid Compliance: Ensure your bid complies with all technical and regulatory standards specified in the framework.

By using Thornton & Lowe’s expertise in bid writing, you can enhance your chances of winning valuable contracts under the CCS Back Office Software framework. For more information on our services, visit Thornton & Lowe Bid Writing Services.

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Decriminalised Parking Enforcement Back Office Support
UK Greenock Inverclyde Council

This Invitation to Tender is for a suitably qualified and experienced service provider to deliver the back-office system for the decriminalised parking enforcement scheme in Inverclyde, handling parking violations issued by Parking Attendants employed by Inverclyde Council and the administration of residents’ and business parking permits in accordance with the Council’s relevant Terms and Conditions.The service provider shall ensure they have the necessary licences, permits and all other statutory obligations and legal permit, permissions and consents which apply for such provision.

Published: 2024-06-04
Deadline: 2024-07-04
2024-06-04 2024-07-04
008471 - Durham & Tyne & Wear UTMC System Refresh
UK NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE Newcastle City Council

Newcastle City Council acting as Lead Authority for the Tyne and Wear LTP partners purchased a Mott MacDonald's UTMC back-office system in 2017. This system is now due for a technical refresh, which will include the extension of the system to include all of Durham UTMC system requirements and services. Newcastle City Council will act as lead authority for this procurement.Documents can be accessed at

Value: 2500000
Published: 2024-01-17
Deadline: 2024-02-18
2500000 2024-01-17 2024-02-18
Back Office Software 2
UK Liverpool The Minister for the Cabinet Office acting through Crown Commercial Service

This Prior Information Notice is to signal an intention to commence market engagement with those within the Software market. As part of this prior information notice the following can be accessed at: Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is collaborating with TechUK who are hosting a hybrid supplier engagement session 17th January 2024 with industry experts and suppliers interested in potentially bidding for the resulting framework contract. More details including an option to book are available on their webpage After this event suppliers can still indicate interest in further engagement regarding this opportunity by registering via this form: CCS will use an eSourcing system for this competition and reserves the right to use an electronic auction. The eSourcing system we will use is []. Please note that, to register, you must have a valid DUNS number (as provided by Dun and Bradstreet) for the organisation which you are registering, who will be entering into a contract if invited to do so. The value in II.1.5 is an indicative total contract value. This comprises of an initial £4.5bn value for a 2 year term, with an optional 2 year extensions at GBP £2.25bn per annum. The date in II.3) is the estimated date of publication, please refer to the CCS website page for updates and monitor Find A Tender Service for the publication of the contract notice. The Cyber Essentials scheme is mandatory for Central Government Contracts which involve handling personal information and providing certain ICT products and services. The Government is taking steps to further reduce the levels of cyber security risk in its supply chain through the Cyber Essentials scheme. The scheme defines a set of controls which, when properly implemented, will provide organisations with basic protection from the most prevalent forms of threat coming from the internet.

Published: 2023-12-20
Invitation to Tender for SaaS Finance, Budgeting and Reporting Systems
UK London Workers Education Association

The WEA are currently implementing a Digital Transformation Strategy which impacts all areas of the business. Replacement of back-office software is an integral part of the digital transformation road map. Current internal systems require updating to meet business demands and to improve internal efficiency within the services provided. WEA are therefore seeking to procure a new SaaS Finance, Budgeting and Planning systems which will be interoperable with other systems. The current back office internal systems are server-based systems with the IT strategy planning migrate to SaaS technology for future system implementations. We expect that the implementation will take place between 1st March 2024 to 31st July 2024. The estimated value includes both the initial capital elements as well as ongoing support for the contract duration. The total potential planned contact length for this system selection is a 6 year contract to be formed of an initial 3 year contract to be followed by three further 1 year break clauses.

Value: 513500
Published: 2023-12-14
Deadline: 2024-01-18
513500 2023-12-14 2024-01-18
Private Markets Front, Middle and Back Office Services
UK BRISTOL Brunel Pension Partnership Limited

Brunel requires a private markets Front Office Investment Toolset for use by its private markets investment team. The primary purpose is to enable comprehensive portfolio monitoring of Brunel private markets portfolios across a range of asset classes including private equity, private debt, infrastructure, secured income and property.It is expected that the Front Office Investment Toolset will operate seamlessly with the Middle and Back Office Administration Services (see Lot 2).Tenderers who express their interest will be issued with a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ). Responses to the PQQ will be evaluated against the criteria detailed in their PQQ and suppliers who are successfully selected to continue through to the invitation to tender (ITT) phase will be issued with the ITT Pack.Tenderers wishing to express their interest should provide their full company name and address and most suitable contact details.

Published: 2023-11-11
Supply of Electric Vehicle: Charger and Infrastructure Operating Systems (Back Office)
UK Edinburgh Scottish Ambulance Service

The Scottish Ambulance Service are identifying the charging installation requirements to support the operation of 1,500 fully electric or plug-in vehicles at approximately 150 locations. The Back-office system will be essential to manage the operation of EV chargers at all locations. It is likely that there will be between 600 and 800 EV chargers operated directly by the Scottish Ambulance Service and a requirement to access partner agencies and commercially operated facilities.The Back Office must have the functionality to:Activate and control the access to all electric vehicle chargers registered with the back office*Provide a hierarchy for access ‘cards’*Provide a booking diary for all electric vehicle chargers, configurable by Scottish Ambulance Service to restrict access key/time/duration*Provide a ‘cost/billing’ functionality at rates aligned to the ‘card’, configurable by Scottish Ambulance Service*Charger status - test functionality (60s interval)*Recurring status test failure (5 attempts) - automated fault escalation process*Provide a defect reporting system with dedicated 24/7 helpline with the number visible on the units for users*System to be able to queue vehicle charging in priority order*System to hold driver card information, including cost centre, email address & mobile phone number*Message and email function to notify user when charging is complete or issue with charging*Automated API data connection to Tranman (and subsequent Fleet Management System)*Provision of a User ‘app’ – providing;-EV mapping (showing type availability/fault status)-Route planning option (by SAS / Blue light / commercial)-Booking functionality-SAS configurable data input-Notification of charge completion to SAS defined 80%

Value: 1000000
Published: 2023-08-29
Deadline: 2023-09-25
1000000 2023-08-29 2023-09-25
Supply of Electric Vehicle: Charger and Infrastructure Operating Systems (Back Office)
UK Edinburgh Scottish Ambulance Service

The Scottish Ambulance Service is fully committed to embracing the Scottish Government direction that they will “Take the lead in promoting the use of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) and phase out the need for new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2032.” In support of this strategy, Transport Scotland have published Switched on Scotland: A roadmap to widespread adoption of plug-in vehicles offering practical assistance in delivering the strategy and in turn the wider benefits.To support the increasing numbers of electric vehicles that the Scottish Ambulance are introducing into their fleet, the Service continues to procure the supply and installation of a number of electric vehicle chargers at locations across Scotland. The type and number of installations at each site will be tailored to the requirements of the vehicles based or attending that site.We are looking for a back-office solution to manage our electric vehicle charging infrastructure to allow control, visibility and development of the back office solution.

Value: 1000000
Published: 2023-08-28
Deadline: 2023-09-25
1000000 2023-08-28 2023-09-25
Leisure Facilities Back Office Professional Services and Systems Agreement (PSA)
UK BUXTON High Peak Borough Council

High Peak Borough Council and Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (the Councils) previously published a Prior Information Notice (PIN) on 20/06/23 ref: 017567-2023 to alert potential suppliers of a future procurement opportunity.This Contract Notice is now published to start the procurement and selection of a main provider for the Councils Leisure facilities operational 'back office professional support and systems' contract.The Councils are currently in outsourced concession contracts for the delivery of Leisure facilities operations, both are due to expire end of March 2024. Work is underway to establish a wholly owned Local Authority Trading Company (LATCo.) to manage their Leisure centres and deliver active health and wellness services for both Council areas, to be operational for April 2024.The Councils will be the Contracting Authorities at the point of award, however interested participants must note that there will be a requirement to novate the contract arrangementsto the subsidiary company when established and operational.The specification outputs for the Contract will be for the provision of Leisure Facilities back office support through Professional services and IT based systems to facilitate the new company to manage and operate both Authorities Leisure facilities and wellness initiatives, additionally support and be reactive to the Councils' Leisure Transformation programmes across its portfolio. The Councils will require a main contractor to provide the following outputs as part of their offer, items include but not limited to;ICT Support (Leisure Centre specific electronic point of sale system, Office functions, website, All systems [including App, CRM, Digital Asset Management System]),Payroll system, Finance, Customer Data, Communications:- Finance Systems (Customer Payments, Purchase to Pay / Invoice payments, Invoices raised, VAT, Financial Information)- Payroll (Monthly salary and wages, PAYE, Pensions, National Insurance, Other [inc annual leave, sickness, training records])- Human Resources (Produce contract of employment, Record for starters/leavers, Annual leave records, Sickness records)and;- Direct Support, Accident Reporting, Legislative Updates, App KPI Management.

Published: 2023-08-10
Deadline: 2023-09-08
2023-08-10 2023-09-08
Technology solution to support the management of Land and Property and Public Protection Services
UK Morden London Borough of Merton

The London Borough of Merton is inviting tenders to provide a ‘technology platform to manage Land and Property services including Building Control, Development Control (Planning) and Local Land Charges. A new solution will replace the current legacy system to enhance service delivery.A cloud hosted, modern and configurable single web-based solution is required to support the management of the Council’s Land and Property services including Building Control, Development Control (Planning) and Local Land Charges as well as Public Protection Services which include Regulatory Services (serving Merton, Richmond and Wandsworth Councils), Environmental Health Housing (Housing Enforcement) and Safer Merton.This system will enable the business to continue to meet its statutory duties and support day to day activities. A modernised system will improve business processes, provide mobile working, and therefore lead to efficiencies.It is the Council’s preference that the Contractor provides a fully integrated Solution that supports channel shift, self-service and improved customer journeys. Thereby; removing the necessity for back-office staff to manually enter data, reduce failure and enquiry demand.The proposed contract will be for a period of 10 years with a no-fault break clause from year 5 onwards.

Published: 2023-08-02
Deadline: 2023-09-19
2023-08-02 2023-09-19
EV Charging Point and Back-Office Infrastructure
UK Solihull Platform Housing Limited

We are seeking the supply and fit of Electric Charging Point Hardware for our two Offices (Worcester and Solihull), a number of Home Chargers for our Staff Homes, and a supporting back-office software. In addition to this we also require an Operation and Maintenance Package.

Value: 600000
Published: 2023-06-24
Deadline: 2023-07-28
600000 2023-06-24 2023-07-28
Supply & Implementation of a Caerphilly CBC Corporate Digital Platform
UK Hengoed Caerphilly County Borough Council

Caerphilly County Borough Council are seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified organisations to work has a partner in Supplying and Implementing a new Corporate Digital Platform into the Authority.The Council has identified six (6) key areas of functionality that are an essential requirement for this procurement and the successful provider must be capable of providing all six (6) of these areas within their own platform.The Council will not consider any bids that cannot provide all six (6) of the key areas of functionality on their own platform and any bids received that fail to meet this requirement, will be considered non-compliant and excluded from the process.The six (6) key areas of functionality required are as follows:Website Content Management – The suppliers platform must be capable of managing the Council’s corporate website and be the touchpoint for customers accessing services online. The new platform will replace the use of the existing third party Content Management System currently in place in the Council.Electronic Forms – The suppliers platform must be capable of building online forms to capture service requests from customers. These forms will be accessible through the Council’s Corporate Website and the Customer Relationship/Contact Management interface supplied as part of the solution. The new platform will replace several existing third party and in-house solutions for building online forms.Workflow/Business Process Flow and Case Management - The suppliers platform must be capable of providing the Council with the ability to control the flow of service request information through its lifecycle. This will include delivery to back-office staff and systems.System Integration – The suppliers platform must be capable of providing the Council with the ability to feed information, in both directions, between the solution and other third-party/in-house systems and data sources.Customer Relationship/Contact Management – The suppliers platform must be capable of providing an interface for use by customer advisors when assisting customers contacting the Council with a service request or service request query. The new platform will replace the existing in-house solution.Mobile Worker – The suppliers platform must be capable of providing the Council with the ability for workers in the field to receive and action service requests via their mobile device.

Value: 1500000
Published: 2023-06-01
Deadline: 2023-07-04
1500000 2023-06-01 2023-07-04
Provision of services as part of the Medway Voluntary Community Sector Better Together Consortium
UK Chatham Medway Council

The overall objective of the service is to support the VCS in Medway to develop as organisations, represent their views and enable them to carry out their activities more effectively. This includes providing a voice for the voluntary and community sector, facilitating partnerships, and raising the profile of the sector, and supporting the sector with back-office functions, capacity building both for volunteering and income generation.

Published: 2023-05-31
Deadline: 2023-06-29
2023-05-31 2023-06-29
Parking and Traffic Enforcement and Associated Services
UK Catford London Borough of Lewisham

The Council is seeking to appoint a progressive, technological and forward-looking external service provider as its Parking Services contractor to undertake on the Council’s behalf. The scope of the contract will cover the full range of service provisions:· on-street and off-street parking and traffic enforcement,· ANPR CCTV traffic enforcement cameras hardware, installation and review software· CCTV enforcement including clip review,· ANPR CCTV mobile enforcement vehicle,· environmental enforcement,· abandoned vehicles removal service management,· cashless parking services,· penalty charge notice and back office processing,· parking permit issuing and processing,· enforcement agencies management,· disabled bay application processing and implementation,· signs and lines implementation and management,· suspensions and all associated management,· EV charging points implementation,· provision and maintenance of IT hardware and software including all associated to enforcement,· customer contact call centre and· all associated services and equipment required to facilitate the contract.The contract will run for an initial period of 8 years, with an option to extend for a further 2 years.

Published: 2023-05-25
Deadline: 2023-06-26
2023-05-25 2023-06-26
L23039-T-TG Concession for the provision of Car Hire services at London Luton Airport
UK Luton London Luton Airport Operations Limited

Car Hire Lot 1,3 and 4 will each consist of a sales desk, each approximate area 10.5m2 in the Car Hire Centre CHC and 85 car parking spaces situated in the CHC Car Park. Back-office accommodation is also included. See Tender for details

Value: 7000000
Published: 2023-04-07
Deadline: 2023-05-19
7000000 2023-04-07 2023-05-19
T2370 - Car Park Management / Off Street Parking Enforcement and Penalty Charge Notice Processing Service for a Consortium of 8 Councils in NI
UK Belfast Belfast City Council

The Consortium members are currently in contract with the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) via an Agency Agreement for the provision of off-street car park management services. The DfI carry out some of these services using internal staff but also employ a contractor to deliver the majority of the services. This arrangement is due to end on 31st October 2023.The Consortium is seeking to procure the provision of its own off-street parking service via a service provider from 1st November 2023 that will provide enforcement in 106 existing charged off-street car parks throughout the different Consortium areas.It is expected the successful Bidder will provide the following:-• Off-Street Enforcement• Cash Collection & Reconciliation• Pay & Display (“P&D”) machine maintenance• Full life cycle Penalty Charge Notice (“PCN”) Processing to Enforcement of • Judgements Office representation stage• Adjudication service through the Northern Ireland Courts Service• Debt Recovery in accordance with council’s instructions• Call centre and customer service help desk for customer interface• Weekly and monthly reports including updates for financial patterns• Enforcement at a further 248 Off-Street Car Parks, which are currently free but enforced, throughout the Consortium areas on request from councils, for civil parking contraventions by Traffic Attendant (TA) staffBidders should note that the number of Off-Street Car Parks that are currently charged may change throughout the Contract Period and that Off-Street Car Parks which are currently free and not currently enforced may become enforceable by the successful Bidder during the Contract Period, on request of the councils and on the basis of the same costs that the Bidder will supply within its Tender. During the Contract Period, it is envisaged that the councils may wish to explore other more innovative parking schemes and methods of parking enforcement and management as technology evolves, some of which the councils may ask the successful Bidder to trial as part of a pilot scheme and the cost and scope of which will be agreed between the councils and successful Bidder in accordance with the terms of the Contract.The Consortium requires a service provider who can respond effectively to these changes as well as the (non- exhaustive) list of tasks above, enabling the councils to enhance user satisfaction, create a more efficient parking services model that uses a simple, socially inclusive, responsive, coherent and smart approach which the community as a whole can embrace; as well as implementing technological improvements in parking services.Following the successful conclusion of the tender process, the councils are seeking to contract with a competent organisation for the supply of all equipment and applications to support the councils’ parking management service as well as supply labour and parking management expertise. The equipment and applications that the Bidder will supply are fully defined in the Specification, but for illustrative purposes they include items such as the hand-held devices used by Traffic Attendants for enforcement, Traffic Attendant uniforms and back-office software systems.Full details of the scope of the Deliverables required can be found in Schedule 1 – Specification.

Value: 13500000
Published: 2023-04-01
Deadline: 2023-05-02
13500000 2023-04-01 2023-05-02
South Cambridgeshire District Council - Website Redesign
UK Cambourne South Cambridgeshire District Council

South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) and Cambridge City Council (CCC) want to redesign their websites’ navigation, functions and page templates to improve customer experience, achieve channel shift and create a fully transactional website, enabling customers to self-serve 24/7.South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridge City Council are needing to make significant savings and reduce the amount of admin work our back-office colleagues are dealing with, especially our Contact Centres. We want to improve the customer experience on our website so users can find what they need without contacting us. We need websites that are modern and able to keep up with the future technological trends.Huntingdonshire District Council have the right to use this contract at their discretion.If you wish to bid for this tender please do so by visiting our e-tendering portal at:

Published: 2023-02-18
Deadline: 2023-03-20
2023-02-18 2023-03-20
HCC02/23- Provision of Mobilising System for Fire Control Collaboration
UK HERTFORD Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire County Council (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Council’) is seeking to procure a resilient, futureproofed mobilising solution to the Fire Control Collaboration which enables Fire and Rescue services to provide a high-quality response individually and collectively to incidents protecting lives and property. This solution should also be responsive to emerging technologies and act as a driver to continued service improvement. BackgroundThe Fire Control Collaboration (F C C) is a partnership of two Fire and Rescue Services ( Hertfordshire and Norfolk) which has been established to deliver a technologically advanced and resilient control room function across the partner services and provide the opportunity for efficiencies.There are currently two member organisations:- Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service – covers the full county of Hertfordshire. The Service Headquarters is located in Hertford whilst the Training Fire Control Centre is located in Stevenage. It is administered by a Fire Authority which is an internal part of Hertfordshire County Council.- Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service – falls under Norfolk County Council and covers the full county of Norfolk with a Headquarters in WymondhamThe Partnership currently functions as follows:- A common technical and communications infrastructure, (including supporting software solutions)- A common rationalised mobilising system architecture split over two resilient data centres, utilising a single mobilising system, supporting the two Fire and Rescue Services (FRS)- Fall-back/remote buddying/resilience arrangements- A Control Room mobilising capability within each FRS to support Service specific ‘in-scope’ activity and command support- An enabling framework for common Control Room operating procedures and ways of working to support future mobilising and in-scope activity collaboration - An enabling framework for opportunities for future convergence of operational practices and ‘back office’ applications.The estimated total value of the Contract is stated in II.1.5) of this notice and is for the initial term inclusive of the approximate value for extensions. For the avoidance of doubt, the minimum annual value of the contract will be set based on the initial cost and if appropriate the annual ongoing maintenance cost so will be higher during the initial stage. For example, if a bidder submits an initial cost of G B P 1,000,000 with G B P 400,000 per annum maintenance the minimum annual contract value will initially be set at G B P 1,000,000 falling to G B P 400,000 during the on-going maintenance stage. The Contract will be awarded for an initial term of 5 years, with the option to extend the Contract up to 3 years plus a further 3 years. Please note that the contract requirements will be subject to available financial resources, supplier performance and flexibility to meet changing demands.Organisations should be aware that due to the nature of the Services provided, any Contract formed as a result of this procurement process shall be executed as a deed. Organisations should seek independent legal advice on the implications of this prior to submitting their bid, where appropriate.

Value: 4050000
Published: 2023-02-14
Deadline: 2023-03-22
4050000 2023-02-14 2023-03-22
Highways Services System for SWISCo
UK Torquay Torbay Council

An SaaS system to manage SWISCo’s Highways Service to include:• Highway Inspections• Streetworks• Street Lighting• Winter Maintenance routing and delivery• Permitting• Quotation system• Back Office system• Data Warehouse & Data Migration from the current system (Mayrise)• Integration of data from various in-house and Torbay Council systems using API’s or other appropriate means• Mobile/In-Cab Technology• Lone Working supportThis project will be delivered in three phases.

Published: 2023-02-09
Deadline: 2023-03-13
2023-02-09 2023-03-13
Energy Management Back-Office Support Services Contract
UK CHICHESTER West Sussex County Council

For the purposes of this Procurement, the term Services is used to describe the entire range of the Services required. The disciplines within that range required for this Procurement are as follows:• Invoice validation • Supplier/query management• Management of TEAM Sigma database• Processing of EDI files into TEAM Sigma • Processing of manual invoice entry into TEAM Sigma • Provision of a support desk for WSCC SLA schools • Preparation of Accountslink files • Monthly performance reporting • Monthly/quarterly management meetings (these can be electronic via MS Teams)Please refer to Document 02 - The Specification for full details of the requirement.

Value: 380000
Published: 2023-01-14
Deadline: 2023-02-23
380000 2023-01-14 2023-02-23
The Beatles Story Integrated Ticketing Online and Product Inventory System
UK Liverpool The Beatles Story Ltd

The Beatles Story Ltd is looking to procure an integrated Ticketing, Online and Product Inventory System. We are looking to appoint a provider for 3 years with the option to extend for 1 year, followed by a further 1 year..The new booking system platform is at the heart of the requirement and requires a central back office EPOS system which will manage all aspects of tickets and product sales in real time, delivered simultaneously through multiple sales channels including online via the following channels:• The Beatles Story Website• API links into OTA’s and Channel Managers• The Systems’ POS at Admissions• The Sales Office• Local partner sales portals

Published: 2023-01-10
Deadline: 2023-02-08
2023-01-10 2023-02-08
007971 - Streamlining Waste Management Solution
UK NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE Newcastle City Council

Newcastle City Council (NCC) has a requirement for a Streamlining Waste Management Solution. We are looking to procure a full system to include sensors, back-office monitoring and reporting and a servicing application that can be used by crews in bin collection vehicles through mobile devices. The provider will be responsible for managing the sensor supply and the operation and maintenance of these. Newcastle City Council has been using litter bin pulse sensor technology to manage its litterbin collections from 1250 citywide sites for the last 4 years and is looking to continue using technology to deliver service improvements and efficiencies.

Published: 2022-12-16
Deadline: 2023-01-18
2022-12-16 2023-01-18
Car Club Scheme - Portsmouth
UK PORTSMOUTH Portsmouth City Council

The car club operator will be expected to provide a 24 hours, 7 day a week fully managed service and to ensure all available vehicles are in full working order and operational at all times.The Concessionaire will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the car club, including customer support centre and all associated back-office functions, operating from designated bays approved by Portsmouth City Council. The car club operator which provides the mobilisation services and is responsible to operate a 'back-to-base' model under a concession contract whereby each vehicle is hired from and returned to the same designated bay.The operator will be required to provide for open book financial performance information and, where a revenue / profit share mechanism has been included for by the operator, the council will expect transfer of funds to be processed at the end of each contractual year.The concessionaire will have a period of four months to mobilise the service, this may be extended at the option of the Council if any delays are determined as justifiable to progress the scheme. Otherwise, the Council reserve the right to move to the next place tenderer(s).Once approved the concessionaire will then be given three months to launch the scheme and ensure that individuals are able to have a car. Otherwise, the Council will look to terminate the contract.See ITT and full specification within the tender pack for further details.

Value: 6000000
Published: 2022-12-01
Deadline: 2023-01-04
6000000 2022-12-01 2023-01-04
TfL Revenue Collection Services - Project Proteus 24412 - Call for CompetitionTfL Revenue Collection Services - Project Proteus 24412 - Call for Competition
UK LONDON Transport Trading Limited

The Transport for London's (TfL's) ability to collect fares revenue is fundamental to its achieving and maintaining financial sustainability. Critical to achieving this objective is to ensure we are effectively collecting the revenue by ensuring the revenue collection system and services are available and reliable. The Proteus Contract will ensure that operating costs are efficient, economic, and sustainable; and deliver value for money and support the delivery of the TfL change and innovation programme. The revenue collection system (the System) supports the Mayor's Transport Strategy objective of making better use of technology to improve the public transport experience, by providing simple and effective payment options to customers. TfL, through TTL, owns and has made significant investments in the System. The contractor under the Proteus Contract will be required to take over the system and become responsible for its maintenance, operation, development, enhancement and expansion in order to and deliver excellent customer experience and respond to business needs. The System supports legacy magnetic stripe tickets, Oyster (the TfL closed-loop, proprietary smart card system), contactless payment cards and ITSO (the UK national smart card specification). Currently the System incorporates:• c. 8,500 buses;• c. 1,000 London Underground, Overground, DLR and National Rail stations;• c. 4,000 Oyster Ticket Stops; and• 7 TfL Visitor Centres.Customers can travel seamlessly between different modes of transport using smart cards, magnetic tickets or contactless. Oyster Pay As You Go (PAYG) balances can be topped-up and tickets purchased conveniently either via ticket machines in stations, at Oyster Ticket Stops, or via digital channels (web and app). The IRC System's back office collects all transactions securely ensuring best-value charges are applied for PAYG travel and are presented to customers in a transparent manner. The main ticketing products are:• PAYG on Oyster and contactless. Customers are charged for each journey made and benefit from daily and weekly capping;• season tickets on Oyster. These comprise bus and tram season tickets and Travelcard season tickets which are valid on buses and all rail services within the zones purchased; and• Singles and Day Travelcards, which are issued on magnetic ticket stock. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, each year the System supported around 4 billion journeys comprising:• 2.2 billion bus journeys;• 1.4 billion Tube journeys;• 0.3 billion journeys on TfL Rail and London Overground; • 0.1 billion journeys on DLR;• PAYG travel on Tram and River services and the London Cable Car (around 0.03bn journeys combined); and• approximately 0.5 billion journeys on National Rail services in London.At the date of this notice, usage trends across the System have been affected by COVID-19, although we anticipate that demand will have returned to pre-pandemic levels prior to completion of the transition to full-service delivery under the Proteus Contract in Aug 2026.The System comprises of five main elements:• Front Office Assets: Broadly ticket gates, retail, and validation devices used by customers to purchase and validate travel products and access the transport network as well as associated network equipment to transmit data. In addition, the revenue inspection devices.• Data Landing: A collection of IT equipment that passes data bi-directionally between the front office assets and the back office.• Back Office: A collection of IT equipment that manages the various smart card transactions, customer accounts, billing, and settlement processes. This is split into Oyster, contactless and ITSO systems. The contractor under the Proteus Contract will be, responsible for all Oyster and ITSO system support and Levels 1 and 2 for contact

Value: 1500000000
Published: 2022-11-15
Deadline: 2023-01-27
1500000000 2022-11-15 2023-01-27
SCC RD - Supply and Installation of Safety Camera Enforcement Systems Throughout the County of Surrey
UK Reigate Surrey County Council

Surrey County Council (“the Council”) is seeking to identify one or more safety camera providers (‘the Contractor’) to design and install Home Office Type Approved (‘HOTA’) safety camera systems at the following locations or ‘Lots’:Lot 1 - A25 Shere Road, AlburyLot 2 - B2032 Dorking Road, TadworthLot 3 - 374 Brooklands Road, WeybridgeLot 4 - 382 Old Woking Road, West ByfleetLot 5 - 23 Horley Road, South EarlswoodLot 6 - A281 Horsham Road, BramleyBidders may submit tenders for one or more Lots as detailed above. Submissions will be evaluated using the evaluation methodology detailed later in this document. Bidders should be aware that each Lot will be evaluated and awarded individually using the documents required for submission as detailed in Table 5 of this document.Safety cameras have been successful in reducing road casualties through deterring speeding and red light jumping. Analysis of speed and collision data has indicated that the installation of safety camera systems in these locations would be an appropriate method of improving road safety for these stretches of road.The project will include the installation of digital average speed or spot speed camera technology that has been type approved by the Home Office. Equipment must be connected safely to existing power networks and be able to communicate remotely with the Surrey Police back-office processing system via 3G / 4G. The scope of this procurement exercise is for the supply and installation of the camera systems. The cameras will be serviced and calibrated as part of “pay as you go” contracts that falls outside of this procurement exercise.Surrey County Council Road Safety & Active Travel Team and Surrey Police (“Drive Smart Partnership”) are looking for the most effective speed enforcement systems, employing the most appropriate technology that also demonstrates value for money. The evaluation panel will be assessing each solution put forward on its adherence to the specification, the level of enforcement achieved and the value of the proposal and will be awarding contract(s) to the most economically advantageous bidder(s).Surrey County Council (‘The Council’) has made every effort to ensure the completeness and accuracy of information provided to Bidders but does not warrant any such information. Bidders should notify the Council without delay regarding any perceived ambiguity, inconsistency, or omission in relation to the information in this ITT Guidance document, any of its associated documents and/or any other information issued to them during the procurement process.

Value: 920000
Published: 2022-10-13
Deadline: 2022-11-09
920000 2022-10-13 2022-11-09
Smart Ticketing System for the Mersey Ferries
UK Liverpool Merseytravel

Merseytravel and the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA) are looking to procure a Tickets, Online and Point of Sale Solution for the Mersey Ferries.We are looking to appoint a provider for 3 years with the option to extend on a 24-month rolling basis thereafter up to a maximum of a further 4 years.The new booking platform is at the heart of the requirement. It requires a central back office EPOS system which will manage all aspects of the product sales in real time, delivered simultaneously through multiple sales channels including online viaa). the Mersey Ferries website;b). through the systems POS at Sales Desks such as at Ferry Terminals;c). through LCRCA call centres and office locations;d). through Self Service Kiosks at core locations;e). through OTA’s and Channel Managers; andf). via local Partner sales portals.

Value: 490000
Published: 2022-09-21
Deadline: 2022-10-20
490000 2022-09-21 2022-10-20
Community Safety Case Management System
UK Torquay Torbay Council

Torbay Council is seeking a single Supplier who can provide the following facilities for Community Safety Services with their proposed solution:a) A back-office case management system;b) A customer web portal; andc) An agile solution.Throughout this procurement, Community Safety Services refers to and includes Licensing, Food Safety, Health and Safety, Housing Standards and Environmental Health, and ASB & Vulnerability.

Published: 2022-09-14
Deadline: 2022-10-13
2022-09-14 2022-10-13
The Provision of a CRM and MDM Solution
UK Aylesbury Buckinghamshire Council

The Buckinghamshire Council seeks tenders from suitably qualified and experienced organisations for the provision of a corporate, modern Customer Relationship Platform (CRM) that supports the Council’s vision of a “Customer First” culture. Our vision is to give residents more free time by making everything they do with the Council faster and easier. We need modern tools to achieve this, harnessing the power of Master Data Management (MDM) to enable a ‘single view of the customer’ and integrate with existing Line of Business systems. This cloud hosted system will provide rich, unfettered data to help promote the seamless digital journey from the Buckinghamshire Council website.The solution will include (but not be limited to) the following: hosting, licensing, maintenance, upgrades, reporting, consultancy, customisation, configuration, database administration, data cleansing, data migration, Implementation, initial training, ongoing support.We are seeking a collaborative supplier to support our talented Council officers to get the best use and value from the platform assets.The CRM platform needs to be effective and configurable, fulfilling our high-level requirements of interactive web forms, a customer account, and an integration engine to fulfil integration into our back-office systems. The platform will enable analysis of customer needs so we can shape our services accordingly as we achieve a better understanding of how customers interact across all services. A CRM platform combined with MDM technology will enable residents to track service requests, receive updates electronically, so we can deliver personalised, targeted services and communication to strengthen relationships with our communities.Our vision is for a platform that touches all service areas, with an emphasis on providing integrations for the more transactional services. We intend to do this through a four-phase programme, as described in the requirements.The platform will enable future integration and interaction around online booking, payments, live chat, social listening, artificial intelligence, data management, Single Sign On, and several other capabilities. It is important we see no degradation to our existing services, particularly Household Waste with established integrations. This also includes a single sign on into some of our applications, including (but not limited to) our Revenues and Benefits application and our library services application.The successful supplier will have a track record of delivery of this type of platform and must be able to demonstrate that their platform is currently operational.The programme to implement this new instance of a CRM platform with MDM capability has five phases, which are as follows:Phase 0: the build of the core components of the platform – the CRM, case management, interactive web forms, the customer account, the integration engine, and the MDM capabilities. This phase is estimated to begin in January 2023, with a go-live date of July 2023Phase 1: discovery, design and deployment of the following service areas, including the necessary interactive web forms, case management, and integrations into back-office systems – household waste; revenues and benefits; financial support for our communities; Transport for Bucks; Family Information Service; Client Transport. This phase is estimated to begin in January 2023, with a go-live date of July 2023Phase 2: discovery, design and deployment of the following service areas, including the necessary interactive web forms, case management, and integrations into back-office systems – registrars; business development; finance; housing; environmental health; land charges; planning; building control; licensing. This phase is estimated to begin May 2023, with a go-live date of November 2023Phase 3: discovery, design and deployment of the following service areas, including the necessary interactive

Published: 2022-08-21
Deadline: 2022-09-19
2022-08-21 2022-09-19
Solent Transport - Future Transport Zone Dynamic Purchasing System Lot 8 - Dynamic Demand Responsive Transit (DDRT) System Back-Office Operator -
UK PORTSMOUTH Portsmouth City Council

As part of the FTZ programme, Solent Transport will be trialling DDRT services in parts of the Solent area in two phases, the details of which are provided in the draft specification in Appendix A. These trials will focus mostly on applying app-based booking and use of a DDRT back-office system to several existing community transport type services in the Solent area. The Phase One/ Pilot schemes- and supporting back office and interim app- is planned for launch to the public by February 2023. The phase 1 trial will involve 1 vehicle at each of two Community Transport Operators (FYT Bus on the Isle of Wight, and Southampton Dial-a-Ride operated by SCIA Transport).Subject to a successful pilot/ phase one implementation, the project will look to extend to a second phase later in 2023 to include more of the vehicles operated by the two community transport providers involved in the pilot/ stage 1, as well as expanding the trial to incorporate up to two more transport operators operating services in Portsmouth City Council and Hampshire County Council areas. At this stage of the trial we will require full "deep/ Level 3" integration of DDRT user functionality into the Breeze MaaS app. The Solent LTAs also have broader aspirations regarding wider-scale application of DDRT operating and booking principles to a wide range of other existing transport operators (primarily existing Community Transport operators, but potentially including trials of flexible routing of "mainline" bus services and other similar projects). The "addressable market" for DDRT in the Solent area and wider Hampshire is believed to be several multiples of the potential scale of the Phase 2 trial.Solent Transport is advertising this Dynamic Purchasing System Lot with these aspirations relating to potential for wider implementation of the DDRT back-office system and DDRT operating principles in mind. The entirety of the call off processes, contracting options and access set out within the original DPS contract notice will apply to the operation of Lot 8. For completeness, a corrigenda notice to 2021/S 000-004302 will also be published. The target date for operational commencement of Lot 8 is 5th October 2022. The initial term of Lot 8 will mirror the duration of the FTZ programme, which is due to end on 30th June 2024.However, as per the operation of the overarching DPS, the operation of Lot 8 may be extended beyond this term on a rolling basis in increments to be determined without limitation in respect of number and length of extension periods applied.The total value of the services that could be let via Lot 8 of the DPS is estimated to be in the range of £1 million to £2.5 million.Lot 8 will be established in accordance with the following programme:• Issue of Supplemental FTS Contract Notice & Lot 8 Document Pack - 10.08.2022• Deadline for Applications for Lot 8 - 12:00 on 09.09.2022• Lot 8 Commencement - 05.10.2022Candidates can apply to be a member of the newly opened lot 8 or existing Lots on the DPS as long as they meet the stated minimum criteria.Application is by way of completed SRQ and associated documents via the Council's esourcing solution Intend by the deadline stated above. The SRQ and associated documentation can be accessed via InTend.

Value: 2500000
Published: 2022-08-11
Deadline: 2022-09-09
2500000 2022-08-11 2022-09-09
Tender for the supply, installation and maintenance of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) unattended traffic enforcement cameras and traffic enforcement camera solutions in Buckinghamshire
UK Aylesbury Buckinghamshire Council

Buckinghamshire Council (BC) wish to commission the supply, installation and maintenance of unattended Automatic Number Plate Recognition, (ANPR) traffic enforcement camera solutions and hosted function to enforce parking restrictions and moving traffic restrictions, to be implemented by 1st December 2022.The successful Service Provider shall deliver an integrated technology platform and infrastructure to deliver the required functionality, resilience, and security to meet BC’s requirements and Service Levels.The service shall include:A secure, integrated CCTV technology solution.Hosting services including the computing environment, the provision and support of a stable infrastructure, business continuity, and effective and efficient performance of operations.Viewing platform, data storage, backup, recovery, and archiving capability.Maintenance and support of all supplied applications, hardware, and integration.Integrate BC provided services and infrastructure, including Back-office systems such as the Notice Processing System.Fully GDPR compliant solutions and servicesThis is a standalone contract and does not form part of any other CCTV related contracts that the Council may have. Throughout the life of the contract the Council may purchase up to 56 cameras, the first being 16 as part of implementation and then up to 40 additional cameras for the remainder of the Contract. The Council reserves the right to decrease this figure at its discretion.The contract start date is 1st December 2022. The contract will run from 1st December 2022 until 12th May 2027If your organisation wishes to participate in this process, you need to register with the Buckinghamshire Business Portal. You will be unable to take part if you do not register. Please use the link below and follow the instructions on the must be returned via the Buckinghamshire Business Portal. The tender return date is midday on Thursday 8th September 2022. Tenders received after this time and date will not be accepted.

Value: 989000
Published: 2022-08-09
Deadline: 2022-09-08
989000 2022-08-09 2022-09-08
Homes England - Mid-Rise Remediation Scheme
UK Coventry Homes England (the name adopted by the Homes and Communities Agency)

Following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017, industry-wide reviews of building materials, regulations and fire safety led to DLUHC commissioning The Agency to deliver the Mid-Rise Remediation Scheme (“MRRS”).The core objective of MRRS is to remediate fire safety risks in the external walls of eligible buildings through the provision of grant funding to Responsible Entities.This procurement and the resulting contract cover services over three phases summarised below. The service requirements and obligations of the Service Administrator in relation to the administration of each phase are set out in detail in Schedule 2.1 – Services Description Schedule of the published ITT documents.Implementation – Includes the services and obligations on the Service Administrator in relation to the operational set up of the scheme including the configuration of a digitally enabled grant application system from.Operations – Includes the services and obligations on the Service Administrator in relation to the core operational delivery of the scheme in order to perform back office and contact centre services to respond to applications for grant monies under the MRRS. This phase also includes the services and obligations on the Service Administrator in relation to the maintenance of the digital platform.Exit – Includes the decommissioning of the services.The initial period of this contract is 28.5 months (4.5 month implementation period followed by 24 months of operations) with the option to extend for a further 5 x 12 month periods.The value of the initial 28.5 month period has been estimated as £6.1 million.

Value: 13760000
Published: 2022-07-21
Deadline: 2022-09-05
13760000 2022-07-21 2022-09-05
A2Dominion Housing Maintenance Joint Venture for the London Region
UK London A2Dominion Group Limited

The A2Dominion Group is a group of registered providers which provides over 38,000 homes across London and southern England with circa 4,500 in the development pipeline. It offers a wide range of housing options, including general needs, housing for older people, supported housing, leasehold, shared ownership, market rented, student accommodation and key worker properties. A2D Homes Limited and A2D South Limited are the main asset holding subsidiaries of A2Dominion Group Limited. A2D Housing Options Limited also owns some of A2DG's properties.A2DG are seeking to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced Partner to enter into a joint venture with A2DG and to manage the delivery of the Programme. A2DG anticipate that the joint venture will maintain at least 21,000 units (including c.17,750 homes of mixed tenure) in and around London. It is intended that present and future members of A2DG may utilise the contracts. The primary objective of the new arrangement will be to evolve A2DG's joint venture arrangements with a joint venture partner and transform the quality of services provided to customers.The anticipated annual value of the joint venture arrangement is 16,700,000.00 GBP for the core services, which include responsive repairs, void refurbishment works, electrical testing and works resulting from fire risk assessments. Preventative maintenance works resulting from responsive repairs may also be undertaken.The Partner will be required to enter into a form of joint venture arrangement with A2DG in the form of a limited liability partnership. Details will be set out in the Contract Documents.A2DG will be able to provide services to the joint venture including back office services. A2DG have an existing call centre that currently provides call centre services to the existing joint venture, along with other support services that include finance, IT infrastructure and company secretariat. A2Dominion may look to discuss how these services are provided moving forward during dialogue.It is envisaged that the Partner will provide management services and various support services to the joint venture, which include, but are not limited to Health and Safety, HR and IT Solutions. The joint venture partner is also expected to take single-point responsibility for the delivery of the Programme and provide a duty of care in respect of the services.The anticipated period for the delivery of the Programme will be over a ten years and six months initial term (extendable by up to sixteen years until 2050).

Value: 575000000
Published: 2022-07-20
Deadline: 2022-08-26
575000000 2022-07-20 2022-08-26
Smart Ticketing Back-Office System
UK Liverpool Merseytravel

Merseytravel is looking to procure a supplier to provide AMS-HOPS and CMS back-office systems to maintain and develop their Smart Ticketing platform.The AMS-HOPS (HOPS) is the core ITSO component which will act as the key conduit between all other elements of the ITSO System. It is crucial that the system provides a reliable means of generating, hosting and exchanging data with various ITSO and non-ITSO components, whilst at the same time ensuring that there is full transparency of the activities undertaken through user accessible views into the HOPS and high-quality reporting and data outputs.The Customer and Card Management System (CMS) will sit at the heart of the Merseytravel Smart Ticketing platform, enabling scheme participants to manage customers, tickets and travel tokens (ITSO and non-ITSO) in order to provide appropriate services to concessionary and commercial customers.

Value: 8000000
Published: 2022-07-01
Deadline: 2022-08-11
8000000 2022-07-01 2022-08-11
Digital Front Door Online portal 2022
UK Dudley Dudley MBC

Dudley Council is seeking a partner to deliver a digital self-service solution to connect with and serve our residents. Our aim is to provide an outstanding customer service at reduced cost. The solution must include integration with back-office systems and enable us to update residents on their requests. The Council is seeking a digital solution to provide a self-service and mediated contact and request service for our residents, businesses, and visitors. We expect the solution to deliver a wide range of online capability including:• allow us to manage our interactions with residents seamlessly across all channels,• enable us to transform how we provide services by integrating with systems used by the Council thus automating service provision, • be effective to deploy with easy to develop forms with built-in workflow capability.We seek a long-term partner with whom we can develop a solution that delivers outstanding customer service, streamline our processes, and drive down cost.

Value: 1960000
Published: 2022-06-25
Deadline: 2022-07-29
1960000 2022-06-25 2022-07-29
Amgen Cymru Managed Service
UK Tonypandy Rhondda Cynon Taf CBC

The Council requires a contractor who can provide a fully managed service for the recruitment, induction, training and management of the operational labour resource required to run the MRF. Back office support functions for audit, compliance, payroll, HR and IT are also required.There will be additional requirements for other Amgen Cymru managed facilities including, but not limited to, the sort shed, mattress facility, landfill, various Community Recycling Centres across the Council and other RCT sites

Value: 4300000
Published: 2022-06-22
Deadline: 2022-07-25
4300000 2022-06-22 2022-07-25
CCTV Replacement/Upgrade Service & Maintenance with Back Office Software Provision
UK Kidlington, Oxon Thames Valley Police

To participate, interested parties (including SMEs, social enterprises, voluntary or community organisation) must be registered on Bluelight with up-to-date contact details to include company name and E mail. The available documents to download are: “TVP00700 PIN Background” and “TVP00700 CCTV Questionnaire”. TVP are requesting interested parties complete the questionnaire by 1st July 2022. If you have any issues accessing these documents please contact

Published: 2022-06-17
The Provision of Electronic Ticketing Machines, and Automatic Vehicle Location System and an associated Back Office Management Solution
UK Manchester Transport for Greater Manchester

GMCA & TfGM are looking to establish a contract for the supply of Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETM) and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) facilities, plus associated ETM and AVL back office, accessories and services, as part of the introduction of bus franchising within Greater Manchester. The initial term will be 5 years with the option to extend annually for up to 3 years.The scope of the procurement is to establish a mechanism to equip the bus fleet with ETM and AVL facilities, plus a central administrative back office. This consists of the following:• Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETM) to standardise bus ticket acceptance and sale.• Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) facilities which enable confirmation of bus location for:o Service control by the TfGM control roomo Operator administration of their fleetso Customer information systems such as journey planners and ‘next bus’ displays.o Other bus-based systems such as customer announcements and driver monitoring.GMCA & TfGM are procuring contracts for the supply and maintenance of certain elements of the required Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) solution (such as ticketing, vehicle location, and driver communications systems) to ensure a standardised approach, which would then be made available to franchise operators by way of separate agreement who would be required to utilise this equipment. This could potentially include a transitional phase from current operator-owned ITS equipment to that procured by GMCA & TfGM.

Published: 2022-05-28
Deadline: 2022-07-25
2022-05-28 2022-07-25
Dynamic Demanding Responsive Transport - DDRT West of England Combined Authority
UK Bristol West of England Combined Authority

The West of England Combined Authority (WECA) Future Transport Zone (FTZ) is a £28m innovation programme aiming to improve the integration of public transport across the West of England. This notice specifically focusses on the DDRT project, which is part of the FTZ programme.Our vision for DDRT is to offer an alternative additional public transport mode, especially in areas where traditional modes do not currently present as a viable option or service. It is our intention to procure a partner to deliver a bespoke DDRT solution for the region, especially looking at locations in North Bristol and South Gloucester, (the Northern Arc/ Southmead/ Avonmouth and Severnside).What is a DDRT service:• DDRT is Dynamic, demand, responsive transport service• It is formed of a technology platform, which is formed of a customer app/ driver app/ back office and customer support and a fleet of vehicles.• Allows customers to book via an app/ website/ call centre for transport from a pre agreed pick up/ drop off.• Vehicles are typically smaller buses or minibus or shared taxis• We will prescribe operating zones, and the services can run within these boundaries.• Users book onto the service and technology platform routes accordingly, to pick up overs or connect to other transport services.The main objectives are:• to provide efficient public transport alternatives where conventional bus and rail services cannot offer viable solutions.• to connect areas of low skill, high unemployment, and low car ownership, with areas of high employment.• to maximise the value of regional transport investments by increasing the catchment area of public transport through first/last mile connectivity.• to improve congestion and air quality by reducing the reliance on single-occupancy car journeys and producing a modal shift, particularly in areas where public transport is not an option.• to improve access directly to places of employment and therefore accelerate economic growth and productivity, particularly in areas of deprivation.The technical requirements regarding the functionality and usability of the DDRT platform are detailed in the specification.The DDRT trial is made up of two operating trial locations. The first of the trial zones should be ready to go live to the public in October/ early November 2022. The second should be live February 2023. Both trials will run for a year each. The DDRT service will be integrated with our MaaS platform and other modes in the region.

Value: 1000000
Published: 2022-05-26
Deadline: 2022-06-17
1000000 2022-05-26 2022-06-17
Parking Services - CCTV Camera Enforcement
UK London Westminster City Council

The successful Service Provider shall deliver an integrated technology platform and infrastructure to deliver the required functionality, resilience, and security to meet WCC’s requirements and Service Levels.The service shall include:• A secure, integrated CCTV technology solution• Hosting services including the computing environment, the provision and support of a stable infrastructure, business continuity, and effective and efficient performance of operations• Data storage, backup, recovery, and archiving capability• Maintenance and support of all supplied applications, hardware, and integration• Integrate WCC provided services and infrastructure, including Back-office systems such as the Notice Processing System• Fully GDPR compliant solutions and servicesTo view the full Specification and tender instructions, please visit

Value: 4000000
Published: 2022-05-06
Deadline: 2022-06-08
4000000 2022-05-06 2022-06-08
Platform Validators (GWR) Supply and Maintenance 2022
UK Swindon First Greater Western Ltd (t/a "GWR")

GWR is looking to procure, install and maintain circa. 39+ ITSO (Integrated Transport Smartcard Organisation) accredited, cEMV certified and barcode ticketing capable PlatformValidator for its network. Commencing the procurement with the Cornwall region these devices will need to be installed by late Jan 2023GWR will create a call off arrangement to buy further devices (up to an additional 200) as required, for the rest of its stations that require these devices and don't currently have them. GWR is looking for supply partners that can provide devices that have a proven track record on the National Rail network and are:• robust and cost effective and capable of integrating with GWR's existing ITSO and barcode ticketing schemes;• able to connect to GWR's ITSO HOPS provided by Rail Delivery Group's (RDG) Central Back Office (CBO) and GWR's electronic Ticket Validation Database (eTVD) for barcodetickets;• able to operate with fixed line and 4G & 5G data communication;• capable of being installed in the ground or affixing on a wall; • providing an intuitive user interface that is compliant with Equalities Act 2010; and • able to validate a full set of Rail Settlement Plan (RSP) ticketing products on both ITSO and barcode including all restriction and routing guide rules (incl. Break of Journey)GWR is seeking expressions of interest from interested parties that can fulfil the above criteria and provide a long term supply relationship.

Value: 1200000
Published: 2022-05-06
Deadline: 2022-06-07
1200000 2022-05-06 2022-06-07
Rainbow Customer Contact and Core Banking - LOT 1 - Customer Contact Centre and Operations
UK London National Savings and Investments

Lot 1 (Customer Contact and Operations) will deliver and integrate front-office (contact centre) services to support digital self-service transactions, requests, queries and complaints, through webchat, messaging and telephony. The supplier shall also deliver back-office services to manage and process non-digital customer interactions through telephony and post, and support vulnerable and digitally excluded customers.Please note the total contract value is made up of two parts. The committed and approved spend to deliver the core requirements for this service totalling £208,000,000 and an additional allowance for potential future B2B services which may be delivered utilising the same capabilities in future totalling £67,800,000 which require additional approvals. By way of background, NS&I provides services to other government departments via B2B offer, called Government Payment Services (GPS). NS&I GPS offers modern, secure and competitive banking and payments services to all government departments, agencies and public sector organisations. Current B2B services include Help to Buy, Help to Save, 30 Hours of Childcare, Tax Free Childcare and Court Funds Office. There is potential for B2B services to be delivered through this contract in future, hence the additional allowance.

Value: 756100000
Published: 2022-04-30
Deadline: 2022-05-31
756100000 2022-04-30 2022-05-31
Public Convenience Access Door Controls
UK Lochgilphead Argyll and Bute Council

Argyll and Bute Council is seeking a contractor to supply and install access door controls at 16 x Public Conveniences as well as provide a back-office management system, which includes card payment handling.

Published: 2022-04-26
Deadline: 2022-05-20
2022-04-26 2022-05-20
The Provision of British Standards Online
UK BOOTLE Health and Safety Executive

Information, Technology and Facilities Division provides various back office support services to HSE. Within this Division the Information Management Team (IMT) provides specialised library and information services to all HSE staff in England, Scotland and Wales. Information sources and services include access to legal information; scientific information; company information; specialist information relating to particular industrial sectors, and technical standards.HSE's subject interests lie across all industries and include a diverse range of occupational health and safety topics for example: analytical chemistry, hazardous chemicals, electrical engineering, construction, metallurgy, offshore technology, ergonomics, mining and quarrying, occupational hygiene, medicine, occupational safety and law. Fringe topics include: accountancy, management and finance. BACKGROUND TO THE SERVICE REQUIREMENTSThe use of standards supports HSE's business objectives across the full spectrum of its wide-ranging functions. Provision of standards is primarily in digital format, but sometimes paper copies are required for specific purposes (e.g. submission of court evidence bundles and other formal enforcement activity).British Standards represent an authoritative benchmark, agreed with industry, of the risk reduction that can be achieved. They can also be used and targeted as an effective means of influencing stakeholders to adopt better and safer systems and designs.Standards are required to support the work of HSE . Online access is a more efficient model of service. It reduces the administrative burden on HSE of processing and delivering paper standards. Staff have access to current versions of standards for instant download at any time and, the ability to set up personal profiles and alerts ensures that staff are kept informed of any changes to the standards they use regularly. It also supports HSE's current hybrid working model, as most staff now spend a significant proportion of their time working away from the office, either at home or at a duty holder's premises.In order to meet HSE's requirements for providing online access to standards, the successful tenderer's solution must deliver all areas except BS 2000 series and historical series. Access is currently provided for 1050 registered users across 20 sites with provision for access for 60 simultaneous users. Tenderers are invited to bid for a service to a similar number of registered and simultaneous users, across 28 sites.

Value: 1415000
Published: 2022-04-14
Deadline: 2022-05-16
1415000 2022-04-14 2022-05-16
Covid 19 Impact report
UK LEEDS Northern Gas Networks Limited

If you would like to participate in this tender event, please contact the NGN contact for this notice directly to express your interest to participate within the timescales - 11th April 2022 - 19th April 2022 at 12.00pmThe specification of requirements:In the final year of RIIO-GD-1 (2020/21) and cross over to Year 1 of RIIO-GD 2 (2021/22) the global Covid-19 Pandemic caused disruption to business-as-usual operations and back-office functions at Northern Gas Networks (NGN). NGN applied a stringent safety-first approach throughout this time in strict accordance with the latest government guidance as the pandemic evolved. As a frontline service, NGN was able to maintain some operational workforce during the pandemic, however, there were many instances where planned Capex, Repex or Operational activity was delayed or deferred to manage the workforce and service outputs in response to the evolving situation. In addition, decision making took account of the evolving situation which may have resulted in short term decisions right for that moment in time but not necessarily consistent with NGN's long-term strategy. Ofgem have confirmed that the impact of the Covid Pandemic will be assessed during the close out process for RIIO-GD2 which will take place in 2026-27. Due to the time gap between the pandemic ending and NGN returning to business-as-usual activity and the RIIO2 close out process NGN requires support to document the impact of the impact of the Covid -19 Pandemic on NGN to ensure impacts are documented and retained in corporate memory prior to RIIO2 close out. The scope of this project will target all business areas and key requirements include:• To document the impact of covid-19 on NGN, specifically Repex Programme, Capital Programme, Operational Activity, Delivery of Outputs and compliance with the regulatory contract.• To develop a framework which quantifies the costs of Covid 19 and subsequent workload impact on NGN in relation to decisions made as the pandemic evolved.• To prepare a report focussed on cost and workload which supports the NGN GD2 Close Out Covid-19 submission (recover costs).• The output of the work will be a professional services report capturing short- and long-term impacts of NGN's Response i.e., GD1 then GD2 to future and identify:- Risks faced- How NGN responded- Rational for decisions- Opportunity cost of decisions- Timelines- Costs- Workloads- Impact on customer- Impact on / through the regulatory framework - compared to baselineIt is expected that the project will be completed via a suite of onsite interviews/workshops with key senior managers and their teams to facilitate data collection and working with the Regulation and strategy teams to develop a framework for assessment and subsequent completion of a report.It is anticipated that the contract will be completed in a period of 6-10 weeks

Published: 2022-04-12
Deadline: 2022-04-19
2022-04-12 2022-04-19
Digital Front Door Online portal
UK Dudley Dudley MBC

Dudley Council is seeking a partner to deliver a digital self-service solution to connect with and serve our residents. Our aim is to provide an outstanding customer service at reduced cost. The solution must include integration with back-office systems and enable us to update residents on their requests. The Council is seeking a digital solution to provide a self-service and mediated contact and request service for our residents, businesses, and visitors. We expect the solution to deliver a wide range of online capability including:• allow us to manage our interactions with residents seamlessly across all channels,• enable us to transform how we provide services by integrating with systems used by the Council thus automating service provision, • be effective to deploy with easy to develop forms with built-in workflow capability.We seek a long-term partner with whom we can develop a solution that delivers outstanding customer service, streamline our processes, and drive down cost.

Value: 1960000
Published: 2022-04-12
Deadline: 2022-05-05
1960000 2022-04-12 2022-05-05
Parks, Street Scene and Green Infrastructure Management System for SWISCo
UK Torquay Torbay Council

Delivery in two phases of a SaaS system to manage SWISCo’s Parks, Street Scene and Green Infrastructure service to include:Green Infrastructure (Trees)Street SceneParks & Grounds MaintenanceCommunities (Parks, Play, Allotments & Public Rights of Way)Back Office systemIntegration of data with Torbay Council’s CRM system, using API’s or other appropriate meansIn-Cab TechnologyLone Working support

Value: 360000
Published: 2022-03-31
Deadline: 2022-04-27
360000 2022-03-31 2022-04-27
Support Services for the South East Wales Education Achievement Service
UK Hengoed Torfaen County Borough Council

You are being invited to submit a tender application to support the business operations of the EAS. This will include all aspects of financial management, investment and financial systems, human resources, and an associate payroll system, safeguarding, internal audit, procurement, health, and safety, legal, ICT system support & maintenance. A key aspect of the contract is to act as banker for any regional education grants relating to school improvement of circa GBP55m per annum. It’s important to note that capacity is now in place for most of these roles so apart from the systems and the key back office work that sits behind its mainly high level advice and guidance on ad hoc basis.

Value: 440000
Published: 2022-03-25
Deadline: 2022-05-31
440000 2022-03-25 2022-05-31
Core Digital Platform
UK Edinburgh Port of Leith Housing Association Ltd

Our strategic goals include (but not limited to): “To have highly effective systems and processes for supporting the business and delivering excellent services”.We aim to achieve this by focusing on the following targets (please note this is not an exclusive list of strategic objectives and KPIs)50% of social housing customers registered and using digital services100% of PDL transactions are available digitally to customers75% of Association transactions are available digitally to customers100% of back-office processes can be carried out using mobile technologyFor these reasons and in recognition that digital solutions have themselves evolved since the last time PoLHA looked to the marketplace, the intention now is to look to market and seek a suitable digital solution which supports our organisation now and looking to the future.Each business area and workflow required by POLHA Group has been outlined in the SPD and Top Level Requirements documents. This outlines the minimum requirements for POLHA Group that MUST be met by the proposed digital solution suppliers.POLHA understand that if a requirement cannot be met specifically, the supplier will respond to the requirement/workflow with confirmation of such but may propose alternative and/or complementary functionality provided by their solution that will address the requirement to POLHA ’s satisfaction.The existing system (that is to be replaced) combines and currently serves the following areasHousingTenancy/ Contact ManagementFinanceProperty Maintenance (planned and reactive)FactoringAsset ManagementBasic ReportingPoLHA are not only looking for a solution which underpins the internal business operation using workflow and automation, but a platform which facilitates ease of engagement between PoLHA operations, suppliers, and tenants. Potential suppliers are invited to demonstrate and advise how this can be facilitated using their platform.The solution must present an easy to navigate visual front end. Facilitating promotion of required information to the user with ease.At the core of the vision is to have a single source of truth in terms of data. Therefore the digital solution is required to demonstrate a robust Data management model in line with regulatory standards e.g. GDPR.This data can then underpin the efficient workflow processes throughout. There is a wide range of information which can form part of the processes outlined in this document. PoLHA are particularly interested in how suppliers can demonstrate the shared use, security, and auditable accuracy of data as part of their solution.

Published: 2022-03-03
Deadline: 2022-04-01
2022-03-03 2022-04-01
Online Ticket Issuing System (webTIS and mobile app)
UK LONDON Govia Thameslink Railway Ltd

The ProjectGovia Thameslink Railway Limited (GTR) are looking to procure a partner to deliver an online Ticket Issuing System (desktop and mobile App) "webTIS".GTR has historically provided its online webTIS via a group affiliate company. Over the last two years, COVID 19 has significantly changed and accelerated customer behaviors both in terms of how they interact with the railway and procure tickets. This change in Customer behavior and the increased digital adoption has resulted in a need to review our product offering in relation to webTIS, deliver a modernised retail solution for the customer; whilst ensuring value for money for the Department of Transport (DfT).GTR are therefore looking for a service provider that can offer the following:• A WebTIS (desktop, mobile web & app) solution aligned to current and future customer retail behavior • A front-end customer app• Functionality to deliver new ticketing products to the Customer• Capability to retail the latest digital barcode rail tickets • A UK Railway Industry compliant Rail Delivery Group accredited back-office system including financial processing via Lennon (either currently accredited or with realistic plans to become so)• An accessibility compliant product suite to rail industry standards • Full accreditation and compliance with UK Rail Retailing Standards (where applicable)• Agility in adapting to industry and customer behavior changesFor information, please refer to Appendix A for key accreditation and compliance.The rail industry in the UK is experiencing a period of significant change including the development of Great British Railways (GBR) and rail reform. It is anticipated that during the next two to five years a new industry facing solution/platform will be launched within the UK. As a result, the initial opportunity and contract proposed is for a period of up to two (2) years with further contract options to extend for additional term(s) of up to three (3) years. This will be subject to the industry solution and its associated timeline.The intention is to split the services into two clear objectives, 1) Core Competencies and functionality2) Non-core and optional services and functionalityThis call for competition and subsequent tender event will be inclusive of all the aspects defined herein which allow GTR to deliver its Online webTIS solution.Customers need consistent, accurate and personalised information through all channels about their journey, ensuring they see one version of the truth, no matter where they look. This includes whilst planning their journey, buying their ticket and whilst travelling. This information must also meet the needs of customers who use additional resources to view information i.e. screen readers and must be fully accessible.Core Competencies and FunctionalityThe main high-level activities/components of the core competencies and functionality are: • A modern and flexible user experience across all touch points• Online webTIS (desktop & mobile web)• RDG compliant TIS for all fulfilment types- (Paper, Barcode and ITSO smart card),• RDG compliant webTIS functionality to sell and support all tickets types• Integration with GTR existing websites • Native or Non-native mobile webTIS for Apps• New front end apps • Integration with GTRs existing third-party systems:o Delay Repay including Smartcard notificationso Existing smartcard back-office to support existing ITSO Account Based Ticketing (ABT) solution. o National Rail accredited industry source data sets to feed the information into both the webTIS and the app.o Customer journey planner (through API)Ticket forwarding process (paper fulfilment)o Refund portal o RARS 2 reservation systemo Customer Relationship Manag

Value: 3000000
Published: 2022-02-19
Deadline: 2022-03-21
3000000 2022-02-19 2022-03-21
City Environment Back Office System
UK WOLVERHAMPTON Wolverhampton City Council

Wolverhampton City Council currently uses a back-office system for each of the services, together with various application connectors including Total Land Charges; Contaminated Land; Local Land and Property Gazetteer; anti-Social Behaviour; Listed Buildings; Tree Preservation Orders and GISMapping; Online portals for statutory and publicity purposes.City Environment is made up of a group of "Regulatory Services" as follows:• Planning and Building Control• Trading Standards• Private Sector Housing• Licensing• Food and Environmental Safety• Public Protection and Environmental Crime,• Housing Adaptions. All these services feedback to a central Land charges department for the purpose of LLC1 and• local search requests.The Council wishes to continue to utilise technology, to enhance the services delivered to its citizens and to identify efficiencies and savings through streamlined processes.

Value: 1600000
Published: 2022-02-15
Deadline: 2022-03-25
1600000 2022-02-15 2022-03-25
Support to the Armed Forces Reward and Incentivisation Review (AFRIR)
E-mail: UK Ministry of Defence

Implementation management. This work package will conduct assessments of policy options to understand, in outline terms, how these could be delivered, particularly with respect to an underlying IT solution. This work will help develop the Review’s recommendations by identifying solutions that are deliverable and minimise implementation costs. Suppliers should have experience in designing top-level R&I systems in complex organisations, which anticipate implementation challenges and enable a reward offer to be delivered efficiently and effectively. Suppliers should also have experience of IT implementation challenges and identifying back-office efficiencies.

Published: 2021-12-21
Deadline: 2022-01-12
2021-12-21 2022-01-12
Waste Vehicle In-Cab Devices & Routing Software
UK COVENTRY Coventry City Council

In-cab hardware & installationImplementation - back-office core system configuration & trainingIntegration Services into Council's CRM solutionRoute Optimisation - core system configuration & trainingHand-Held Device Application (software)

Value: 500000
Published: 2021-12-04
Deadline: 2022-01-05
500000 2021-12-04 2022-01-05
Annan Swimming Pool Chargepoint Development Hub
UK Dumfries Dumfries and Galloway Council

The quantities for Chargers required are as follows:5 x 50KW Rapid Charger with 10 baysInstallation quote is requested and to include TT Earthing, Civil works incl ducting, signage, and bay markings with for EV parking. This list is not exhaustive, and a guide can be found on the 50KW Chargepoint specA quote for warranty and maintenance contract for 5 years for all the Chargepoints and Switch Gear is requestedThis is phase 2 of a development. Phase 1 (10 x 7KW Dual Chargepoints) has already been awarded and includes a Feeder Pillar with sufficient space for switch gear for phase 2. Both phase 1 & 2 are being supplied from a new (still to be built) 1MW Substation on site.Specifications provided for Rapid Chargers and Warranty and Maintenance contract as per Appendices 2a, and b. The Successful contractor MUST be OLEV accredited, and all equipment MUST be OCPP Protocol compliant and be able to register with Chargeplace Scotland back office to conform with external funding criteria.

Published: 2021-12-02
Deadline: 2021-12-30
2021-12-02 2021-12-30
Mobile solution to deliver Housing Management and Repairs Service
UK Dunfermline Fife Housing Group

Fife Housing Group currently use QL as the Housing, Repairs and finance management system.In addition to the system, we require a number of our colleagues to work in an effective mobile environment in order to deliver:1. A reactive repairs service which is operated in the main by an internal trade team2. An inspection service for repairs, pre-termination and voids which is currently carried out by our Maintenance officers.3. A Housing Management function by our Housing Officers when they are working in their respective patches.The reactive repairs service is currently using our current provider’s mobile platform to issue and manage internal repair jobs. The platform is changing in the near future and Fife Housing Group wants to ensure that we are using the best platform for delivering this service.The inspection service and Housing Management on-site service is currently carried out using a combination of paper and emails back to the office for colleagues to provide information and update the back office system.This is not the most effective way of delivering this service and Fife Housing Group are looking to deliver a dynamic way of retrieving information from the main system when off site, as well as updating information from a mobile solution which in turn updates the back-office system.The final element of a mobile solution is to evaluate how we use our current website (which is currently being re-built) and how we best develop this into a user friendly, effective tenant portal.Due to the tight timescale; where support for our current mobile repairs solution will end in October 2022, we are looking for the mobile solution to be built, implemented and live by this deadline. Any new solution must interface seamlessly with our current back-office system; QL

Published: 2021-12-01
Deadline: 2021-12-23
2021-12-01 2021-12-23
ITSO Zonecard Ticketing Solution
UK Glasgow Strathclyde Partnership for Transport

Within this procurement, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport are looking for seamless integration between customer facing, staff facing and back office systems for the delivery of the smart and mobile ticketing, along with the wider ZoneCard services.By awarding a single contract for CMS and Web Portal Services, with unequivocal stable and efficient two way integration with the AMS-HOPS and Part 11 Service based on fully open and transparent APIs, the aim is to focus on new ZoneCard opportunities.

Value: 1000000
Published: 2021-11-24
Deadline: 2022-01-14
1000000 2021-11-24 2022-01-14
Provision of a fixed penalty notice enforcement service
UK Birmingham Birmingham City Council

The Council wishes to establish a Framework Agreement for the provision of Fixed Penalty Notice Enforcement Service. The Council requires an organisation for the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) on behalf of the Council for offences such as littering, smoking in smoke free areas and dog fouling. In addition, they may be required to assist in undertaking patrols to tackle low level anti-social behaviour as well as other interventions aimed at improving visitor experience to the city.This is for the operation of a managed service to include the provision of enforcement officers to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) with a suitable back office computer system in order to administer the service, manage the process up to the point of criminal prosecution. The successful organisation is also required to take payments on behalf of the Council via a variety of different payment methods including telephone, online and cash payments.The Framework Agreement will last for four years (unless terminated under agreement provisions).The Framework Agreement will be awarded to a single supplier.

Value: 1750000
Published: 2021-11-23
Deadline: 2021-12-23
1750000 2021-11-23 2021-12-23
Leisure Centre Back Office Services
UK Bideford Torridge District Council

Torridge Council current contract with its Leisure Managing company 1610 ceases on the 31st March 2022. The Council has taken the decision to create a wholly owned company Active Torridge to operate its leisure facilities from 1st April 2022.Active Torridge is seeking a partner to provide it with back office services, services to be provided detailed within the specification.In the first instance Active Torridge is looking for a three year agreement with an option to extend for another years.There are currently three leisure centres to be managed operated by Active Torridge, the current opening times are included within the specification: these opening hours may be relaxed.

Value: 400000
Published: 2021-11-20
Deadline: 2022-01-07
400000 2021-11-20 2022-01-07
F15008 Back Office Systems, Services and Support Framework Agreement
UK Portsmouth Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

Lot 1 – Payroll, HR and Workforce Services

Value: 64000000
Published: 2021-11-19
Deadline: 2021-12-20
64000000 2021-11-19 2021-12-20
CWC21109 Corporate Banking
UK Wolverhampton Wolverhampton City Council

The Council invites tenders for the provision of banking services including:• 5 main accounts with facilities including but not limited to sweep/pooling and full bank file collection of all daily transactions for import into our back office finance system that meets our specification• A group overdraft facility• An intra day limit• 47 imprest accounts for schools and council services• cash (including loose cash) and cheque processing through our appointed cash in transit contractor to a cash/cheque processing centre• Consolidated and bulk cash facilities• Automated credit and debit facilities• Branch facilities for cheque encashment and occasional paying in• BACS bureau and SUN sponsorship and transaction processing• internet banking services for balance/group balance, transaction reporting, payment initiation including immediate/CHAPS and Foreign payments by a 2 level approval process, bank account statement export to reconcile with the file import for our back office systemAdditional Requirements:• Bank accounts for 2 wholly owned companies, YOO Recruit and WV Living• 2 bank accounts with third party administration assigned to the West Midlands Pension Fund• A payment of council bills solution by customer online banking settled by faster payment via integration with our own web payment platform, hosted through its own unique (additional) bank account with a full import of transactions in the bank file mentioned at 1.1 this account would also need to sweep to the main current account.• a virtual account with approximately 500 sub accounts for the saving for our young people in care until the age of 18• a main header account with 75 sub accounts for customers who we have been awarded Court of Protection

Value: 350000
Published: 2021-11-10
Deadline: 2021-12-10
350000 2021-11-10 2021-12-10
F07256 Electric Vehicle Charging Points Framework
UK WINCHESTER Hampshire County Council

This single source Deployment of Electric Vehicle Charging Points Framework Agreement is to provide a compliant procurement vehicle for Hampshire County Council, its partners and other Contracting Authorities.The Framework Agreement Supplier is to provide a turnkey service encompassing three key areas of activity:- Feasibility studies - to assess the viability of locations for electric vehicle charging points - to include obtaining any permissions/licences and planning consents; liaison with District Network Operator(s) (DNO) and local authority Highways; confirm viability for GSM/SMS signal coverage; agree costs and financial options for return on investment supported by a business case, and operational management of charging points.- Installation and deployment - to include installation; equipment delivery to site; electric vehicle chargers; bollards/guards; signage; parking bay marking; electric vehicle charging cables; RFID access cards; back office connection etc.- Charging point service and management - to include service and maintenance (including warranties) of charging points; monitoring and management of charge points; provision of management information for pre-determined meetings. (This may also include the service and management of existing charge points currently owned by Contracting Authorities). Public awareness - via Zap Map and the National Charge Point Registry and other suitable media platforms.The subsequent Orders for the Service and Management activity for charging points (once installed), can be for a period of up to 15 years. This will offer cost beneficial delivery solutions for Contracting Authorities and support the delivery of a charging point network in the region. The Supplier will provide investment funding and/or any Government Grant funding available to support the delivery of the Contracting Authorities charging point requirements, where a blend of public and/or private sector investment maximises the opportunities for deploying more EV charging points.The supplier will be required to provide promotional Public Sector events either in person at venue's or on-line, four time a year with a focus on delivering the frameworks benefits to any eligible framework user.

Value: 25000000
Published: 2021-11-06
Deadline: 2021-12-07
25000000 2021-11-06 2021-12-07
CPU 4576 Real Time Information Display Systems and Back Office Support
UK Nottingham Nottingham City Council

See Specification

Value: 4000000
Published: 2021-11-03
Deadline: 2021-12-24
4000000 2021-11-03 2021-12-24
BATP provision of travel management services contract

WMGC Ltd requires setting up a Framework Agreement with a single Travel Management Company at no volume guarantee basis to assist in the planning, booking, organisation, scheduling and issue resolution of both domestic and international travel. The Travel Management Company should have an Online Booking Tool (OBT) software which has the ability to integrate with WMGC Ltd expense management solution and a team of dedicated back office staff who will be able to learn, understand and provide WMGC LTD travel requirements inline with travel policy and guidelinesThe services of an experienced Travel Management Company is required for the following markets:a) Australia b) USA and Canadac) Indiad) Singapore and Malaysiae) Dubaif) ChinaThis tender will cover the provision of a fully managed travel service for the purpose of booking all rail and air travel tickets, all hotel accommodation and other requirements related to business travel. The selected contractor to this Framework will provide WMGC Ltd with travel related services that will enable staff and event planners to book flights, accommodation and with an online booking tool (OBT) and, when required, with the assistance of a live contact centre agent who can completely book full trip itineraries for both international and domestic travel. The BATP and BAU has a requirement for both domestic (within United Kingdom) and overseas travel to key markets and the intention of this 4-year Framework Agreement is to standardise and control corporate travel across the business. Rail, Hotel accommodation and Flights are a key spend areas for the BATP and it is estimated that spend against the Framework shall be in the region of £0 to £431,189.00 over the life of the Framework and it is estimated that the bulk of the spend (transactions) shall be on flights bookings, Rail and Hotel accommodation. The successful bidder will be required to perform, but not limited to, the services detailed in the service specifications brief. In the initial stages of the Framework call off contracts, it is expected that the majority of transactions will be undertaken off-line, but as process becomes fully embedded between WMGC Ltd and the Framework contracted Suppliers develops and spend becomes controlled, an on-line transaction will be rolled out to all service areas.WMGC Ltd are also looking to have a solution which offers a streamlined back-office processes which helps in producing management information as required by finance and staff. The successful bidder to the framework will be required to offer and develop solutions to ensure all processes are as efficient and integrated as possible.

Value: 431189
Published: 2021-09-25
Deadline: 2021-10-25
431189 2021-09-25 2021-10-25
Provision of an Operations Management solution and In-Cab Technology for Waste & Recycling
UK Ruthin Denbighshire County Council

The Council is looking to invest in a quality and cost effective end-to-end digital solution from a single supplier to modernise Waste and Recycling services across the Authority. This solution will comprise of:- An end-to-end digital solution which combines in-cab units, back office system and database capability for a variety of tasks including:- An “out of the box” system with minimal configuration- Automation of administrative tasks (completion/closure of CRMs for tasks such as missed collections, bulky household collections and delivery of containers)- Provide additional/continual service efficiencies through automated task allocation based on Council priorities- Viewable accurate and live data of round completion/work flows for back office staff/managers with manual work (re)distribution capabilities dependant on service need- Configurable database which contains property/user information, including container type and size, contamination history, application for containers history, enforcement history (including pictures/evidence), additional requirements (assisted collections) and subscription information for garden waste/AHP etc.- Manual input from Operatives using the in cab system to input completion of work streams (collection rounds etc.) and identify where manual intervention is needed (contaminated containers, replacement containers, safety/welfare issues and orphan bins/fly tipping.- A mobile hardware solution (rugged touchscreen device) which can be mounted into Waste and Recycling Fleet, allowing for a full user interface. There will also be a requirement for the supplier to fit the devices and then retrofit a number of these units to our new waste fleet in 2023.- Real-time connectivity between back office system and in-cab units, allowing for tasks to be “pushed” from back office to specific crews for resolution and updates “pushed” back from the in-cab into the back-office. This will include an offline mode for when the device is in an area of poor signal.- Sufficient users/licences must be provided to enable the council to deploy the solution across the Waste Department. This will be approximately 45 in-cab units and 20 back office users. However, with the upcoming service change, there may be a requirement for the provider to provide additional licences in the future.- Automated integration with routing software, to allow for real-time changes in routes (including multiple changes) to be applied across the solution, for route optimisation but also to allow for full flexibility when building and implementing new routes as part of the service change and continual efficiencies.- Two-way information sharing between the in-cab system and route optimisation software, allowing actual data to inform route efficiencies.- Full integration with the Council’s CRM system (currently Civica C360), automated data transfer and information sharing and automation of closing CRMs e.g. a missed container requested or container delivery.- Importing of existing data held by Council systems into the solution, including database information, BS7666 Gazetteer, GIS mapping data, CSV files etc.The aim is to have a fully configured and functional system by March 2022.

Published: 2021-07-29
Deadline: 2021-08-30
2021-07-29 2021-08-30
Greater Anglia Shared Services - Customer Experience and Delay Repay

Abellio Transport Holdings Limited will be tendering on behalf of the following Train Operating Company (TOC) Greater Anglia (GA) for Customer Experience and Delay Repay Shared Services. The Customer Experience service includes but not limited to, back-office processing, telephony, business fulfilment and reporting.

Published: 2021-07-17
Deadline: 2021-08-16
2021-07-17 2021-08-16
Contract for an Integrated Land and Property-Based IT Case Management Solution
UK London London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

The land and property-based IT case management solution must support the delivery of the following key business objectives:• Improve customer interface and experience utilising a suitable, secure platform, that helps with maintaining good information management.• Enables the Council’s staff to deliver land and property services efficiently and effectively.• Ensure a fully compliant and usable case management system capable of meeting the current needs of the range of critical services and their statutory obligations as well as flexibility to evolve over time to meet new regulatory frameworks.• Ensure value for money and help to deliver efficiencies through automation and integration with other systems.• Improve arrangements for system support and flexibility to streamline future changes and reduce the cost of change. • Ensure alignment with other corporate programmes including Residents Experience and Access Programme, and interoperability with other corporate systems like Granicus/Firmstep, Environmental Health, the corporate payment engine, Power BI, and any corporate CRM system, to support all aspects of improving our customer experience.• Delivers an enhanced user (officer) experience, with intuitive navigation, data accessibility and collaborative working tools• Enables demand management through effective workflow and / or self-service functionality• Has the ability join up disparate but related items of data to give a ‘360-degree view’ of the case, customer, and property to create overarching joined-up views which are accessible from all parts of the system.In addition, the Authority is seeking a solution that enables:Agile working• Mobile and/or Web-based – ability for database information to be accessible from any device at any time, e.g. food safety inspections for Environmental Health Officers. • Ability to email documentation on the spot, to reduce administrative tasks and printing costs.Improved Integration• Ability to integrate easily with Office 365 products and other back office systems like Granicus/Firmstep for My Account ‘Report It’ forms, email alerts, payments, consultations, and reporting.• Ability to integrate with the Council’s Power BI platform enabling better management information and support predictive modellingEasy reporting system• integrated easy to run performance management reports; and• the ability to integrate with Power BI to easily extract information. This latter function would require training for all service areas.

Value: 1500000
Published: 2021-07-13
Deadline: 2021-08-16
1500000 2021-07-13 2021-08-16
Vehicle Telematics System
UK Oxford Oxford Direct Services Ltd

Oxford Direct Services (ODS) operate a fleet of ~330 vehicles (approximately 42 HGVs) and ~340 items of plant on behalf of Oxford Direct Services and Oxford City Council, used for services such as waste and recycling, street cleansing, engineering, parks and building repairs. All registered vehicles require some form of tracking with some needing additional telematics and safety features (e.g. cameras) so we are seeking a supplier for a new contract to provide this service including hardware, installation and a back office function. Due to the financial implication of changing tracking for the whole fleet this contract may run concurrently with the service provided by our current supplier and new tracking & safety systems will be installed on a rolling replacement basis as new vehicles replace old.ODS aim to streamline their fleet using the latest technology to reach the sustainable fleet required to meet Oxford City Council’s Zero Emission Zone and Climate commitments. ODS aim to have 25 % of the fleet electric by 2021. Based on this aim, we are looking for a collaborative relationship that ensures we have a green and efficient fleet both now and for the future.

Value: 300000
Published: 2020-10-13
Deadline: 2020-11-09
300000 2020-10-13 2020-11-09
Security Services To Hampshire County Council Buildings: Educational and Non Educational
UK Winchester Hampshire County Council

Hampshire County Council (HCC) is recognised as one of the highest performing Councils in the country and provides services to over 1.3 million people living in the third largest county in England.The estate is currently comprised in the region of 1 500 sites and around 9 000 buildings including front line operational, public services and back office buildings with mixed levels of open and restricted access under the control of HCC.The buildings include a wide range of premises and facilities offering diverse services including but not limited to:• residential and nursing homes and day centres providing care services to adults and children;• offices (including regional and main headquarters and co-located partner hubs);• depots;• workshops;• civic and public services (e.g. libraries, register offices, community centre rooms, historic sites, conference facilities, events spaces, etc);• Country parks (e.g. display areas, visitor centres, cafes and eating areas, etc);• activity and outdoor centres with residential accommodation, visitor areas, eating areas, activity rooms, etc.;• training centres;• storage facilities;• restricted access specialist facilities (eg, data centres, records storage, laboratories, etc.).Currently security services are provided by a number of Suppliers across a wide and diverse estate and further split between the broader areas of guarding (static and mobile), key holding, gate keeping and vacant building security and Intruder Detection Systems (IDS).The current spend for security services that is the subject of this procurement is circa GBP 750 000 per annum.The total number of owned/leased buildings and associated levels of service required across the estate may change (i.e., increase or reduce in number) or undergo refurbishment thus reconfiguring the estate either permanently or temporarily.Sites that currently have in-house provision for security are expected to move to the contracted agreement formed in this tender as and when these individual arrangements come to an end.HCC also work in partnership with circa 150 schools around the county of Hampshire who will require a level of security service.Comprehensive security will cover but is not exclusively limited to the following areas:• static security guarding – day patrols and/or night patrols;• mobile security guarding – day patrols and/or night patrols;• temporary electronic surveillance and intruder alarm systems;• key holding;• gate keeping and lock up;• buddy service (with or without pick-up);• emergency response to provide security to vulnerable sites after a threat has been identified, or after an event such as a break in, fire or flood;• 24/7 control room operation;• CCTV monitoring.

Value: 6750000
Published: 2020-09-09
Deadline: 2020-10-07
6750000 2020-09-09 2020-10-07
ESCC — JS Modernising Back Office Systems (ERP Solution)
UK Lewes East Sussex County Council

This contract is not divided into lots.

Value: 25000000
Published: 2020-08-26
Deadline: 2020-09-21
25000000 2020-08-26 2020-09-21
804/2019 Parking ICT Case Management System and ANPR Cameras Procurement
UK Croydon Croydon Council

Lot 1: Reprocurement of the Parking ICT Case Management System (Back Office System)

Published: 2020-08-03
Deadline: 2020-09-01
2020-08-03 2020-09-01
Human Capital Management System
UK Gourock David MacBrayne Ltd

David MacBrayne Ltd (DML) is the parent company of two major subsidiary businesses CalMac Ferries Ltd and Solent Gateway Ltd. The group also has two human resource subsidiaries which support the business, David MacBrayne HR (UK) Ltd and Caledonian MacBrayne Crewing (Guernsey) Ltd.DML's minimum requirement is for a modern, cloud-based, commercial, off the shelf and market-proven human capital management (HCM) solution, incorporating HR, payroll, learning and development and workforce management functionality. End of minimum requirement.The HCM solution may be delivered either by a single provider or a consortium. All components of the solution must interface with one another.Central to DML's requirement is software which:— will provide self service functionality for employees of DML Group companies and back office functionality for the following areas: human resources; learning/training management; rostering (Workforce Management) and payroll;— will make the creation and management of employees’ rosters easier and more efficient;— will enable operational efficiencies in the HR, payroll, crewing and learning and development teams;— requires zero development effort to satisfy DML's required outcomes;— can be supported through implementation services including configuration, training and business change;— can be implemented in collaboration with DML to achieve go-live within 12 months or less, following contract award.Note that suppliers will be expected to collaborate with DML to determine an effective implementation approach during procurement.The contract for this service will be let for an initial 3-year duration, which will include an implementation period and a period of live running, followed by four, auto-renewed periods of 12 months, each of which is at DML's option. In advance of each renewal, DML may elect not to renew at 6 months’ notice. The total contract duration is up to 7 years.DML will contract with the most economically advantageous bidder.

Value: 1300000
Published: 2020-07-13
Deadline: 2020-08-10
1300000 2020-07-13 2020-08-10
Cambridge City Council — HR/Payroll System
UK Cambridge Cambridge City Council

Cambridge City Council are procuring a HR and payroll information system on behalf of Cambridge City Council, Huntingdonshire and South Cambridge District Councils. Modern cloud-based system will allow for back office functions and transactions to be processed within the system. Allowing employees to access Council policies via self-service and update own personal information. The system will be paperless.

Value: 2560000
Published: 2020-05-26
Deadline: 2020-06-04
2560000 2020-05-26 2020-06-04
Vehicle Licensing and Inspection Services and a Technology System for Taxi and Private Hire Services
UK London Transport for London

TfL wishes to procure the services of a technology supplier to provide and maintain enabling technology in support of vehicle, driver and operator licensing and inspection services. The system created in respect of TfL needs shall be used by TfL and other suppliers in the day to day operations supporting TfL’s customers in the taxi and private hire (TPH) trade. The services to be provided may include the hosting of the system, which will be determined during dialogue as set out in more detail in the procurement documents.The technology solution shall deal with all elements of administering the licensing function and related back office functions and TPH on street enforcement. The system shall act as a central repository for data relating to the licensing function. The delivery of the services under the Lot 1 contract will include ensuring that the system integrates with different parts of the licensing service and is available for use by TfL and other suppliers. The services will also include general administration (records, bookings, personal detail processing), applications and on street enforcement functions.Working with the successful supplier through detailed design it is TfL’s intention to create a web first approach to taxi/private hire vehicle licensing and vehicle inspection booking that provides customers with simple, intuitive self-service experience leading to effective channel shift away from traditional communication methods.The supplier will act as the lead integrator of the services throughout the term of the agreement and the supplier shall also maintain the service system and all training materials and continually engage with TfL and other suppliers to maintain and improve operational delivery of the services.The timescale to deliver a fully tested and accepted system for the operational phase is a major driver for the transition phase of the project. The transition phase is anticipated to last a maximum of 20 months however TfL wish to dialogue this with bidders.Additional servicesIn accordance with Regulation 72(1) of the Public Contract Regulations 2015 TfL reserve the right to include the following additional services as options through the term of the agreement. For the full scope of the additional services please see Schedule 2.2C of the contract.Compliance and enforcement handheld/mobile solution, printing of documentation and licence materials and scanning services.

Value: 103000000
Published: 2020-01-10
Deadline: 2020-02-07
103000000 2020-01-10 2020-02-07
Fast and Rapid Charge Point Solutions for the Oxford Licensed Taxi and Private Hire Trade
UK Oxford Oxford City Council

This contract is for appointment of an integrated design team for the purpose of the delivery of rapid and fast EV charging solutions for the Oxford taxi and private hire trade. The successful supplier will be responsible for:(a) the supply and installation of rapid and fast electric vehicle charging units;(b) a feasibility study to identify the most viable sites and ensure value for money;(c) qualified design support and contract administration to ensure the delivered solutions meet the Council’s requirements, all relevant regulation and the conditions of the external funder (OLEV);(d) charge point operations and maintenance of the delivered chargers and associated infrastructure;(e) the integration of the existing Go Ultra Low Oxford taxi rapid chargers into the back office and maintenance regimes on expiry of the existing contracts.

Value: 330000
Published: 2020-01-08
Deadline: 2020-02-11
330000 2020-01-08 2020-02-11
R5407 CRM for Tower Hamlets
UK London Tower Hamlets

The deliverable for this project is a fully-functional CRM system, operating as a back office system with a clean and full integration to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets website, and other existing back office systems. The system should support Tower Hamlets’ ambition to provide a modern digital service to its residents and customers; to provide effective and efficient workflows and data sharing; and to provide data for insight and evidence driven decision making. This service will be procured under the competitive dialogue procedure.

Value: 17500000
Published: 2019-11-26
Deadline: 2019-12-23
17500000 2019-11-26 2019-12-23
PRJ-754 Integrated Continuing Healthcare (ICHC) Service in Northamptonshire
UK Northampton NEL Commissioning Support Unit

The service provider, on behalf of the commissioners and any contractual obligations in relation to NHS Continuing Healthcare will:— provide a service which meets the needs of all individuals for which the Northamptonshire CCGs have commissioning responsibility,— provide a seamless service with the CCGs where neither the public nor any part of the NHS would perceive this function to be provided by a third party,— provide the highest possible standards for quality both in individual/customer-facing services and ‘back office’ functions, demonstrating exemplary responses to patient and customer needs and delivery, commissioning, reviewing or managing of care,— provide responsibility for the completion of all assessments and the associated administration activities related to the decision making process of eligibility for NHS CHC, FNC, Fast Track,— provide responsibility for the administration and recording and record keeping of all applications and claims from receipt of referral to ratification of decision with the CCGs and the consequential action(s) arising from the CCGs determination(s),— provide responsibility for maintaining and ensuring the complete, timely and accurate records are kept and maintained relating to funding decisions and the on-going provision of care,— provide service functions with the objective of achieving the best value for public money (including proactive identification of quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP) opportunities) in addition to upholding the highest possible standards within the resources allowed,— provide a service for all new referrals and all existing individuals to include eligibility assessments, package of care reviews and any alternative safe and effective care provision.The contract will be for 3 years with an option to extend for a further 2 years.

Value: 6000000
Published: 2019-09-16
Deadline: 2019-10-14
6000000 2019-09-16 2019-10-14
Supply and Installation of an Integrated CCTV Control System for Aberdeen
UK Aberdeen Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen City Council intends to implement an integrated camera operations facility for the coordinated use of existing traffic monitoring, public safety and security cameras across the City of Aberdeen. This will require integration of the Council’s camera equipment and associated back office monitoring and control facilities for traffic, housing and estates services with those of Police Scotland in Aberdeen. Each of these services currently operate largely in isolation at several locations across the city, using different cameras, camera monitoring and control systems and communications protocols. The Council proposes the installation and operation of a single integrated Video management system (VMS) at the Operations Facility at Marischal College in Aberdeen to allow operations staff to monitor and control all available Council and Police cameras in the city (a combined total of approximately 600 cameras). This work will include retention, replacement, upgrade or removal of all of these cameras following a detailed assessment of each camera location to be undertaken by the successful bidder following award of contract.In addition to the above requirements, the Council wishes to consider facilities to improve operational effectiveness, including more rapid and better informed responses to incidents and events by the Council and Police supported by the latest technological advances in automated and intelligent video monitoring, detection and alerting.

Value: 1500000
Published: 2019-07-31
Deadline: 2019-08-26
1500000 2019-07-31 2019-08-26
2267/JR Car Park Operator and Permit Solution Provider
UK Sheffield University of Sheffield

The University is seeking a British Parking Association or IPC Approved Operator to provide permit systems, enforcement solutions, back office services and debt collection for all of its permits and car parking stock. It is highly desirable this includes:— provide a software system that can efficiently manage the permit requirements outlined above,— clear definition of application stages and ability to manage all associated correspondence,— enable online visitor parking management,— handle payments for parking, e.g. pay by phone, app, etc.,— the permit software system must have the functionality to extract and manipulate data and reports as required,— email permit holders with scheduled and one off messages,— live link from notices/enforcement to permit system and vice versa to enable real time information to be available,— provide online facilities for customers to pay or appeal against PCN’s and see evidence pack,— allow policy driven decisions on which PCN’s should be upheld or cancelled following appeal,— make enquiries to the DVLA to provide vehicle keeper information and pursue any unpaid PCN’s,— where necessary, provide information to present to independent adjudicator,— where necessary, provide information and support to take matters to the appropriate Court to recover debt, though use of debt recovery agencies if necessary,— provision of all appropriate signage in all car parks to ensure compliance with BPA/IPC AoS and DVLA regulations. Signage should be of a dibond material or similar. Correx (or similar) would not be accepted. Signage must also be in line with University corporate identity, as such the design on the sign will need to be agreed with the University. -Suitable equipment to manage the above.

Value: 300000
Published: 2019-05-21
Deadline: 2019-06-18
300000 2019-05-21 2019-06-18
Back Office Process Outsourcing
UK Coventry Severn Trent Water Limited

The Utilities wish to appoint a provider to process defined work activities. The current activity levels are circa 2 000 000 transactions per annum. The suppliers’ flexibility to increase/decrease this volume throughout the contract term in line with business requirements is essential.The work types covered include:1) Post routing — this is where incoming scanned documents are allocated into correct work-streams;2) Billing enquiries — including but not limited to customers’ moving house, payment plans, financial adjustments;3) Credit management — including but not limited to insolvency, county court claims, vulnerable customers and4) Metering — including but not limited to new account creation, meter installations, meter exchanges.The requirements will evolve in line with technology, notably RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and the use of web-chat services. The Utilities wish to appoint a vendor with in-depth experience of process automation and that is familiar with the operation of web chat services and social media management.

Published: 2019-04-30
Deadline: 2019-05-31
2019-04-30 2019-05-31
The Provision of a Customer Relationship Management System
UK Bootle Sefton Council

As part of the Council’s Framework for change programme, the Council is seeking to create significant improvements in its digital presence in order to drive transformational change in the way that it engages with communities, local businesses, visitors, potential investors and employees.This forms part of the redesign of the current technology landscape so that key strategic outcomes are achieved. The Council’s approach is to enable web based transactions that interface with the Council’s back office systems without a need for any staff intervention. In this way, the Council can make services available at any time, improve the customer experience and provide customers with regular updates through automated notifications.The Council sees channel shift as a key contributor to achieving more efficient and cost-effective services. The improved digital platform that the Council adopts must promote rapid and sustainable channel shift through self-service.The Council is publishing a version of the requirements specification at selection stage in order that potential bidders can assure themselves that the requirements can be met before participating in the exercise.

Published: 2019-04-25
Deadline: 2019-05-24
2019-04-25 2019-05-24
Cemeteries, Crematorium, Memorials and Mapping Management Software package - RETENDER
UK Birkenhead Wirral Borough Council

Wirral Council’s Parks and Countryside Team are seeking to replace their existing Cemetery and Crematorium management software and standalone data sources with a more modern solution. The aims of this project are to increase back office efficiency, provide better core back office administration for burials and cremations including memorial, finance and statistics; provide an internet booking system for Funeral Directors together with a complete grave mapping system for all cemeteries.

Value: 245000
Published: 2019-03-26
Deadline: 2019-04-25
245000 2019-03-26 2019-04-25
Parking Services
UK Hounslow London Borough of Hounslow

The enforcement landscape within the London Borough of Hounslow is typical of urban London Local Authorities, in that it is a mix of very busy high street areas such as Hounslow, Chiswick and Feltham town centres, with large residential areas surrounding them. The town centres are linked by a network of trunk and secondary roads which are under mixed control of London Borough of Hounslow and other agencies.The borough has an extensive network of Controlled Parking Zones and other parking restrictions that operate over a range of days and hours, depending on local pressures on kerb space, traffic flow and safety requirements. Further details of parking within Hounslow are available on the council's website at council requires a partner organisation who will manage and effect the daily enforcement of parking and traffic restrictions within the borough boundary in a professional and cost-effective manner, in addition to providing a range of related services such as Pay and Display Machine Maintenance, Cash Collection, CCTV Control Room staff and back office services including Pre NtO-correspondence and Resident and Business permit processing.The council is also seeking to Market Test a range of additional services including Permit Processing (other types), Representations, Appeals and Second Line Pay and Display Machine Maintenance.

Value: 35000000
Published: 2019-02-15
Deadline: 2019-03-25
35000000 2019-02-15 2019-03-25
Supply of Electrical Vehicle Charging Points — Y18019
UK West Malling Kent County Council

KCS Professional Services, on behalf of Kent County Council (KCC), wish to create a national, user friendly, time and cost effective Framework Agreement for the supply of electrical vehicle charging points to all public sector organisations. Following the Governments pledge to cut carbon emissions by 80 % by 2050, the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned by 2040. This Framework Agreement will assist public sector organisations in being prepared for the increase in demand for charging points.The Framework Agreement supplier(s) will be expected to provide a turnkey service covering the following key areas:— feasibility study – to include assessing viability of locations, obtaining any required permissions, licences or planning consent, product selection, liaising with all relevant operators and authorities, providing a full report of financial options and costs to the customer,— installation and deployment – to provide and install the correct equipment to requested location as per the purchase order, including, but not limited to, electrical vehicle (hereby referred to as EV) chargers, signage, parking bay markings, cabling and back office connections,— service and management – to include service, maintenance, monitoring and management of charging points (this will include any existing charge points that have been adopted), provision of management information, ensuring public awareness and collaboration with suitable media such as Zap Map and the National Chargepoint Registry (NCR).

Published: 2018-12-18
Deadline: 2019-01-16
2018-12-18 2019-01-16
Provision of an Integrated Healthy Lifestyle Solution
UK Leicester Leicester City Council

Leicester City Council is seeking tenders for a back office system to support the Integrated Lifestyle Service in conjunction with a public facing website. This will be a new service to the council in that currently the functions are a mixed economy of internally provided services and commissioned services.

Value: 160000
Published: 2018-12-13
Deadline: 2019-01-21
160000 2018-12-13 2019-01-21
Procurement of a Housing Management Software System
UK Kingston upon Hull Kingston upon Hull City Council

Hull City Council owns and manages 24,433 units (at 1/4/17) within the City of Hull. We are one of the largest remaining stock-retained local authority social landlords in the country.The Council’s main contractor for repairs and maintenance and a significant amount of Decent Homes works is Kingstown Works Ltd (KWL), a company wholly owned by the Council.The scale and pace at which new housing is being developed as part of the City’s regeneration is incredibly positive and the momentum which this has created puts Hull in good stead for new opportunities as they become available. Hull’s status as City of Culture 2017 has brought with it a wave of positivity and provides a catalyst to achieve the City Plan ambitions and transform the city.The Council’s City Neighbourhoods and Housing Manager is responsible for all services to our tenants, including:— repair, maintenance and improvements – in partnership with our main contractor KWL and others,— rent and tenancy management(including tenancy fraud),— homelessness,— lettings,— tenant involvement,— responding to requests under the right to buy,— housing advice,— housing register,— customer self service,— work flow.The Council also recognises the need to modernise and future-proof the way in which we do business and we have embarked on a number of associated programmes such as Customer enablement to encourage citizens to interact with the council online, and worksmart which is about using technology and office design to ultimately reduce our building needs through better use of space, but it is also very much about promoting productivity,value for money and an excellent work-life balance for staff.Our key deliverables at this time are focussed around:— ensuring that access channels are open, easy to navigate and provide a seamless service to the customer,— joining up services and customer information to assist in what and how services are delivered,— ensuring systems are in place which facilitate efficiencies both in back office processes and the customer facing environment,— securing effective performance management information,— identifying opportunities which will assist in the delivery of effective services through both integration of existing systems and new developments.Our key challenges at this time include:— a reducing welfare bill resulting in a reduction in income for many Hull residents, and the risks for the Council: as a social landlord around collecting rents; the effect on the existing tenant base and the potential this has to disrupt settled communities,— A changing population and how services can be delivered in order to meet differing and often increasing levels of need— the introduction of digital services and that transition to a more “self-help” focussed environment— the transition of the Council as an organisation through an increased focus on integrated working across public sector bodies and the delivery of outcomes through externalised Council companies.

Value: 6000000
Published: 2018-11-30
Deadline: 2019-01-04
6000000 2018-11-30 2019-01-04
Merchant Acquirer Services
UK Leeds Transport for the North

This Procurement will use a Competitive Procedure with Negotiation process. The Merchant Acquirer will provide merchant acquirer services and associated advisory services to TfN and a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) being constituted of the Commercial Operators in the North to manage and operate the scheme once developed. The scope of this procurement is:— providing integration advice and support to TfN during the procurement of the main back-office service,— processing UKCA Aggregated PAYG (Model 2) transactions as specifically implemented by each supported card scheme (Visa/Mastercard/Amex),— processing Account Verification requests appropriate to each supported card scheme,— providing the capability for customers to link their mobile device with their transit account, without knowledge of the underlying device PAN (supported DPAN),— supporting UKCA Single PAYG (Model 1) transactions, specifically the capability to support delayed authorisation,— monitoring and reporting financial transactions.The Merchant Acquirer will be an integral advisor alongside TfN in procuring the Account Based Back Office for Travel contract and provide consultation to Operators on their processes and equipment to be compatible with the end-to-end service and processes. TfN has appointed Qualified Security Assessor partner, and the Merchant Acquirer Services partner will be expected to work closely with them.

Value: 7000000
Published: 2018-10-25
Deadline: 2018-11-27
7000000 2018-10-25 2018-11-27
Business Process Outsourcing
UK Peterborough Anglian Water Services

Anglian Water Services Ltd is the largest water and wastewater Company in England and Wales, covering 27 500 square kilometres and 5 000 000 domestic and commercial customers. The Anglian Water region includes water and wastewater treatment works, reservoirs and network stretching from the Humber in the north to the Thames in the south, from Northampton in the west across to the east coast.Anglian Water is under continuous pressure to drive down costs through innovation and more efficient ways of working so that cumulative benefits may be passed on to Anglian Waters customers. Against this background, it is crucial to maintain a strong customer focus, continuous improvement in the delivery of quality services and value for money. It requires a leading performance from Anglian Water as well as its suppliers to maximise these benefits.Anglian Water wishes to outsource some of its business processing.Initially, this will cover judgement based customer service correspondence handling. Call centre activities are out of scope.The successful bidder will be required to update Anglian Waters billing system (SAP ISU) and process customer requests, following written correspondence and automated messages received from our customers, or internal requests for updates. This is not a data inputting service.A key part of the process when updating the billing system will be informed decision making, letter writing, responding to customer e-mails and making some limited outbound calls to Anglian Waters customers and contact centre for query resolution. The types of updates on the billing system will typically involve creating payment arrangements for customers, updating move in and outs, inputting meter readings and rebilling customers, amending addresses and calculating allowances that need to be credited to customers accounts.All correspondence and systems will be in English.Whilst this contract will be initially for customer services back office work, the scope of the contract may be extended to add other business process outsourcing for other business support functions where the parties agree and the Service Provider can demonstrate its capability and cost competitiveness.Please note that the successful bidder will be required to hold a credit rating produced from time to time by Dunn and Bradstreet showing a risk indicator of 1 or 2 (being low or lower than average risk). In the event that the bidder does not hold such a credit rating or the credit rating of the successful bidder deteriorates during the contract term, then the bidder will be required to provide a Parent Company Guarantee from a parent entity whose credit rating is satisfactory to Anglian Water.

Value: 12000000
Published: 2018-10-23
Deadline: 2018-11-18
12000000 2018-10-23 2018-11-18
PA 2018 0274 Business Process Outsourcing
UK Peterborough Anglian Water Services

Anglian Water Services Ltd is the largest water and wastewater Company in England and Wales, covering 27 500 km2 and 5 000 000 domestic and commercial customers. The Anglian Water region includes water and wastewater treatment works, reservoirs and network stretching from the Humber in the north to the Thames in the south, from Northampton in the west across to the east coast.Anglian Water is under continuous pressure to drive down costs through innovation and more efficient ways of working so that cumulative benefits may be passed on to Anglian Waters customers. Against this background, it is crucial to maintain a strong customer focus, continuous improvement in the delivery of quality services and value for money. It requires a leading performance from Anglian Water as well as its suppliers to maximise these benefits.Anglian Water wishes to outsource some of its business processing. Initially, this will cover judgement based customer service correspondence handling. Call centre activities are out of scope.The successful bidder will be required to update Anglian Waters billing system (SAP ISU) and process customer requests, following written correspondence and automated messages received from our customers, or internal requests for updates. This is not a data inputting service.A key part of the process when updating the billing system will be informed decision making, letter writing, responding to customer emails and making some limited outbound calls to Anglian Waters customers and contact centre for query resolution. The types of updates on the billing system will typically involve creating payment arrangements for customers, updating move in and outs, inputting meter readings and rebilling customers, amending addresses and calculating allowances that need to be credited to customers accounts.All correspondence and systems will be in English.Whilst this contract will be initially for customer services back office work, the scope of the contract may be extended to add other business process outsourcing for other business support functions where the parties agree and the Service Provider can demonstrate its capability and cost competitiveness.Please note that the successful bidder will be required to hold a credit rating produced from time to time by Dunn and Bradstreet showing a risk indicator of 1 or 2 (being low or lower than average risk). In the event that the bidder does not hold such a credit rating or the credit rating of the successful bidder deteriorates during the contract term, then the bidder will be required to provide a Parent Company Guarantee from a parent entity whose credit rating is satisfactory to Anglian Water.

Value: 12000000
Published: 2018-10-13
Deadline: 2018-10-11
12000000 2018-10-13 2018-10-11
Provision of the Customer Platform: CRM, Customer Account and Web Forms
UK Sutton London Borough of Sutton

Provision of the Customer Platform: CRM, Customer Account and Web Forms.The London Borough of Sutton and the Royal Borough of Kingston (the Councils) are seeking tender bids from suitably qualified organisations for the provision of:— a “customer platform” which will comprise of a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM),— customer account (‘my account’),— a web forms solution, and— integration of these components with our back office systems — together these elements are known as the “customer platform”.The customer platform constitutes part of a wider digital platform and presents a unique opportunity which will lay the foundations of service transformation for both Councils and partner organisations including Achieving for Children, Sutton Housing Partnership and several others.A single platform across both Councils and partner organisations will be based on an open architecture and leading cloud technology which will provide the flexibility and innovation needed to meet evolving service needs through emerging digital solutions and technology. The platform will enable future integration and interaction around online booking, payments, live chat, social listening, artificial intelligence, data management, Single Sign On, and several other capabilities.The contract will initially be for a period of 2 years commencing on 15.1.2019 with the option to extend the contract for a further 1 year at the discretion of the Councils.The Councils are tendering this contract through the London Tenders e-tendering portal, our method of advertising and managing contract opportunities. Prospective Tenderers are advised to register their interest by going to shall be a requirement for organisations to work with the Councils in delivering and measuring Social Value throughout the lifetime of this agreement. Social Value is the added benefit to the community following a commissioning/procurement process over and above the direct purchasing of goods, services and outcomes. The proposed approach to Social Value is to develop these as the contract is implemented.The Councils currently contract with a diverse group of voluntary, statutory and private sector providers and encourages a range of organisations, regardless of size, to apply for this provision. We are committed to creating jobs and training opportunities through our supply chain.Minimum requirements are applicable to this provision and represented as a pass/fail. Please be aware that should an organisation fail any fundamental requirements, the Authority shall not continue marking your tender bid.The Councils shall not be bound to accept the lowest cost or any tender, and reserves the right to accept all or part of your tender. The award of contract shall be based on the most economically advantageous tender submitted.Deadline for receipt of tender bids is Friday, 26.10.2018 at 12:00 noon.

Published: 2018-09-28
Deadline: 2018-10-26
2018-09-28 2018-10-26
Supply of Mobile Point of Sale Handheld Ticket Machines
UK Bournemouth Bournemouth Borough Council

The council is looking for a supplier of a mobile point of sale handheld ticketing machine and system to replace the existing hardware and software for Bournemouth and Poole’s Seafront operations.These machines would be used for selling land train tickets, the hire of beach furniture and adventure golf tickets and other operations that require the issue of tickets. The council is looking for a supplier to offer a back-office management system, provide on-going maintenance and technical support of hardware and software as well as meet the project implementation deadline.The council will be looking to appoint a preferred supplier in Winter 2018. The supplier will then be required to implement ticketing machines for testing. The ticketing machines will then go through a testing phase with the council before full roll out of all machines. The full roll out of all machines will be subject to satisfactory testing and sign off from the council. The council will not be liable for any costs until the satisfactory completion of the testing phase which will be confirmed through a formal sign off with the council.

Published: 2018-09-18
Deadline: 2018-10-22
2018-09-18 2018-10-22
Brunel Pension Partnership Limited: Middle and Back Office Services for Private Markets
UK Bristol Brunel Pension Partnership Limited

This process (the Procurement) is being run by Brunel, one of the 8 Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Pools. Brunel was founded to provide Investment Pooling solutions to 11 LGPS funds across ten Administering Authorities (the Clients).Brunel will be launching five Private Markets Portfolios which will cover the below strategies:— Private Equity— Private Debt— Infrastructure— Property— Secured IncomeIt should also be noted that a further, sixth, Portfolio, is also in scope for this Procurement; Hedge Funds.To support Brunel in providing these Portfolios to its Clients, Brunel requires Middle and Back Office operations. It has been identified that to provide Clients with the best Investment Service, Brunel will use a proven third-party Provider to deliver the following Services:A) Deal Lifecycle ManagementB) Data ManagementC) Portfolio Monitoring CapabilitiesD) Portfolio ReportingIt is anticipated that the commencement of the Services will take place from November 2018.

Published: 2018-07-21
Deadline: 2018-08-28
2018-07-21 2018-08-28
Account Based Back Office for Travel (ABBOT) Services
UK Manchester Transport for the North

II.2.4) Description of the procurement:The scope of ABBOT includes:— Integration with existing Operator front office devices (e.g. readers) via middle offices,— Data collection — gather or receive the ‘taps’ generated each time a customer presents their contactless bankcard or alternative customer media to a front office device e.g. rail gate or bus ticket machine,— Customer journey reconstruction — determining the journeys a customer has made from those taps received,— Fare determination — identifying the single leg journey fare for each constructed journey,— Delivering the programme’s ‘Fair Price Promise’, including capping and multi-operator products. This is identifying the best value cap, product or combination of products to charge a customer,— Settlement — seeking funds from a customer’s bank account,— Revenue apportionment — determining the revenue due to each operator for customer journeys made,— Revenue inspection – following the generation of taps from revenue inspection devices determining if a customer has tapped correctly in the course of their journey and if the customer should be charged an inspection charge and / or be prevented from further travel,— Providing a central source of Customer data to Operator contact centres to facilitate customer support.It is TfN’s intent that the two ABBOT contracts (Lot 1 and 2) will be let for an initial period of 6 years (with a break clause after 3 years) with options to extend for a further 6 (3+3).

Value: 100000000
Published: 2018-07-20
Deadline: 2018-08-20
100000000 2018-07-20 2018-08-20
Tender for Revenues and Benefits Customer Portal incorporating Risk Based Verification
UK Bradford Bradford Metropolitan District Council

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (the Council) is seeking to appoint a suitably experienced and qualified Provider (the Provider) to deliver a Revenues and Benefits Customer Portal and Risk Based Verification solution (the System).The Council’s Revenues, Benefits and Payroll Service currently has an online Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction application form and has some functionality for submitting changes in circumstances. It is looking to replace this functionality with intelligent eforms accessible via a customer portal. This will cover all types of changes in circumstances as well as new claims. It will enable customers to upload evidence and will provide risk based verification at both the customer facing and back office, returning to the customer an accurate description of the evidence required on submission of the new claim or change in circumstances.

Value: 200000
Published: 2018-05-23
Deadline: 2018-06-19
200000 2018-05-23 2018-06-19
Tender for the provision of car park management / off street parking enforcement and penalty charge
UK Coleraine Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council

It is expected that the successful Tenderer would provide the following:1) Off-Street Enforcement;2) Cash Collection and Reconciliation3) Pay and Display (“P and D”) machine maintenance;4) full life cycle Penalty Charge Notice (“PCN”) Processing to Enforcement of Judgements Office representation stage;5) adjudication service through the Northern Ireland Courts Servic;6) Debt Recovery in accordance with the Council's instructions;7) clamping and vehicle removal;8) call centre and customer service help desk for customer interface;9) weekly, monthly reports including updates for financial patterns;10) enforcement at 26 off street car parks throughout the Borough that are free but enforced, on request from the Council, for civil parking contraventions by Traffic Attendant (TA) staffTenderers should note that there are another 44 off street car parks throughout the Borough that are free and not currently enforced but which may become enforceable by the successful Tenderer during the Contract term,on request of the Council and on the basis of the same costs that the Tenderer will supply within its Tender Package.Technological innovation, societal and demographic change are transforming the way we work, spend our leisure time, travel and shop. Those same forces will also transform how we own and use cars, and consequently the way we park.During the term of the Contract, it is envisaged that the Council may wish to explore other more innovative parking schemes and methods of parking enforcement and management as technology evolves, some of which the Council may ask the successful Tenderer to trial as part of a pilot scheme and the cost and scope of which will be agreed between the Council and successful Tenderer in accordance with the terms of the Contract.The Council requires a supplier that can respond effectively to these changes as well as the (non-exhaustive)list of tasks above, enabling the Council to enhance user satisfaction, driving a more efficient parking services model that uses a simple, socially inclusive, responsive, coherent and smart approach that the community as a whole can embrace; as well as driving technological improvements in parking services.Following the successful conclusion of the tender process, the Council is seeking to contract with a competent organisation for the supply of all equipment and applications to support the Council's parking management service as well as supply labour and parking management expertise. The equipment and applications that the Supplier will supply are fully defined in the Specification, but for illustrative purposes they include items such as the hand-held devices used by Traffic Attendances for enforcement, Traffic Attendant uniforms and back-office software systems.

Value: 1260000
Published: 2018-05-23
Deadline: 2018-06-18
1260000 2018-05-23 2018-06-18
Electronic Document Management System
UK Leicester Stonewater

Project Objectives and Scope:Stonewater's key priorities for this and other systems and in the use of use of technology are as follows:— the delivery of on-line and enhanced digital technology to increase customer satisfaction and drive down transactional operating costs,— transforming back-office processes using digital automation to reduce costs and increase efficiency,— enhancing information management practices to achieve better performance insights from Stonewater’s data and information assets.The e-desired outcome will provide functionality that is used to:— manage all house and customer files; and, also, is used for development files, including integration to the Housing Management system to automatically file “system generated” letters,— manage all incoming post (E-post), scanning it and distributing it to the relevant users.— operate the invoice approval system, which integrates with the Housing Management System and Finance System is used to manage incoming invoices and the approval process leading to payment,— manage all documentation that is generated and maintained through self-service offering,— manage all shared documentation through organisation on one platform.

Value: 2000000
Published: 2018-05-11
Deadline: 2018-06-06
2000000 2018-05-11 2018-06-06
Provision of an Enabling Partner for Construction Industry Training Board
UK King's Lynn Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)

CITB require a supplier / consortia to undertake the role of an Enabling Partner to support the initial and ongoing transformation of the organisation. The Enabling Partner will be expected to provide the following back office services: Finance and payroll; Procurement; Human Resources; Business Improvement and IT; and Customer Operations including contact centre and apprenticeship learning support and administration.

Value: 175000000
Published: 2018-04-06
Deadline: 2018-05-11
175000000 2018-04-06 2018-05-11
Off Street Civil Parking Enforcement and Management Services
UK The Docks Gloucester City Council

Procurement of this Contract is being undertaken in accordance with the Open procedure prescribed by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015:a) this Contract is to carry out enforcement in respect of 14 off street car parks of which 2 are pay on foot. This involves the issue of Penalty charge notices and uploads to the Chipside back office system. The uploads to have all photos correctly assigned to each PCN by the Contractor;b) cash collection, counting and banking;c) maintenance issues, to include for litter picking, weed control and sharps removal with appropriate training and staff protection provided by the Contractor;d) 1st line machine maintenance, initially for 26 pay and display machines, 4 pay on foot machines at 14 car parks and 4 barriers and 8 entry and entry machines located in 2 car parks in Gloucester City.The Authority’s detailed requirements are defined in the specification.The Initial Term will commence on the 1.9.2018 and will run for a period of 5 years with the option of 2 additional extension periods of 1 year each at the Authority’s sole discretion, subject to the agreement of the Contractor.

Value: 1120000
Published: 2018-03-28
Deadline: 2018-04-26
1120000 2018-03-28 2018-04-26
Framework Agreement for the Provision of a Real Time Passenger Information system
UK Grimsby North East Lincolnshire Borough Council

North East Lincolnshire Council working in partnership with Stagecoach Grimsby Cleethorpes wishes to continue to deliver a real time passenger information system. Suppliers will need to deliver on behalf of the authority real time bus passenger information to the travelling public.This framework will be for the provision of real time information system and ongoing maintenance over the duration of the framework agreement. The solution should be one integrated system that will collate real time information into an integrated form suitable for delivery to the neighbouring real time information signs.The real time information system must include a back office central system which will link into a SIRI data feed from stagecoach. This information will be pushed through the system to update on street real time information signs and data feed to Traveline current real time information system includes the following elements.Forty Two (42) - 3 line Ferrograph LED displays – with RNIB key fob functionality & sim card communication,Eight (8) - TFT displays.System must be live by 24.8.2018. The Supplier will be expected to provide a seamless transition from the authority’s existing supplier. The framework also includes the provision of new signs should funding streams become available.The total estimated value for North East Lincolnshire Council is 420 000 GBP over the life of the framework agreement.

Value: 820000
Published: 2018-03-13
Deadline: 2018-04-13
820000 2018-03-13 2018-04-13
Choice Services Maintenance and Repairs Management IT system
UK Belfast First Choice Housing Association Ltd

Choice Services is reaching out to the market to procure a new intelligent contractor focussed maintenance solution that can enable service improvements, deliver efficiencies and support effective co-ordination of office-based and field resources to meet the expectations of our tenants. The system will have a back office admin tool, with an integrated mobile tool for operatives and the tender will include the respective implementation services (remote or on-site). The new system is required to address the Association’s functional specifications, and the implementation is required to be undertaken by the vendor or the vendor’s proposed implementation partner.The contract between Choice Services and the successful tenderer will be awarded for 5 years on 3 + 1 + 1 basis. Subject to satisfactory performance at the end of year 3 a further 2 x 12 month periods may be granted. In year 3 a review of the system and contract performance will be conducted to establish if the system supplied remains fit for purpose.As a guide we anticipate the contract value to range between 120 000 GBP and 180 000 GBP.

Value: 160000
Published: 2018-03-13
Deadline: 2018-04-13
160000 2018-03-13 2018-04-13
Payroll services for Schools, Academies and other Education Institutes
UK London Churchmarketplace

The Services and Products covered by this Procurement are for the provision of fully managed Payroll Services that can offer as a minimum the following features:— Accounting to balance sheet,— BACS payment management,— Creating legal documents for both the employer and employee in line with HMRC and pension fund requirements,— Deductions, including pensions, sickness payments, salary sacrifice, statutory deductions and any additional payments,— Disbursements to staff, pensions and other third-party suppliers,— Expenses management,— Flexible benefits,— File transfer and data export,— Helpdesk Support (telephone and online) to both the central HR function and the member schools, taking into account the varying levels of payroll services expertise across the organisation,— HMRC-recognised and BACS-accredited software,— HMRC-compliant deposits, BACS payments, payroll tax calculation, returns,— Monthly Data Collection,— Printed and electronic payslips and payroll reports,— Real time information from HMRC,— Savings plans,— Timekeeping Service,— User Training (bespoke for user groups, e.g. Management, Back Office, etc.).

Value: 6000000
Published: 2018-02-28
Deadline: 2018-03-21
6000000 2018-02-28 2018-03-21
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Framework
UK London Transport for London

This type of CP allows the electric vehicle driver to charge their vehicle from a CP which draws its electricity supply from another existing asset, such as a lighting column. TfL is seeking to appoint up to six (6) Providers to the framework who have the capability to supply, install, operate and maintain Shared Electric Charge Points (of less than 22 KW) at sites within Greater London. The framework agreement will be for a total duration of up to four (4) years with an initial period of three (3) years and the option to extend by up to a further year.TfL will be the Contracting Authority for the framework agreement and call off contracts will be executed by an Awarding Authority (which may be TfL itself or any of its subsidiaries (direct or indirect), the GLA functional bodies or any of their subsidiaries (direct or indirect), any of the thirty two (32) London Boroughs, the City of London and/or any Public Bodies in the Greater London Area (as defined in the Local Authorities Goods and Services Act 1970 - for further details see: who own and/or control land that CPs will be installed on.Call offs will be made by the Awarding Authorities for below and above threshold services concessions as defined in regulation 3 of the Concessions Contracts Regulations 2016 or for a services contract. For the avoidance of any doubt, this procurement is being conducted under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 as amended. TfL and the Awarding Authorities do not intend for the Concessions Contracts Regulations 2016 to apply to this procurement but have had regard to the relevant principles of these regulations, e.g. in relation to duration, when preparing the contract documents.For concessions the standard call off term shall be five (5) years, however, should the Awarding Authority want to amend the call off term they will submit justification at time of the call off and may call off a maximum of up to ten (10) years. For services the minimum call off term will be twelve (12) months up to a maximum term of five (5) years. Call off contracts may be awarded as result of either direct award (in accordance with the award criteria stated in the ITT documentation) or following a mini-competition phase.Providers will only be entitled to take part in a mini-competition or be appointed by a direct award if they have received regulatory approval from ELEXON prior to the date the Awarding Authority wishes to call off. Providers without regulatory approval may still be appointed to this Lot (on a ranked order basis in accordance with the evaluation results) but will not be eligible for award of any call off contract until such time as they have gained regulatory approval.Where an Awarding Authority wishes to call off a concession the Provider shall be fully responsible for all costs related to the set-up and operation of back office systems and customer interfaces (for example customer support, website and apps and maintenance of the CPs).Providers will be required to share a percentage of revenue generated in relation to the CPs with the Awarding Authority for concession call offs.Under a services call off when the Awarding Authority wants to procure CP installation, equipment and operation (such as back office and user interface operations and maintenance) they will pay a fixed fee to the Provider in accordance with the Framework Agreement rates.Bidders are required to respond to the commercial suitability (CS) questions included in the ITT documentation as part of their tender submission. Only if a bidder passes the CS evaluation will the remainder of their tender be evaluated.Bidders are to note that the framework agreement and call off contracts will contain social and environmental performance considerations. Full details are included in the procurement documents.

Value: 15000000
Published: 2018-02-20
Deadline: 2018-04-11
15000000 2018-02-20 2018-04-11
Development and implementation of an online retailing channel for Merseyrail Electrics 2002 Ltd
UK Liverpool Merseyrail Electrics 2002 Ltd

Merseyrail’s future ticketing programme aims to deliver a world class ticketing solution for the local region that is accessible, efficient and customer centric. To ensure this objective can be met, part of the programme focuses on the development and implementation of an online retailing facility which will integrate with the customer website as well as the Merseyrail mobile phone application.Merseyrail are 1 of the only train operating companies (TOC) without an online retailing presence and around 95 % of our ticket sales are completed via the station booking office. It has been recognised that the retailing channels need to be expanded to cater for customer’s needs.Scope of the request.Merseyrail requires the development and implementation of an online retailing channel which will integrate with the current customer website and the Merseyrail mobile phone application to provide a seamless customer experience. The core requirements are summarised below:The development and implementation of an online retailing channel. This channel is to be bespoke to Merseyrail and when a customer clicks from our current customer website to buy tickets the transition should be seamless and look as if they haven’t moved to a third party site;Integration of the online retailing channel with the customer website;The online retailing channel must have the ability to integrate with the Merseyrail customer mobile app (android/IOS).The retailing of Merseyrail’s products (as detailed in the functional requirements) as well as other operators products;Delivery of tickets via barcode which can be printed at home or delivered to their device to be validated, ensuring that interfaces are in place with the back office validation system(s);ITSO product fulfilment, ensuring that interfaces are in place to fulfil via Merseytravel’s, Rail Delivery Group (RDG) and other Train Operating Company (TOC) fulfilment services /Host Operating Process System (HOPS); and.The low value of our average fare dictates that the cost element of any webTIS would need to be lower in pence value per ticket than other train operators.Ongoing site maintenance and support.The estimated value covers, development costs, transaction fees, maintenance and support and development for allowance of future requirements over the full term of the contract.Future developments are not covered in the estimate and as such the actual price may be higher should future developments be required.

Value: 1700000
Published: 2018-02-17
Deadline: 2018-03-19
1700000 2018-02-17 2018-03-19
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