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Evaluating Tenders: Part 1

May 18, 2012

The “Invitation to Tender” (ITT) sets out the methodology that the authority will employ in evaluating a supplier’s price, written bid submissions and any presentations in response to the specification and award criteria. Following this evaluation, a decision will be made on which supplier will be awarded a contract.

Price and Quality are split into two high level categories to be evaluated separately. Each will be given a maximum percentage score, which is weighted according to the relative importance placed upon it.

At the end of the evaluation process, the two percentages will be brought together in the Full Evaluation Model to result in an overall percentage score for each supplier.

Price versus Quality

All procurement activity now has a heavy focus on savings and efficiencies. It is common for procurers to start with a 60% Price, and 40% Quality split as a basis but this can be changed to any combination depending on the requirements and objectives of the particular procurement.

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