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How to increase visibility with public sector buyers, maximise framework sales and improve your tender
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Bid Writing
Public Sector Sales & Marketing

We have over 75% win rate and strongly believe our role is not simply to 'write' or to respond to tenders but to support our clients to win contracts. We specialise in helping our clients win contracts in the public sector; for central and local government, education, housing, council, NHS and blue light services.

At Thornton and Lowe we are proud to have a wealth of experience working in all the main industry sectors from Construction right through to Office Furniture. Our strong team of tender writers work closely with you throughout the tender and bid writing process to ensure you stand out from your competitors and have the edge in the bidding process.

Our Bid Writing Services

Read, Review and Comment:

This is a lighter-touch review where we look at compliance, response structure, unique selling points and added value. We review the draft documents and provide comments and guidance on how our clients can improve their proposals or tender response.

Review and Improve:

This requires more time as when we take the draft we then manage the bid to completion. We collect further information, re-write and develop.

Strategy, review and improve:

This is the same as the ‘review and improve’ above but with the addition of our involvement at the start of the process. We agree with you on the storyboard, structures and win themes of the bid prior to the development of the draft. This means when we get sent the draft (which will be closer to the deadline) there should be less development work required as we are working from an agreed starting point.

We've also produced an Ultimate Guide to Bid Writing - take a look!

You can also request a copy of our B2G Sales & Marketing Guide - how planning and optimising your marketing to the public sector can help to grow your business! Email us at

B2G marketing, or Business-to-Government marketing, refers to the process of marketing products or services from a business to government agencies or departments. B2G marketing can involve selling goods or services directly to government agencies, bidding on government contracts, or participating in public-private partnerships.

B2G marketing is typically focused on selling products or services that help government agencies meet their needs or solve problems. This can include everything from IT services and equipment to infrastructure projects, healthcare solutions, and more. In some cases, B2G marketing may require specialized knowledge of government regulations and procurement processes.

Successful B2G marketing requires a deep understanding of government needs and priorities, as well as the ability to navigate complex procurement processes and regulations. Building strong relationships with government decision-makers and stakeholders is also key to winning government contracts and securing long-term partnerships.

How can Thornton & Lowe help?

We help our clients generate public sector or government leads and opportunities.

We do this by providing our clients with a specialist outsourced Public Sector Sales and Marketing Team. Our clients benefit from:

  • Single point of contact – B2G Sales Lead
  • Experience and knowledge of public sector procurement
  • Deep understanding of government procurement practices
  • Framework expertise and how to get your ‘unfair share’
  • Contact details of over 285,000 public sector decision-makers,
  • Sales and marketing strategy to increase your public sector sales
  • Tailored market research and data analysis
  • Public sector lead generator – let us source potential customers and generate interest in your products or services.

This consistent and focused effort provides:

  • Reassurance to public sector buyers and decision-makers
  • Allows you to maximise sales from frameworks
  • Creates low-value opportunities which do not require tenders or frameworks
  • Generates new public sector contacts and leads
  • Your business with a specialised sales and marketing solution for increasing sales in the public sector.

If opportunities do require a formal tender, we can of course help with our dedicated bid writing solution. The difference is – when the tender comes out, you already know the buyer, and have managed to build a relationship, which we know ultimately increases your win rate.

We've also produced an Ultimate Guide to Bid Writing - take a look!

You can also request a copy of our B2G Sales & Marketing Guide - how planning and optimising your marketing to the public sector can help to grow your business! Email us at