Bidding or tendering for large public and private-sector contracts is often a key route for growth for many businesses, and we’re supporting organisations across the UK to access this ‘supply chain’.

With all of our clients, we have a set of questions we always ask to make sure they have the highest chance of success. This includes:

  • Financial stability?
  • Management structure?
  • Capacity?
  • Policies and procedures?
  • Experience?
  • Expertise?
  • Accreditations?
  • Competition?

To make sure all organisations can become contract or ‘tender ready’, we have designed our bespoke pre-bid and contract readiness programme to tackle these issues.

The sticking point for companies is often that they don’t have the relevant experience or case studies to demonstrate to a buyer, or contracting authority that they can successfully deliver the contract with little risk.

We often get asked “if we can’t win tenders, how can we gain the experience?”

Our answer is always the same, which is why we’ve developed our pre-bid and contract readiness programme to help you with...

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Assessing the market for relevant opportunities and influencing potential buyers
  • Developing strategic partnerships, working as a sub- contractor, or as part of a consortium

Often the key is to get under the tender radar to build up relevant experience.

As a result you then also create a strong management structure, increasing capacity and systems to enable you to bid more effectively as you grow for the future.

If this is something you’re interested in talking to us about please get in touch...