PQQ tender writing

The Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) is often used by the public sector and large private organisations to create a shortlist of bidders who have expressed an interest in tendering for work.

Many of the questions will be similar to those from supplier approval forms, which businesses are often more familiar with, but they do require a lot more detail. With competition for contracts so intense, it is crucial that companies get their PQQ submission just right.

A supplier approval form is often based on compliance; a PQQ needs to be competitive! Each weighted/scored question needs to rank higher than your competitors’ – it is as simple as that.

If 40 firms have put a PQQ forward, and there is only enough room for 6 on the shortlist, it is obvious that your organisation has to do something special to stand out.

How can you improve your PQQ submission?

Your PQQ response must be well designed, compelling, fully-compliant and supported by evidence.

Many businesses – especially smaller ones – do not have the in-house expertise or resources to fulfil these requirements, which is why the services offered by Thornton & Lowe are in such high demand.

Our success rate, across our wide range of clients, is currently 92%. As well as providing example PQQ questions for our clients to browse through, we also conduct thorough assessments to ensure contracts are obtainable. At Thornton & Lowe, we have a robust bid/ no bid procedure, which gives us a much clearer idea of whether or not you are capable of winning a tender.

This allows you to maximise your time and resources; which will eventually have a positive impact on your PQQ and overall contract win success rate.

Please contact us for a quote, and we are happy to advise on your chances of success.



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