Thornton & Lowe Business Mentoring service is provided either direct to you or through our partnership with Chambers of Commerce (SCC) and Business Gateway. Our strategic aim of the service we provide, is to contribute to the improved performance and development of UK businesses at local, regional and national level.

Our business mentoring service is headed by Tom Anderson (Director) who has over 25 years in the business arena both here in the UK and abroad.

Whether you are a new business, or have ambitious plans to grow your existing business, working with our mentors can kick-start the process, giving you immediate access to critical advice, relevant experience and a great network of contacts.

Our Business Mentors understand how difficult it can be to run a business and how lonely you can sometimes feel. Our mentors will support, stimulate and challenge you, on a personal and business level. They help you to view your business in a different light, and their knowledge and specialised expertise can point you in the right direction. Our Mentors can offer caution against potential pitfalls and build your confidence in your own abilities.

We are committed to sharing our skills, knowledge and networks with you, which will impact directly on the success and growth of your business

Our Mentors can work with you on a one-to-one basis. Or, you can work as part of a group, where eight or ten companies meet to discuss common issues and share knowledge and resources under the guidance of a shared mentor. Either way, you can benefit from the insight, support and experience of a successful business person

If you want your business to grow, who better to help and guide you than someone who has already made that journey and has grown a successful business themselves?