Civil Engineering Tenders

The UK Government continues to invest significant funds aimed to repair, renew and develop the national road network, including resurfacing around 21,000 lane miles. This investment presents a substantial number of civil engineering tenders and highways tenders being issued, either as a one-off contract or via a framework agreement.

We continue to deliver success in this sector on behalf of our clients both at Local Authority level, as well as for companies such as Highways England.

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The types of work covered in civil engineering tenders

There's a wide range of works covered across the civil engineering and highways sector. The size, value and complexity of the project can also significantly vary, but typical contract works include;

  • Civil engineering consultancy & advice
  • Highways construction and/or maintenance works
  • Road surfacing and/or marking systems
  • Traffic control and management
  • Drainage works or wastewater infrastructure
  • Bridges and/or foot-way programmes

How to win civil engineering tenders

The competition for contract and supply chain opportunities is intense, and suppliers in the civil engineering and highway sector must ensure their bid stands out from the competition.

In order to do this, our team of expert bid writers have collated their best practice recommendations;

  • Robust plans to mitigate disruption to key infrastructure – There's likely to be considerations around aspects such as highways network occupancy or traffic management which would often reflect badly on local authorities if mismanaged. These plans should be well thought out with multiple options and variants associated. 
  • Social value and community benefits – Giving something back to the local area around any projects is increasingly demanded as a way to meet social value act obligations.
  • Detailed and project-specific risk and programme management plans can reassure the buyer that your proposals have been better thought out than those of competitors.
  • Relevant experience of schemes of a similar scale and complexity are the best way to show capability, not just in the experience sections of bids, but throughout.

A key challenge we have found is that often large tenders (compared to contract value) can require input from across the business or specialist sub-contractors, this means a lot of time and resource is required to develop the winning bid. This is where expert bid writers can be valuable, we are able to coordinate the input of various knowledge holders across your business as well as specialist partners and ensure consistency is achieved across all areas of the submission.  

Why use Thornton and Lowe

Our success rate is over 70%, which can be challenging within a heavily competitive market and as profit margins are increasingly tight.

As well as possessing a wealth of knowledge around the range of civil works tendered for and the nuances of each. We are well equipped to manage the scale and complexity of bids and our bid management skills and resources can help civil engineering contractors to seamlessly manage the largest projects.

Tailoring our services to fit the specific needs of each client, we are always happy to discuss the exacting requirements of each contract across the many facets of this fast-paced sector.

We pride ourselves on the flexibility and professionalism of our bid management services, and we have a great record of helping businesses secure lucrative civil and highways contracts all over the UK.

Where to find civil engineering and highways tenders?

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There's a high amount of both large and small contracts available. These include minor and major works across the UK, covering a wide range of projects, as both frameworks and one-off projects. 

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