Training Testimonials

“The whole structure of our organisation’s processes have changed for the better as a direct result of the training. The training you provided refocussed my enthusiasm and motivation. Dividends started paying off straight away as we got straight into a bid for a local contract and our responses had scored the highest possible in most areas according to the buyer’s feedback.”

Tommy Bates, Groundwork Nottingham

“Great experience! The course I took in London was top-notch and Charles was great at conveying all the key concepts in such a clear way. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues. 100% recommended!”

Erica Boiano, Crown Partnership

“Thanks again for Thursday. We both found it really useful, so much so I spent Friday morning working to establish what procedures/policies we had or didn’t have and agree an update program. See you next Thursday!”

Russell Eynon, Director, MCRS Limited

”Good interaction and participation. Knowledge of the trainer – given he

does the job and doesn’t just train it out”

Jennifer Abdelaty, Evolution Recruitment Solutions Ltd

“Interesting approach. Very useful and rounded”

Simon Badger, Trios

”Very good and very useful”

Lisa Hillyard, Paragon Interiors Group

“Excellent training course that answered all bid relating queries”

Emma Byhurst, CXK Ltd

“Very interactive, easy going, fast flowing and well presented”

Steve Parsons, Brenntag UK & Ireland

“The layout of the day worked well. The information was relatable too.

Thank you for a very informative day.”

Laura Brough, PPM Ltd

”Charles had brilliant knowledge and a really great way of helping us

understand processes and ways of improving what we do. Thank you for

a great day. Very informative and have taken away a lot from the day”

Beth Nicholls, PPM Ltd

“Very informative – loads of ways to improve”

Michelle Wright, Operations Director, Futures Advice Skills

“Relevant, interesting and practical examples made the session much

better than other training sessions.

Great session which will be very useful in the future. Thank you”

Ashreen Seethal, Futures Advice Skills

“Helped me to think about tenders for contracts coming up and how we

can plan within current delivery. Thank you for the informative session.”

Julie Dundas, Futures Advice Skills

”Clear, easy to understand and to take in”

Gemma Remon, Thames Clippers

“Interactive and very informative. Would attend future courses”

Vicky Teverson, Enigma Security

“The SWOT analysis was very useful. Found information we can be doing

with regards to the bid pipeline which we will use going forward”

Steph Gardiner, PA Group UK Ltd

“Plenty of interaction and able to answer direct questions.”

Robert Fletcher, Bit Team Assistant, Lanes Group plc

”Interactive, informative, clearly knows is subject and felt able to


Zoe Renshaw, Bid Manager, Lanes Group plc

“Got a lot out of the tips and structure of the bid writing process.”

Mark Green, Hearts For Learning

“Thoroughly enjoyable. Well paced and informative. It was clear Charles

knew his stuff”

Carey Adams, Sales Admin Manager

“Indepth information on what to include/how to present a bid”

Melissa Sharples, Office Manager, Stuart Canvas Ltd

”Very informative. The tasks throughout the day made the theory side

come together.”

Laura Stephenson, Business Development Manager, TMS Support Solutions

“Despite having worked on successful bids in the past, it was great to hear

and understand how they can be made even better in the future. It was

also good to understand where we may have lost “points” on

unsuccessful bids in the past due to missing or poor information.

The information offered was clear, concise and delivered very well. I will

in deed be putting some of the useful hints, tips and advice into action,

and drawing out those benefits.”

Andy Davis, Business Development Engineer, Parker Hannifin

“This was really informative and helpful. It answered a lot of questions

and got to the point.

The interaction, format and the flow was great. I learnt a lot of new tips

to help with the process”

Fiona Rodrigues, Bid Writer, Kelly ITS

“Very good. This will help future bids significantly”

Darrell Bluck, Director, Adelante Software Ltd

“A speaker who knew “his stuff” – it was very different to some courses I

have been on. He was able to answer ALL of our questions and queries. I

have learned a lot and have much more confidence in my bid writing skills.”

Jennine Edge, Practice Manager, Sunlight Group Practice

“It was a great course and very interactive, including discussions and

relevant examples. It provided me with the information I required in

order to start writing bids, This was provided in a very practical and

useful way.”

Kate Asworth, Corporate Planning, Assistant, Brother UK Limited

“10/10. It was useful and helped apply the knowledge to bids in our

company. Great trainer”

Sophie Webber, Bid Coordinator, L-3 Marine Systems UK

“Engaging trainer. Logical and common sense approach to the subject. All

content useful and easy to follow. Hands on activities particularly useful.

Good central venue. Learnt plenty.”

Tom O’Shea, Chief Operations Officer, ProActive Rail

“Charles created a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere that was highly

conducive to the aims of the day. Thank you”

Will Bowkett, Commercial Bid Manager, Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

“I feel I have learnt many new skills”

Jade Farkas, Bid Coordinator, Angloco Limited

“Very engaging and easy to understand. Enjoyed the group discussions.

Nice relaxed, informal environment”

Lyndsay Anderson, Bid Coordinator, Four Seasons Healthcare

“It removed the ideas learned previously but also built on it with new

ideas and information”

Andrew Creese, Bid Coordinator, Four Seasons Healthcare

“I have really enjoyed the course and it was packed with relevant and

useful content. Charles was an excellent trainer, highly knowledgable and

highly engaging, creating a great environment in which to learn”

Jo Barren, Director, Castus Solutions

“Clear, good insights in to how to improve writing that I have never

thought of before”

Will Ward, Bid Manager, Quanta Training

“Excellent delivery by someone with great expertise”

Tommy Bates, Lead Development Officer, Groundworks, Nottingham

“A lot more indepth than other training courses”

Helen Lally, Bid Writer

“The course was flexible dependent on each learner’s experience. Will be recommending to a colleague. Looking forward to the next workshop!”

Emma Rodgers, Crowberry Consulting Ltd

“Very informative by someone who does the actual job – rather than just a trainer”

Gillian Barry, Triton Construction Ltd

“Good interaction and participation.  Knowledge of the trainer – given he does the job and doesn’t just train it out”

Jennifer Abdelaty, Evolution Recruitment Solutions Ltd

“Very interesting and engaging”

Rob Daffern, Principal Engineer,Furrer + Frey

“Course was informative and tailored to our needs”

Noel Dolphin, Director, Furrer + Frey

“Very good, clear and concise. A simple way of explaining a complicated procedure”

Anisha Ramkhelawon, OLE Engineer, Furrer + Frey

“Great day with good information. Very good.”

Patrick Neville – Strategic Development Director, Parternships in Care

“The course covered the areas I wanted to know more about.”

Rowan Lloyd – Business Manager, Between Time

“Very informative. Nice balance of informal and discussions. ”

Kelly Harris – Commercial Manager, Waymade

“The whole workshop was good. The presenter was interacting with the attendees well. I liked the fact the presenter focused mainly on talking from experience rather than from the PowerPoints.”

Antonio Lawson, Office Manager, Fiscus

“Amazing! We have won several contracts since attending and put it down to the training we received.”

Tracy Hutchinson, Director, Elite Entrance systems

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Bid Writing course that you delivered last week. It went above and beyond my expectations and I took a lot from it, so I can’t thank you enough”

Hayley Johnson, Energy Consultant, Elmhurst Energy Services Ltd

“Excellent course. Great day. The course has given me a good overall view of objective bid writing. Charles was great in delivery. One of the best courses I have been on. Great structure & content.”

Jon McAlister, Key Account Manager, Bromak

“Useful information about developing win themes.”

Sharon Brown, Senior Manager, Leeds Housing Support

“A really interesting day well spent. Looking forward to my next tender!”

James Byrom, Manager, Byrom Plc

“Very informative. Useful information to improve my bid writing. Thank you. Found this course useful.”

Jane Peacock, Business Development Director, Aspire

“Very good knowledge that was shared with the group. He could easily answer all questions regardless of specific areas. Much better than other courses I have been on. Very pleased with the training course. I would recommend to others.”

Lisa Beattie, Learning Curve Group

“Good and engaging. Positive outlook on bids.”

Cheryl Stewart, Bid Manager, Andron

“Informative, well delivered and insightful.”

Lee Charlish, Bid Manager, Bristow & Sutor

“Good practical advice that can be used.”

Ian Kennedy, Quality Manager, Kilnbridge

“Very useful course with lots of useful tips. Charles was able to answer questions thrown out.”

Nicole Bunting, Junior QS/Estimator, Blu-3 (UK) Limited

“Very good. Clearly presented with good easy to understand examples.”

Kay Wels, Lead for Business Development, Anglian Community Enterprise

“Very useful course with experienced & knowledgeable trainer. Thank you.”

Peter Ward, Contracts Manager, MHR

“More specific than other courses, so much more useful.”

Patrick Hughes, EON

“Very interesting. A realisation of the effort needed to prepare a professional proposal.”

Sean Harrison, Development Director, Rail Safety Solutions

“Great presentation by Charles. Good structure to the days. Covered multiple areas.”

Samantha Padmore, Proposals Engineer, NSG Environmental Ltd

“Clear and concise explanation of the whole tender process from start to finish.”

Simon Boyle, Technical Sales – Water Hygiene, Alchem Industries Ltd

“Excellent! Great ideas on how to plan strategically. Very useful session.”

Wendy Williams, IFS

“Very informative. Interesting information to take away to go back over later. Lots of tips and ideas on how to get people involved at work. Very approachable trainer. More comprehensive than other courses. Got loads of useful information. Thanks a million!”

Sarah Buckley, Shay Murtagh Precast

“I found the guidance on layout and presentation most useful. We learned how to best answer a question, in future we won’t use 100 words when 10 will do.”

Kathryn Kane, Orion Engineering Services

“The workshop was clear, concise and tailored to our needs.”

Jacqui McIntosh, Orion Engineering Services

“Lot’s of content, broken down in a clear manner. Useful.”

Nathan Bowers, Reliance Precision

“Very good!”

Nicola Irving, Pearson Engineering

“Lots of great tips.Friendly and relaxed atmosphere which allow participants to openly ask questions without feeling awkward. Great learning environment.”

Sue Peacock, Eric Wright

“Good. Well structured. Useful to anyone involved in the bid process, not just the sales function.”

Allan Russell, NOV

“The course was very engaging and informative. Charles kept the day on track but made everyone feel relaxed and allowed everyone to openly discuss points.”

Liz Pilley, Randox

“The course was of a high standard led by knowledgeable presenters.”

Ernie Canning, Kier

“Thank you for the session last week- I’ve definitely picked up some useful tips that will help on future tenders both from the writing and bid management perspective.”

Alice Hawkins, MOLA

“Thank you for the great training course.”

Aimee Economou, Contego Safety

“The knowledge from Thornton & Lowe and methods for progressing have improved my skills.”

Mark Gardiner, Diack & MaCaulay

“The session was frank with no jargon.”

Paul Muir, G.D Chalmers

“Understanding, professional and informative presentation.”

Cheryl Dilley, Stannah

“This course was far more useful than the previous course I have attended, with much more detail.”

Kerry Kitchen, Stannah


Allan Benfield, Stannah

“Very professional and engaging. Full of relevant tips for the bidding process. Thank you!”

Katie Malins, Cornerstone Healthcare

“Good course with lots of useful info that I will use in future bids.”

Lorraine Sorley, Pick Everard

“Charles was very well presented and understanding. Great workshops.”

Robbie Brewis, Benecare

“A good look through the end-to-end bid management process with opportunity to go in to more detail when needed.”

Anna Woodhead, TVSSCS

“Charles was very engaging, knows his stuff and made the learning intersting!”

Laura-Jane Franklin, Deltarail Group

“Very knowledgeable presenters. It was good to address the rail specifics. Much more useful than a “catch all” bid course.”

Ceri Topham, Morson

“So useful! I will definitely be taking it back with me and applying it as much as I can.
In terms of bid writing courses, I have been on one other but this was by far the best. A lot of different people could get value fom it – no matter what sector. Charles kept me interested all the way through. Thank you!”

Eleanor Willis, Morrison Utility Services Ltd

“Very interactive session. Overall a very good day.”

Tom Roberts, Signal House Group Ltd

“Content was informative. Always good when there is a relaxed atmosphere”

Heather Byrne, Bethall Construction Ltd

“Very useful. Intersting and an insight in to bids and tenders.”

Jenny Worthington, Spectrum Contracting Services Ltd

“One of the best I have attended. It was clear and easy to understand. All Round a great course. Much better than I expected.”

Adele Farnworth, Spectrum Contracting Services Ltd

“Very good presenter & content. Took loads of different opinions.”

Dan Ford, Thrive Tribe

“I found the day extremely useful and have had a lot of information to feedback to the rest of our team, so thank you.”

“We found the course to be informative and helpful in the tender process. The course was delivered and executed well. The speaker Charles held his audience with the information provided and encouraged his students to participate in their experiences with the tendering process. Charles showed us how to make our tender stand out and what techniques could be used to improve the chances of winning the contract ”

“Thank you for the training yesterday, Charles. Very informative, and gave me plenty of ideas for improvements to our bidding processes.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for the informative session today. I look forward to implementing some new strategies from the information gathered today.
Once again, thank you for a great session”

“Thank you so much for the training yesterday, I found it very useful and shall use the information within two tenders currently in progress.”

“Thanks for yesterday it was interesting and I picked up a few tips so was worth the money.”

Sherrine Baker, Key Personnel Solutions

“I found yesterday very informative and hopefully it will take us one step closer to winning our next bid. Thank you for making it an enjoyable day – I have attended a few boring sessions in my time.”

Rachel Owen – Driving Edge

“Training was very good. I am working on a tender right now and I am looking to implement some of the things we discussed into it.”

“Many thanks for an excellent presentation today, I did learn a lot and made many pages of notes.”

“Many thanks for yesterday the course was most informative and useful.”

“Thankyou for the training day, it was good to meet you. I found it very useful as a buyer understanding the contractors questions and the requirements from Network Rail for Tenders.”

“I found your seminar informative & well presented.”

“Thank you for today – it was a very useful session for me”

“Thanks for yesterday’s workshop, I picked up some useful info that I didn’t know before.”

“Thank you, it was a good session. I have certainly picked up a few tips to refine our tenders.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the two days, the content was excellent and I feel energised and raring to get started on my first one. I would also recommend your service.”

“Interesting, easy to understand, interesting, accurate knowledge, good case study/examples.”

“A good training course that was delivered in a good way, which is not always the case.”

“Excellent with a lot of detail.”

“Lots of useful content and very interactive presentation – very informative.”

“Thanks again for the great insights.”

“Thank you again for an interesting day. Some of the advice about considering the wider implications of the scheme seemed particularly pertinent.”

“Good to meet you. We certainly found the session very useful and it was clear that you have a wealth of relevant experience.”

“The training was good and informal and delivered in a relaxed way.”

“I felt the structure and formation of building a bid response very useful. It was developed well, focussing on the structure and its form; then moving on to evidence. I felt that this approach flowed well.”

“Charles was an excellent presenter! Venue, pace of course and content were well received. I will keep an eye out for other T&L courses.”

“The course was excellent as an overview for the requirements for a submission.”

“Thanks Charles. Really informative.”

“Loved the example bid and being able to see the different stages used to complete it.
Some very useful points for me to take back in to the workplace.”

“The course reminded me of areas of bid writing that I’d let slip. Also gave me some new techniques. Charles is an excellent presenter. Thank you.”

“Easy approach. Interactive and extremely useful.”

“Really got a lot out of the course on Wednesday.”
Fay Mapplethorpe – Clymac

“It was a really good day – it refreshed some knowledge, added some new things and was helpful in setting baseline expectations for our next bid. Thanks for the day.”
Diane Grey – Baywater

“Learned key activities to be considered while writing the bid. The presentation is comprehensive and very well explained.”

“Everyone was relaxed and open. Good learning atmosphere. I liked the overarching culture/processes implied.”

“Very well though out and excellently delivered.”

“The presenter had good knowledge and examples.”

“Just a note to say thank you very much for the excellent course yesterday. It really was very good and extremely useful.

It also gave me lots of thought provokers on my drive home.”

“I really enjoyed the day and found it really helpful so thank you very much. Not always the most exciting of topics but I found it really engaging.”

“Insight in to win themes, developing the tender and the research developed alongside. Excellent course. Thank you.”

“The presentation was informative and enabled me to take my own notes and understand the information – not overbearing. Very informative.
Approachable presenter – easy to ask questions and engage.”

“Informative, to the point and very useful.”

“It was very fluid and allowed us to exchange ideas and different scenarios.”
Helen Jeffry – SIS

“Much better than other tender courses.”
S Herbert – SIS

“Very good. Clear and concise, useful and informative.”
Nick Soye – Digital Account Manager – SIS

“It was a lot more detailed in to answering questions and tips when answering PQQs. Content was very knowledgeable and detailed. I am now more confident.”
“James Howells – Pick Everard”

“Course was thorough – covered some slightly different aspects from other training that I have been on. The course was useful, and it was enjoyable too which helps!”
“Chris Cowie – Pick Everard”

“Course was very good, helpful and held in a relaxed atmosphere.”
“Nigel Ford – Evolve Shopfitting Ltd”

“It was a very well delivered seminar, tailored to meet our needs when completing PQQs/ITTs. I will put several items of the program in to practice to improve our presentation of bids.”
“Steve Raybould – Stannah”

“I have learned a lot about the bid writing process. It was helpful to know which areas would need improvement and where I could be going wrong. I had less of a classroom feel to it. The training was very knowledgeable and friendly.”
“Kevin Smith – Stannah”

“Well worth the time.”
“Ray Farmer – Stannah”

“It made me re-evaluate how we treat our bids. Whilst we do some things well it has shown where our weaknesses are. It was interactive and very informative.”
“Kirstie Allie – Stannah”

“Informative, concise and with plenty of room for questions.”
“Katie Bains – Stannah”

“A really enjoyable training course. Charles is a professional.”
“Ian Carter – Stannah”

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