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Having a clear bid strategy is essential and this will give your bid team the framework to work from. We work with many companies who are initially not happy with their return on investment (ROI) from their formal bid work. We often find this is because their approach to tenders and bids has not been planned effectively with clear strategy and vision. Our five stage strategy goes from pre-bid including understanding competition, developing unique selling points and win themes, to bid/ no bid procedures and meetings, planning, development, review and post-bid. Our expert bid managers and bid writing consultants will review all existing associated documentation and through communication with key stakeholders we will agree a best practice strategy, which ensures continuous improve and increased success rates.

  • Are you finding all the opportunities you should be?
  • How is the decision made to bid (bid/ no bid process)?
  • Are the competition evaluated against your business solution?
  • What contact has already been made with the contracting authority (by you and competitors) prior to the contract notice being published? How are you influencing the market prior to the tendering process?
  • Has a full scoping exercise taken place to identify any ‘real’ opportunities for quick wins and growth? Does it consider your strengths across different regions against your key competitors?
  • What are your win themes?
  • Are you working as efficiently and effectively as possible? Do you have a robust and ‘usable’ tender library?
  • What is your approach/ process to ensuring you stay up to date with the latest government legislation to ensure your business solution can be reflective of it?

Thornton & Lowe will work with you to ensure the above questions are covered and systems are in place to allow you to exceed your targets for growth, which includes quarterly ROI assessments.

Our professional bid experts can develop a clear bid strategy, bid/ no bid process, ensure you find all appropriate contract opportunities, carryout a detailed competitor profile assessment and ensure you keep in line with the latest government legislation, as well supporting or leading your bid management function.

We are currently providing this level of service to:

  • Medium sized companies with high growth targets
  • Blue chip organisations. Often multinationals who are new the UK market or have a new UK specialist division
  • Public sector clients. For example, we are currently working with a Housing Group who are looking to get a clear bid strategy for their central services and DLO and several NHS Trust Foundations who are looking to retain contracts whilst developing a plan for growth.

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