As our population increases, the volume of waste we produce will inevitably rise. Waste is an unavoidable part of daily life, and the waste management industry is said to be worth £11 billion, employing thousands of people across the UK.

However, due to pressure from government policies and directives, waste management has become a difficult industry to navigate. Competition has increased for both commercial and municipal contracts across the UK. Municipal contracts often last between 7-10 years, whereas commercial collection is more fragmented. Due to this, the waste management industry is becoming an increasingly competitive environment.

When it comes to bidding for waste management contracts there is no room for error. At Thornton & Lowe we have seven years’ experience managing, writing, coordinating and developing bid strategy. We offer a range of services to help you secure that all important contract:


  • Bid Design

The waste management industry has to meet the demands of government legislation and we will make sure your bid complies with the most up-to-date requirements. Our team will proofread each bid and make amendments based on flow and continuity. We will ensure that your bid displays the very best of your company.


  • Interim bid services – bid by bid

You can call upon Thornton & Lowe if and when necessary. You don’t have to work with us on a contract basis if that doesn’t suit the needs of your company. If you are working towards commercial contracts, this option may be better for you as there are not always contracts available.


  • Contracted bid support

By choosing this option, you can benefit from the ability to ‘bank’ days of the month for us to focus on your company. The waste management industry is ever changing so banking days allows you the flexibility to work alongside us when you need to.

With both the interim and contracted services we cover the full bidding process from EOI, PQQ, ITT and Presentation stage.


  • Growing your in-house team

We have one of the biggest in-house teams and we know what to look for in a candidate to join yours. Why spend time and money holding your own recruitment process when we can shortlist talented candidates for you to pick from?


  • Exclusive software

The Thornton & Lowe Tender Library was developed by us for you. We needed an effective management system for clients to use with ease and struggled with pre-existing tools. Our software can be tailored to meet the needs of our clients and enhance the way you monitor your bids.


If you’re tendering bids for waste management contracts contact us today.