An essential part of everyday life, if our heating system fails or pipes begin to leak, it hits us hard. Despite being so vital, we have yet to find a flawless way of supplying our homes with energy.

We experience issues everyday with the heating and plumbing in our own homes, but the demand for plumbing and heating services doesn’t stop there. Businesses in the UK have a responsibility to provide adequate working conditions and health services must have efficient heating and plumbing systems to maintain a high standard of care for their patients, not to mention the hundreds of schools across the UK that also need this vital energy to run from day to day.

Incoming private and public tenders in the plumbing and heating world are consistent, but extremely competitive. You’re going to need a perfect bid management programme to ensure you secure that all-important contract and that’s where Thornton & Lowe comes in.

How can we help?

Whether it’s preparing for your PQQ or proofreading your proposal, our dedicated team are on hand to take you through the full tender process.

Our experts have a background in EU procurement within the housing sector, so we’re well placed to help housing associations and councils to secure heating and plumbing contracts.

We aim to be as flexible as possible for you and your projects. Our interim services mean that you can work with us on an ad hoc basis, only calling us when you need to.

On the other hand, for businesses that consistently bid on multiple private and public sector tenders, we offer contracted bid management services. By working with us in this way, you can book our experts to work with you for a certain number of hours per month.

Bid writing aid

With multiple people working on one document, bid writing can become tricky. If you’re unsure how to write a proposal we can help by implementing a house style, which makes it easier to manage the flow of each document. There is no room for error when it comes to bid writing and we are here to iron out any issues.

If you’re looking for a new bid writer to join your team, we could also run a full recruitment drive for you. Our years of experience mean that we know exactly what qualities to look out for and can find the perfect candidate for you.
Tender management technology

We’ve developed our own software to assist you in tracking your success and organising your documents. We found that other programmes on the market did not suit our needs, as such we created the easy-to-use Thornton & Lowe Tender Management Library. It has been a great success for both us and our clients, and is exclusive to those who work with us.