Vehicles are an everyday essential and an expensive one at that. They perform an integral role in many businesses and for some, it makes more sense to lease them rather than buy, maintain and insure their own fleet.

Outsourcing these duties has become a common occurrence across the UK. This lucrative industry is not limited to private businesses, as many local councils provide a wealth of public sector contracts for those looking for tendering opportunities.

To take full advantage of this new trend you’ll need a faultless bid management programme to ensure you secure your next contract. That’s where Thornton & Lowe come in, with over 5 years’ experience we can guide you through the full tender process and help you prepare for your PQQ.

Working on your terms

We strive to be as flexible as possible for our clients. You can choose to work with us on an ad hoc basis only working with us when necessary as an extra helping hand.

If you’re constantly applying for new public tenders, you can choose to book a certain amount of hours per month for us to assist you with your various projects. This option suits clients who are working on more than one bid at a time and need a focused bid management plan.

How we can help

Our bid management process focusses on four key areas:

  • Bid/Tender Strategy
  • Bid/Tender Management
  • Bid/Tender Writing
  • Bid/Tender Coordination

Working on many bids at once can become confusing and lead to errors. We can help implement a house style to improve your bid writing and ensure each important document flows. This is referred to as the ‘critical friend approach’, meaning we can work alongside your in-house bid team to proofread and iron out any mistakes.

If you’re unsure how to write a proposal, our bid writing experts can help you obtain consistency throughout and coach you towards a winning bid.

For businesses that have yet to build their own in-house team, we can help you recruit a new bid writer to work on your next contract. Our years of experience mean that we know exactly what qualities to look for in a candidate. Allowing us to hold the recruitment process for you takes a load off your mind and can cut the cost of taking time away from the office to hold your own interviews.

Tender management technology

The Thornton & Lowe tender management library is an essential tool to help you manage each contract bid. After finding that other tools on the market just didn’t meet our needs, we created our own software exclusively for our clients. Our easy to use tender library allows you to track your progress and has proved a great success for our clients.