The education industry plays a crucial role in the future of Britain. Due to government legislation and expectations, the field of education is always changing.

The rise of tuition fees in England opened up the market, leading those who may have gone straight to university to consider other options such as online learning and apprenticeships. This change in the industry has resulted in new opportunities for those looking to tender contracts.

With alternative learning on the rise, there has never been a more remunerative time to get involved with the industry. If you’re preparing to enter the education market, Thornton & Lowe can help you achieve your next contract.

How can we help?

We arrange our contracts to suit your needs. You can work with us on a fixed-term contract and take advantage of our ‘banking’ system. Our banking system lets you set aside an arranged amount of time for us to focus on managing your bid.

However, if the contracts you bid for are few and far between, you can make use of our interim bid services. This means you can contact us on an ad hoc basis, giving you the flexibility to work around your schedule.

Support for your company

By working with us at Thornton & Lowe, you can benefit from our Tender Library. We designed the software ourselves after struggling to find a bid management system that suited our clients’ needs. It’s easy to use and customisable, so you can tailor it to suit your next bid.

We can work alongside your current internal bid team to ensure high standards throughout your bid. We offer a semi-formal mentor service that we refer to as the ‘critical-friend’ approach. By making reports and proofreading documents as you go along, we can keep on top of mistakes and offer training to your staff without taking them away from the office.

If you’re still without an internal bid team, we can hold a recruitment process in your name to find the perfect candidates to suit your company. After seven years in bid management and writing, we know what it takes to get the job done. Our experts will sift through CVs, conduct interviews and pre-brief candidates to help you build a team you can rely on.
Bid design services

With numerous people all working on one document, our clients are often concerned about their consistency across the document. Small errors such as spelling, grammar and a lack of house style, will make a big impact on the way officials view your bid.

Our team will proofread all of your material and ensure you put a clear and professional message across.

If you’re interested in tendering for a contract in IT, contact Thornton & Lowe today.

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