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Professional Capacity

May 23, 2012

Professional Capacity

Purpose: To enable the Buyer to understand the organisational structure, key personnel/managers assigned to the project, their qualifications and seniority. It is also an opportunity to see what other resources you intend to draw on, including any intent to sub-contract, or employ apprentices in order to help deliver the contract. Key questions for the Buyer:
  • Are the staff qualified and competent?
  • Does the account manager have staff senior enough to make quick decisions?
  • Can this organisation offer any added value for the Council through employing local apprentices or implementing work placement initiatives?
Typical Scoring/Assessment: The Buyer will develop a suitable scoring mechanism depending on the information they are requesting. They may give a score to each question which assesses the extent to which the level of seniority, qualifications and experience of the staff is relevant to the nature of the work we are tendering for. Apprenticeships Due to the current push to increase the number of apprentices Buyers will be looking to score more highly those suppliers offering work placements, because it offers added value to the authority and benefits the community. Volunteers Volunteering is an important expression of citizenship and a powerful force for change. Volunteers can make a unique contribution to society and must be valued, supported and well managed during delivery of services. Local Business It is important to contracting authorities that suppliers show an awareness of how they can support the local economy through the contract, for example recruiting local labour and sub contracting to local SME’s. Employment of People with a Disability Authorities are committed to improving quality of life, reducing the demand upon public services and supporting the local economy by increasing employment opportunities for people with a disability. People with learning disabilities in particular are under-represented in the workforce. If the contract you are tendering for is within an industry which is likely to support roles which provide an entry to the job market, this should be considered as you develop your PQQ response. Information typically requested:
  • Outline of the organisation’s management structure
  • Details of staff responsibilities/job titles/relevant qualifications and experience/length of service
  • CVs
  • Details of any apprenticeship schemes, work placement opportunities, volunteer placements, local recruitment initiatives, and local subcontracting being proposed.
  • Make sure staff assigned and staff CVs provided are relevant to the contract. Use your formal job descriptions as a guide to entering staff responsibilities.

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