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Procurement going digital? Part 2

Sep 12, 2013

Earlier this week we commented on the use of ePortals. Something else to consider is the use of electronic invoicing. Although this may currently be much more apparent in the private sector, can we expect to see it featuring more as a requirement with public sector organisations? A recent article published online discusses how electronic invoicing may provide huge cost savings to public sector bodies. The article goes as far as suggesting that e-invoicing could generate savings in the EU of up to €2.3 billion. So how could this affect existing and future suppliers. As discussed in the previous blog, as tool sets and processes evolve with the digital movement, we should be mindful of tagging along for the journey. Although there can be an argument about the strengths of traditional processes and "if it's not broke, why fix it?", we should also question why wouldn't we develop our business processes and abilities. Service delivery to any customer always goes much further than the tangible element of the service. You might be able to provide a high quality service at a competitive rate but what value is this if your method of invoicing costs the potential buyer additional time and resource. Of course, there is nothing set in stone, but it is something well worth considering. It may also be worth thinking about researching. If you provide both traditional invoicing and e-invoicing, you will demonstrate your flexibility and focus on your customer's needs, adding value beyond your actual service. Just something to think about.

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