Our office in Fife has allowed us become heavily involved in expanding Scottish industries.

Well known for flying the flag for renewable sources, Scotland has adapted to take full advantage of their stunning landscape to make their claim on the energy industry. Wind, wave and tidal schemes are Scotland’s way of investing in the future and they show no sign of slowing down.

Positioning ourselves in Fife also gives us an exciting insight on construction tenders, with many major house-builders and construction companies based in the surrounding area.

These rich industries are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to public tenders in Scotland, but with all these opportunities comes stiff competition. Thornton & Lowe, experts in bid management, can take you through the full tender process and help you secure your next contract.

What do we do?

Our dedicated team have over 5 years’ experience in bid and tender management and focus on four core elements:

  • Bid/Tender Strategy
  • Bid/Tender Management
  • Bid/Tender Writing
  • Bid/Tender Coordination

We can assist you in your next proposal in two ways. If your work is few and far between, you can choose to work with us on an ad hoc ‘if and when’ basis. Our interim business services mean that we can be flexible in helping you on your next venture.

For more regular assistance you could choose a certain amount of hours for us to dedicate our time to your next proposal.

You and your team

We can work alongside your team to nurture their bid writing skills. We take a ‘critical friend’ approach to in-house teams, working with them to proofread and assign a house style to improve consistency across the document. If you’re unsure how to write a proposal, our team will guide you through the full process including preparing for you PQQ.

If you’re yet to build your own bid writing team, we can run a full recruitment process to find the right person for your business. Our years of experience means that we know exactly what to look for in a candidate and only accept excellence.

Thornton & Lowe Tender Library

As a Thornton & Lowe client you can take advantage of our bid management system. We created this tool after struggling with other systems on the market. Our easy to use tender library allows you to track your bid management process and has proved a great success for our clients.