Since opening our office in Birmingham, we’ve been able to immerse ourselves into the rich industry of the West Midlands.

Well known for playing a crucial role in the UK’s manufacturing sector in particular, the West Midlands is home to a wealth of opportunities when it comes to public contracts. With increasing connectivity across the north and Midlands planned in the future, companies have a great chance to grow.

To take advantage of this new expansion, you’ll need a flawless bid management plan and that’s where Thornton & Lowe comes in.

Helping you through the tender process

Our expert bid writing team are on hand to help you secure your next contract. We can work with you through the full process and help you prepare for the PQQ.

We offer a range of services, focusing on:

  • Bid/Tender Strategy
  • Bid/Tender Management
  • Bid/Tender Writing
  • Bid/Tender Coordination

If you are unsure about how to write a proposal and your in-house team needs some expert guidance, we can work alongside them to implement a house style that ensures all writing is uniform and meets the impeccable standard necessary to gain your next contract.

Some of our previous clients had not built an in-house team when we began the bid management process. As such, we’ve helped plenty of businesses build their own successful team. Thornton & Lowe has years of experience in tender management and writing, so we know what to look for to help you find a new bid writer to join your team.

Innovative technology

All Thornton & Lowe clients are able to take advantage of our tailored bid management system. We created the Thornton & Lowe tender library as an essential tool for our clients to track their progress. After struggling to find a system that worked for us, we decided to design our own and it has proven to be hugely successful for our clients.

Working on your terms

At Thornton & Lowe, we pride ourselves on our flexibility, which means our clients can benefit from our services on their own terms.

  • Fixed contract – You can designate a certain amount of hours per month for us to assist you in the bid management process
  • Interim bid services – You can work with us on an ad hoc basis as and when new contracts are put out to tender