Carbon Neutral Tenders – A New Focus For SMEs?

As more emphasis is placed on businesses of all sizes to consider the wider environmental impact of their activities, many are left confused about how to align their businesses to best practice. After COP26, several governmental commitments were made with the aim of drastically reducing the emissions of methane and carbon throughout the UK, and an onus has now been placed on individual businesses to take responsibility for achieving these new targets.

G Cloud 13

As the Crown Commercial Service begins to release new information for the latest iteration G-Cloud framework, G-Cloud 13, we aim to explain the basics of this ever-evolving framework, from understanding what it is, to looking at how best to place your business in order to enjoy maximum success.

Cleaning FM

When writing tenders for any industry, it is important to note key themes within each sector and more importantly, how you and your business align with them. These key themes may relate to Sustainability, Health and Safety, or Innovation, yet all will require thorough research and understanding before you begin writing.

Framework Manager Case Study

Our interview with a Framework Manager – The questions you’ve always wanted to ask about Frameworks and top tips on how to get the best value from them for your business.

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