We have found the mains reasons companies are frustrated with the process are:

Lack of success

Despite the time and effort they are not having the success they think they should be. They may already hold several public sector contracts, which they have won through more informal means but simply can’t win through this formal tender process, or even consistently make it through the PQQ.

Thornton & Lowe works with companies to ensure that this trend is reversed. We benchmark and monitor performance very closely to ensure our impact is clear to see.

Other clients will find themselves regularly and consistently making it through the PQQ, score in the top 3 for the tender but are finding a specific competitor dominating. An external ‘critical eye’ to strategically assess this can be invaluable. This can involve profiling the competitor in the market against our clients’ business offering and unique selling points, as well as any added value. This leads to us presenting a selection of options in order to compete more effectively and could include the proposal to:

  • ‘Tweak’ the business solution being offered
  • Ensure the ‘value’ available is being made clear
  • Look to different markets.

Lack of resources

We often find it may be the Office Manager, or Sales Director or MD working with their Admin Team who are tasked with regularly responding to documents. This initial small part of their job becomes more and more demanding. There may not be enough work or success to warrant the employment of a full time team so you struggle on.

Thornton & Lowe will offer training and support to reduce this workload whilst increasing the performance and success rate. Many companies will simply outsource large aspects of the process to us and unlike employees we (the company) do not take holidays and if something is urgent we can ‘resource up’ for it.

For some of our larger clients with significant bid teams they will often still require additional support for large and complex tenders. We have seen this most significantly in construction, infrastructure and healthcare bids. For this type of requirement we send over a selection of appropriate CVs, availability, locations and fees for our team. The client will then book them in and our Bid Managers will work from the client’s office.

Too costly

To increase performance and ensure resources are in place many companies will employ their own tender writing team. This can be costly and may not produce the required result.

Thornton & Lowe would provide training and support to ensure the tender writers are maximising their and the company’s potential. Or we could fully absorb the required workload whilst being more efficient and effective.

We also get asked to provide a review/ final assessment service for these types of clients to ensure continuous improvement.


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