We are a dedicated bid management team who provide contract-winning solutions to fit your needs. Our years of experience makes us well placed to assist you throughout the full tender process.

We have an 82% overall tendering success record (as of June 2014) and pride ourselves on maintaining this high standard.

At Thornton & Lowe, we work alongside both SMEs and larger corporations. In fact 60% of our bid management and writing support is spent working with SMEs, whilst 40% goes to larger blue chip companies and well-known public sector bodies.

Perhaps you are unsure how to write a proposal, or you need help preparing for your PQQ? Whatever stage you are at, we are here to assist you. We can run you through example PQQ questions, and instruct your team on the best way to tailor your bid.

We work on 5 key areas:

• Bid Strategy
• Bid Management
• Tender Writing
• Bid Coordination
• PQQ Writing

By highlighting your strengths and reliability, we put the best image forward of your company to help you secure your next contract. What authorities want to receive is a low-risk bid. If you have previous experience, the capacity to take on the contract and other attractive attributes, we’ll draw on these to reassure the contracting authority that you’re the right team for the job.

However, your bid needs to stand out from the crowd and many of your competitors will also have the same level of experience as you. You could be competing with up to 30 other businesses, so how do you give your proposal the edge?

You must remember to meet the original requirements of the bid. It does not matter how much extra information you put into your bid, if you fail to address the basic criteria, the chances of you winning the contract are slim.

With years of experience under our belts, we know exactly what the contracting authorities want to hear. Thornton & Lowe tender writing experts will put you in a great position to hit those crucial ‘top quartile’ marks and iron out any errors that are currently halting your progress.



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